City Mania Mod Apk 1.9.2a for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGameloft SE
Requires4.0.3 and Up
Size44.58 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Gameloft SE launched City Mania for gamers who are interested in building and making a great city. Have fun with the in-depth city construction gameplay, which allows you to create your city and customize its appearance. Feel free to take on the ultimate in-game challenges as you seek to build up your fantastic town. Participate in various areas to make the game more interesting and fun.

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this intriguing game of City Mania.


Android players will discover the amazing city builder action with a ton of accessible features and engaging aspects in the fascinating world of City Mania. Create your metropolis with various buildings and structures and examine your town and its residents from various perspectives. Also, you can interact with the residents as you become thoroughly engrossed in the in-game adventures. Have fun managing every part of the city; expand, upgrade, and conduct new research to gain access to better gameplay and experiences.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

Create a Modern and Lovely City

Android gamers will find themselves designing their ultimate metropolis with tons of unique things to explore during their exciting in-game encounters. Have a blast creating hundreds of unique and unusual structures with various looks and characteristics. To enhance the beauty and comforts of your town, add a variety of various structures and attractions. 

Unlock amazing landmarks that will assist you in naming your city on the world map. Alternatively, you can freely decorate the town using the game’s various customizations and décor options. Have fun creating and constructing your fantastic metropolis with your unique touches.

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Interesting In-Game Characters

Owing to the interactive characters that you can play with, enjoy the intriguing gameplay for hours on end. These will make the town simulation games more relatable to your everyday life. Begin collecting new characters by exploring your city and unlocking new buildings and services. Prepare to speak with Sergeant Morecake at the police station. 

In City Mania, you will be able to play with all the characters with unique looks and traits. You can even change their appearance and personality by trying out various products. Alternatively, you can entirely alter them by combining characters.

You can engage with the in-game characters by assigning them to specific roles in the buildings. Interact with them and talk to them to uncover new and exciting experiences.

Investigate the Various Ways in Which Your City Might Be Developed Uniquely

You can combine similar buildings to convert them into absolute skyscrapers. As you try to merge your buildings for different reasons, you’ll discover a lot of interesting attributes and features. Simultaneously, as you introduce a variety of specialized structures with diverse characteristics, feel free to experiment with new ways to construct your city. These could be for various reasons, including sustainability, commerce, education, entertainment, and many others. 

Play With Your Friends and Other Online Players 

Look for a variety of innovative city designs and constructions so that you can copy their ideas or use their unique city setups to advance your city development. At the same time, you can help one other by gifting various resources and equipment as needed. Alternatively, you can explore the Marketplace, where you can sell your items for money and buy new ones.

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Have Fun With the Numerous Tasks and Objectives

Along with the typical city building and development, you’ll find yourself immersed in the thrilling gameplay. You can enjoy the fascinating gameplay, making City Mania more intriguing and refreshing. You shouldn’t miss out on your chances of winning the game because there are so many amazing rewards after completing the challenges.

Interesting Events With a Variety of Themes

Android players will be treated to a slew of exciting events centered on various themes throughout the adventures. You’ll find a variety of fun and fascinating items that you can use in your city.

It’s Free to Play

Despite the game’s intriguing features, you can play it for free. You can download it from the Google Play Store and enjoy it for hours on end.

On Our Website, You Can Play Unlocked Games

Android gamers can get the unlocked version from the website to make the game more fascinating. In this version, there are no in-app purchases and advertisements. So, all you have to do is download the game from the website and follow the instructions to get started.

Sound and Video Quality


As you try to build and combine cities and create incredible landscapes and attractions, feel free to have fun with your in-game interactions. The game’s realistic 3D graphics and engaging animations will ensure that you get the most out of your simulation experience.

Music and Sound

City Mania offers amazing visual effects and in-game images, but also realistic sound effects that will keep you thoroughly engrossed in the city-building experience. At the same time, the game can provide an engrossing atmosphere, thanks to the soothing and relaxing music.

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Android gamers will undoubtedly be happy with this amazing mobile game, thanks to the thrilling and in-depth gameplay. Feel free to immerse yourself in the experiences and challenge yourself during play. Download the game and enjoy.

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