Car Eats Car 3 Mod Apk 3.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Version 3.0
Size113 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Car Eats Car 3 is a driving simulation game in which you own monster cars and can demolish any vehicle that gets in your way. It offers unique automobiles and fabulous terrains to move around and enjoy driving with other gamers around the globe.

Beautiful Places to Visit

Smokoko Ltd. has created and published several games, including Car Eats Car 3. They are a Rivne, Ukraine-based game production studio and publisher that began as a flash game developer in 2010. Car Eats Car 3 can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store, and Amazon. The game can be installed on Android and iOS-based mobile devices and tablets. 

You can race across several stunning locations in the city with high-rise structures and bustling traffic. Furthermore, the images are of good quality and quite vivid. The game offers a relaxing atmosphere with high-dynamic sound effects. However, if you wish to turn off the sound, go to the game’s settings.

Begin Driving and Fight the Cops

When you first start playing Car Eats Car 3, you’ll be given instructions on how to manage your vehicle. Your car can run up several slopes in a race. However, if you run too fast, your vehicle can take a flip. To balance your car, you must use the Tilt buttons; the Tilt buttons will be on the screen’s left side. Furthermore, numerous cops will pursue and apprehend you. If the cops approach your car, you can use the turbo button on the right side to accelerate and outrun them. 

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There will also be a slew of opponents in your way; they can be eliminated with bombs which you can pick during the race. There will be a lot of rubies along the way. Collect them so that you can modify your vehicle. You can also get rubies through spins and daily incentives. 

The car also possesses four indications which you can upgrade; armor, turbo, speed, and damage. The game also comes with a garage to assist you in upgrading your vehicle. Enjoy changing the car’s preferences and racing the streets again.

Excellent Automobiles, Drones, and Practical Gadgets

Car Eats Car 3 features several automobiles to keep you entertained. You can choose from 27 different automobiles; Harvester, Lokomachine, Francopstein, Tankominator, Hovercraft, Icebreaker, and many more. Each automobile will have its own set of abilities. The more expensive the car, the more powerful it is. You can purchase different cars during the course of the game; however, in some instances, all you have to do is complete the game’s task to acquire a new four-wheeler. 

Aside from that, the game offers some drones to assist players in defeating rivals. For instance, Mr. Bombastic will detonate the tiny explosives on your foes while Beeranha’s poison sting, works the same. There is also a magnetic field that attracts the rubies. The EMP emitter will send out an electromagnetic pulse that will paralyze the enemy. In addition, Car Eats Car 3 supports up to 16 languages. English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, and Russian are included. This helps in better understanding the game’s missions. 

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Car Eats Car 3 will transport you to real racing with vibrant graphics and realistic sound. Overtake the police cars in between bustling metropolis, horrible desert, or idyllic island. You’ll also get to drive some cars, overtake your foes, and break free from prison. There are no fines in the game but you can go to jail for breaking rules and regulations. 

Furthermore, the different vehicles adds to the game’s appeal. Add more speed, ammo, weaponry, nitro, and turbo boosts to your automobiles. You can also assemble your cars using parts earned in each stage. Furthermore, the game does not necessitate an Internet connection; this means you can play it anytime and anywhere. Because of the factors mentioned above, Car Eats Car 3 has become the most popular game among players. 

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