Cookie Clickers 2 Mod Apk V1.15.2 for Android Users (Unlimited Cookies)

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Cookie Clicker 2 is a game where you click or tap a massive cookie on the screen to make new cookies. You can buy cookie-producing facilities like “Grandma” and “Farm” to enhance cookie output per second (CpS). Items that increase CpS for clicks and facilities can also be purchased.

Cookie Clickers 2, a popular Internet game, now comes with a mobile version. The Android version has been confirmed by the editorial staff as well. While we keep an eye on the situation, let’s add more features and boost items to raise the number of cookies. Even if you don’t play the game, the cookies will grow like crazy if you advance to a certain point. 

The game is classified as a simulation. It’s the first idle game where you bake cookies to dominate the world. Cookie Clicker 2 for Android is identical to Cookie Clicker 2. Cookies are likely to increase even if you don’t open the game all the time, so it’s safe and great for long-term play.


Cookie Clicker 2 starts off by clicking on a giant cookie to generate fresh cookies. This game is based on purchasing more equipment to earn biscuits and then using those biscuits to buy new equipment to manufacture more in an endless circle. Why don’t you purchase a large number of biscuits at once? Just leave it alone; the more cookies this game earns the better.

Hacks, Upgrades, and Installations

There are a lot of upgrades, but the cookies are few, so make the most of what you have. Players can intuitively assess whether to spend the cookies in the most critical locations. You can estimate how long it will take to deposit biscuits and purchase your desired items. You’ll also be able to predict when the next batch of golden cookies will come. Calculating how many heavenly chips (HC) you’ll get if you reset the cookie in the current situation is a valuable statistic. 

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If you’re using Google Chrome, go to the menu in the upper right corner, pick Tools, and choose a JavaScript console. Then paste the JavaScript below into the console. Then, on the tab page, press Enter. According to the above website, you can also bookmark the grammar and then click the bookmark on the game page to load JavaScript into the game. Various modifications and equipment have changed, and colors have been added after installation. The system’s suggested reporting rate is green, while red indicates a bad investment.

Cookies in Extras

Let’s have a look at how to get more cookies.

Biscuits D’or

After clicking on random fortune cookies, the following effects will occur:

Frenzy (48.175 percent): the output of cookies in 77 seconds is seven times that of a typical day (including mouse points).

Click Frenzy (3.325 percent): you can receive 777 times the amount of a giant cookie in 13 seconds. You can then earn money by clicking the software with your mouse, which could take hours or even a day. 

Cookie Chain (0.325 percent): The first is six cookies, the second after three seconds is 66, the third after three seconds is 666, and the highest point is 6,666,666,666,666,666 and so on.

Red Cookies

You’ll see a variety of crackers at the start, and the abusive’s rage index determines the likelihood. The higher the index, the more likely something will happen. When the state is appeased, 33 percent of red cookies will appear, 66 percent when unpleased, and 100 percent when enraged. The Red Cookies have a similar appearance to the Golden Biscuits and have special effects. However, they are not always correct.

27.94 percent is ruined, with only 5% of the remaining biscuits.

The effect is the same as the golden biscuits at 27.94 percent.

If you have to purchase extended cookies, the effect is upgraded, and the time is doubled.

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Elder Frenzy accounts for 6.90 percent of the total: It only takes 6 seconds to boost production capacity by 666 times. Many people are said to order Red Cookies for this reason, although we are not sure if this is genuine.

Click Frenzy is 2.21 percent and has the same effect as Golden Biscuit.

Cookie Chain is 7.08 percent; the outcome is the same as Golden Biscuit.


The kitten upgrades are the following four advancements. 

The amount of achievements unlocked is expressed in milk. In the statistics, we can observe the numbers. On the game’s main screen, we can see the state of milk as a chaotic liquid beneath the biscuits. That’s correct. It calculates milk based on your achievement ratio. The type and color will vary because the improvements will have varying percentages.

Chocolate milk with a concentration of 152 percent and a concentration of 248 percent

Raspberry milk has 252 percent alcohol content and 348 percent sugar content.

Orange juice with a concentration of 352 percent

The achievements can then be sorted into different parts, and we’ll keep them after resetting. 

Chip, Chip, Chip (Hc)

Heavenly Chips are awarded after each reset based on the total output of your baked biscuits. Each chip can be multiplied by 2% of the total production. Heavenly Chips appear to come in packs of one per gigabyte. 

Overall Assessment

Cookie Clickers 2 Hacked Apk is a browser game that allows you to transfer data from your phone to your computer at high speeds. However, it stops working when the screen is switched off. The primary functions of a smartphone browser are far too essential, and limiting them appears to be complicated. But don’t be concerned. They outfit it with a function that impacts it automatically even if you don’t touch it. With 100 touches per second, this touch speed is exceptional.

It also features a built-in cheat feature that allows you to conjure golden biscuits at will. You can, however, obtain the hidden accomplishment of “spoofing” if you employ this feature. A function to fix the screen horizontally and switch the page to the Japanese version is also available. However, some users can use it on the Google Play review page, which could be due to environmental factors. We’ll have to look into it a little more.

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Mini Games – Dungeons 

The “Dungeons” are another spot where you can make some biscuit money, but we’re unsure if it’ll work. It should resemble a pizza parlor, with online mini-games to pass the time after ordering pizza via the Internet. A dark achievement exists, but it is not factored into the computation. In conclusion, some dungeons can help you pass the time if you’re bored.

There must be more than 50 factories to open the Dungeons. The game begins with a secret baking factory, which transforms into an infernal bakery. If you come across a difficult opponent, move the mouse on the arrow key and keep clicking, increasing the attack speed. Aside from that, each character can only attack once.  


On September 28, an Android app for the game “Cookie Clicker,” became famous on the Internet. The iPhone version of the app is also in the works. Cookie Clicker 2 Mod Apk is a free game developed by “DashNet,” an international game publisher. Increase the number of cookie possessions by clicking the cookie on the left side of the screen in proportion to the number of clicks. The energy source allows players to move characters from one location to the next and finish the game’s primary plot. Players must wait a bit after their energy runs out before they continue to play. 


Creating a zombie game necessitates imagination and supreme graphics to engage the player. The Zombie Apocalypse has always been a topic that has been portrayed in video games and movies. ZGirls 2 starts off with a seductive and adorable female character design. The game throws players into a dead world where they must fight for their lives at all costs. Download the modified version and enjoy its ad-free gaming with additional features.

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