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This game is based on stick people which are amusing and entertaining characters. It appears to be simple, but it is not. Let’s take a look at Cartoon Wars Blade together.


Cartoon Wars: Blade continues the previously released and highly successful Cartoon War series, and it is poised to become a great game in future times. Cartoon Wars: Blade has progressively established an irresistible fascination for gamers from the first encounter, with new weaponry and more appeal than earlier versions.


The story begins in the Cartoon World, where two tribes, each with their nasty hue, and slaves, the black and white Cartoon tribes, coexist. The graphics are built-in cartoon style, as you would have guessed from the name. The characters are drawn in a modest, unobtrusive manner that provides us with amusing, distinct shapes and distinctive features. I think it’s odd that the effects and skills are given more attention and are more attractive than the character.


Like any other game, Cartoons Wars Blade has its distinct traits. After some time spent playing this game, I’ve noticed some of its unique characteristics, such as

  • Unlocking new stages and fighting monsters
  • Upgrading weapons 
  • Simple controls
  • New weapons and helmets
  • Fantastic music and graphics
  • Appealing gameplay with numerous battle scenarios
  • Various weapon systems

In addition, Cartoon Wars Blade has additional game modes that follow in the footsteps of its predecessors:

Raid: Fight alongside other players for loot and to improve your barracks.

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Siege: Set up a squad of seven characters to take on other players in a survival mode battle against waves of foes.

Team Battle: Create a 4-day squad and fight in 4 vs. 4 modes to gain numerous rewards with no mana required to participate in the combat.

In addition, Cartoon Wars Blade has an entirely new feature: Summon. This feature allows players to acquire additional war units with various abilities, unleashing various combat tactics. You can upgrade, strengthen, combine, and equip battle units. Cartoon Wars Blade has over 200 unique levels, which require players to make the most of their fighting units to succeed in this mode of play.

Players can employ unused combat units in the Expedition mode (Expedition) to earn Exp and other tempting rewards, in addition to the single and multi-player modes. You can also win prizes by playing interesting games like Bonus Roulette and Chests.

Cartoon Wars, Cartoon Wars 2, and the guillotine version of Cartoon Wars Blade have attracted over 80 million players worldwide because of its unique aesthetics, simple but interesting gameplay, and engaging narrative.

General Assessment

Cartoon Wars is a mobile game that enables you to construct an army with a decent amount of resources. Before entering into war, you can prepare yourself with different soldiers. Destroying foes will boost your mana points over time, and you’ll need to spend these points to summon different characters. Furthermore, the player is armed with extra defensive weapons, which you can improve with bonuses after victory.

Players with higher levels will access more complex weaponry and strange warriors. If you’re strong, your adversary will be strong as well; thus, the enemy’s character system will be as diverse.

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Overall, Cartoon Wars Blade’s gameplay is dynamic and appealing, despite its simple aesthetics. Cartoon Wars Blade also includes a whole tale, in addition to the ability to play and fight. This is a positive aspect of the game for me. In Cartoon Wars Blade, the familiar stick figures from childhood have been transformed into soldiers.

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