CN Superstar Soccer Mod Apk 2.0.1 For Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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CN Superstar Soccer is created by Cartoon Network’s development team, CN Games. The game pits the channel’s well-known characters against one another in soccer matches to see who the best player is. Below are some of its features and information for you.

General Information

CN Superstar Soccer is a football game that features a variety of Cartoon Network characters. The game uses an indoor football game system, with a goal post to shoot and a 3D football atmosphere. Children’s games are one of the most popular categories of mobile games on the App Store. One particular television network, Cartoon Network, appears to have grasped this concept, and has published several fascinating iPad games over time. CN Superstar Soccer, which has jumped to the top of the App Store charts in chronological sequence, is the most recent. 

Nothing special, except that the protagonists are the same as in the Cartoon Network cartoons, which makes CN Superstar Soccer incredibly appealing to kids. Each character has different skills that helps in defeating the other team. Everything is backed up by dubbing the characters’ original voices, and the surroundings. It moves the characters using the traditional virtual stick on the left. This traditional football game offers distinctive talents, with several actions spanning from passing to sliding.

Even for those unfamiliar with CN Superstar Soccer, it is a simple but engaging game. In short, this game has gone to the top of the App Store charts at the same rate as Pokémon GO. It’s entertaining, and there are no in-app purchases to bug you during the game. 

Intriguing Gameplay

Three players and a captain make up each side, the captain, being the main character. Once the energy bar is filled, the captain gets a particular skill which he can display during the game. There will be a swarm of cartoon creatures taking photos and cheering you on. Many unique tactics differ from character to character, and the captain is the only one who can utilize them. Some characters are easier to handle as they grow more significant, such as Jake’s, whereas Amethyst’s requires more control as its speed grows. The game gives the players a sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, every new challenge will be more difficult than the current one. 

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Game Display

CN Superstar Soccer is a football action game with a 3D perspective that features cute characters from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Daily Work, Forrest Gump, and Ben 10: Almighty Universe. The image is excellent, and the special effects are great, especially when the characters shoot. 

Stick Control Remote 

At the bottom left of the game, there is a transparent simulated remote control stick. You can utilize it to direct the pass and control the player’s attack with the ball.

A Button

When assaulting, Button A on the lower right can use the arrow keys to pass. When defending, button “A” plays a switching effect. After defending, press button A to instantly switch to the player nearest the ball.

Buttons B and C

When attacking, B is the shooting button. For complicated moves like falling tackles, you need one tap.


The game offers three possibilities for each character: defender, attacking, and creator. Even though the game is more of an RPG, assigning each player a position should indicate that they play a vital role in the squad, yet this does not occur. We watched the defender in front of him, waiting for the ball, which renders the opponent a shooting opportunity. 

Control Ability 

A transparent, simulated remote-control stick may be found in the game’s lower-left corner. We can utilize it to direct the pass and control the player’s attack with the ball. Button “A” has a switching impact when defending and it automatically moves the player nearest to the ball. 

When attacking, Button B is the shooting button. The role of button B is when you are defending. For complicated moves like falling tackles, you need one tap. 

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The controls are adequate, but they require large screens to function correctly. We often felt like losing our field of view by having our fingers on the screen. In terms of controls, they operate well in CN Superstar Soccer, albeit it takes some time to understand the buttons to avoid squandering the special. 

Although the digital joystick is perfect for this game, you can sometimes lose it by not moving it correctly. The Hall of Champions is the coolest because it is a nostalgic trip. It’s a game section where characters like Puro Hueso, Mandy, and Mac can be found.

Unique Customization 

The game allows us to customize our captains in fun ways, such as adding spectacles or an afro. These changes have no bearing on the statistics and are purely cosmetic. Each character will have its own set of unique items that can be used to unlock them. The game does not contain any micro-transactions, which we liked in this mode. We can buy anything in CN Superstar Soccer with the coins we earn by playing games and winning the championship. We gain about 100 coins for each game played, so buying the objects does not cost a lot of coins. In addition, the championship will have to be played multiple times to unlock each one. CN Superstar Soccer is an engaging game. Despite numerous flaws that plague similar games, it’s enjoyable to take out the phone, play a game, and then return to work.

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Ultimate Robot Fighting pits players against each other in 3v3 battles. Hundreds of different robots fight in dozens of various fighting styles. Naturally, thanks to the intuitive control system, players can manage the battling robots by touching and swiping the screen. In addition, participants in the Ultimate Robot Fighting mobile game can unleash their level, bypassing over 250 difficult matches. 

The game comes to life on tablets and smartphones, thanks to the development team’s high-resolution 3D visuals, cell-shaded-style imagery, and a variety of stunning lighting effects and unique effects. All of the player’s combat successes in PvE and PvP modes are logged on the leaderboards, with players from all over the world participating to raise the competition in Ultimate Robot Fighting.


CN Superstar Soccer Mod Apk is a fantastic technology game for international football players that want to compete against one other. It is a well-known mobile phone role-playing game; it incorporates an unusual football style and hilarious animal characters from Cartoon Network. Lastly, enjoy the modified version and its ad-free experiences.

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