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Clone Armies is an easy game to play and is designed in a classic Q-cute style. There will be two red and blue armies in the game. Before fighting with another team, players must first choose whose army they want to join. 

The game’s characteristics include a battle theme based on the gameplay of the red and blue armies. It depicts the troops in the game as attractive cartoon characters from the Q-version. However, the war’s ferocity will not be reduced. You will command your army and combat the enemy with high-tech weapons to win. The game includes military hardware such as gunships, armored trucks, and other advanced equipment to crush the opponent and win the battle.

Each task in the clone group is hard and full of intriguing surprises. Take caution when creating your clone because it will perform the same actions as you. Complete assignments using your strategic thinking talents and collect new units and equipment. Also, upgrade current ones to earn chest-like capsules as rewards. Choose your unit and clones, and customize your army with small guns to soldier jet packs and tanks.

General Information

Clone Armies is a one-of-a-kind shooter game. To kill the opposing enemies, command your small legions. The game is simple to play and has a variety of levels and tasks to help you improve your skills. The process is simple to understand; players can hit opponents and win the war by using machines like gunships and armored trucks. 

Battle the enemy while commanding your army. Also, arm your force with cutting-edge technologies. The game includes military machines such as gunships and armored trucks to smash your opponents and finish all missions. Prepare to vanquish your opponents in the anticipated multiplayer PVP mode. You can have fun with your friends in casual battles and climb the leaderboards to reach the top. 

What Is the Best Way to Play Clone Armies?

You can clone innumerable fighters to protect if you have enough resources. There are no limits on the number of gold coins available in the game. Download the game as soon as possible to understand the gameplay better. There will also be an additional character to assist you in the game. The more people you kill, the more partners you’ll get. These clones will assist you in finishing the game by allowing you to employ different weapons and vehicles. As your clones grow in number, the game becomes more challenging.

Clone Armies is a casual horizontal variant of 2D breakthrough games. To defeat the opponent and finish the task, players must create a powerful and intelligent clone army. The game includes a variety of weaponry and props with the ultimate strategy warfare. Players can also outfit their soldiers with various weapons and equipment to boost their combat effectiveness. 

Age of War Is a Good Alternative

The Age of War is a fun mobile game that blends defense and strategy. The game is divided into five eras. If you have enough experience, you will advance to the next age easily. Players must defeat as many adversaries as possible to gain experience. The player’s goal is to demolish the enemy’s lair and repel enemy attacks, construct battle units and defensive towers. 

The most important aspect of winning this game is the strategy and unlocking new units and defense vehicles. Players will develop various battle units and will need to acquire enough energy to unlock and develop military troops and systems. There will be distinct military and defense systems in each period. To execute the operations, you must click on the symbol. Lastly, the status meter and the battlefield are two crucial components of the game. 


Clone Armies is a shooting game for mobile devices. Your mission is to direct the actions of other soldiers while they fight. You can use your resources to assist in battle by cloning more corps. You can’t defeat the enemy on your own; to kill them, you need to command the small legions. Clone innumerable soldiers to defend the war if you have adequate money. The game is simple to play, with various levels and tasks to complete. All paid services are free to use, with flight mode supported. 

Overall, it’s a fun and exciting mini-game. There will be no limit to the number of coins available in the game. It is one of the best military game ever created, complete with great mechanics and simple controls. You can clone as many times as you want until the adversary is defeated. Download it now and enjoy its feautures.

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