Free Cooking Dash 2.22.4 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Requires4.0.3 and Up
Size85 MB
MOD Features1. Infinite Coins
2. Infinite Supplies
3. Infinite Golds
4. Infinite Tickets
Updated02 Days Ago
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Are you tired of your latest mobile? Or don’t care for the suspense or puzzle-solving games? Cooking Dash, a game from Glu Developers, will provide you with a great alternative, where you will enjoy the food-oriented world with diverse and intriguing cooking adventures. You’ll be cooking for your customers in a live studio kitchen. Become a top-rated chef as you gain incredible fame and money. Also, demonstrate all your skills and abilities.

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In the game, you’ll accompany Flo, who engages in various entertaining activities. You’ll cook in front of live audiences and demonstrate your talents and abilities in various kitchens while preparing and serving a variety of customers. Improve your food and services with new updates to make your kitchen renowned. Attract VIPs to your restaurant and satisfy them with your delectable cuisine to boost your reputation. Enjoy this unique culinary game where you’ll have to deal with odd customers, cook for celebrities, host your show, and use various cooking techniques.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Engaging Gameplay 

To begin, people looking for a casual game for their Android devices need to look no farther than Cooking Dash, which offers simple yet engaging gameplay. Feel free to play the game for as little as a few minutes or as long as you desire.

You’ll have many fun rushing about the kitchen preparing wonderful meals for some of the most discerning clientele. At the same time, provide excellent service and maintain a high level of food quality to preserve your earnings. Cooking Dash’s innovative cooking gameplay allows you to earn money and reputation.

Become Well-Known and a Cooking Celebrity

Android gamers will be able to host their cookery programs for the first time. Begin with a modest restaurant with few customers and work your way up with new food, better equipment, and more VIP customers.

As you present the world’s most famous restaurant events with various themes, you’ll improve your food and fame. In your program, get renowned and gain millions of devoted admirers.

Explore to Learn More About the Stories

As you go on your exciting travels in Cooking Dash, you’ll discover there are many distinct episodes to explore, each with its own unique and engaging story. Play in the distinctive restaurant with various themes and tasty foods. Cook excellent steaks in the restaurant, get things moving at the wild Taco Train, brew delectable coffee at the Hip Stir Café, etc. 

Develop Your Enterprises 

You’ll have access to in-depth gameplay in each episode. Work hard, prepare delectable meals and provide the finest service possible. Collect profits and put them to good use by upgrading your restaurant’s cuisine recipes and appliances. Make your cuisine more delectable, upgrade your services with new equipment and continue to provide three-star treatment to every customer.

As your guests get more enamored with your cuisine, they will help make your restaurant more famous. You’ll be able to attract more VIP consumers, which will provide you with excellent perks that can help you boost your profits and performance. 

The Venue’s Series Finale Is Worth a Look

Those who want to test their skills and abilities can compete in the Venue’s Series Finale. Take on a variety of challenges across the game’s numerous episodes and proceed to the next challenges to get fantastic rewards. 

Feel Free to Change the Appearance of Your Characters

In addition to boosts and enhancements, gamers can customize their characters with various options. Feel free to dress them up in new costumes with interesting and distinctive themes. Furthermore, you can acquire and equip unusual critters to assist you with your kitchen tasks. As a result, your entire performance will improve.

Various Styles for Incredible Rewards

If you want to play the game with other people, try the ‘Trial of Style’ challenges, where you’ll be introduced to various venues and cooking methods. In exciting head-to-head contests, you can compete with friends and online players. The contests are varied and extremely intriguing, with a wide range of cooking methods accessible.

Cooking Dash has competitive players on the leaderboard section. You can compete with friends and online gamers in various cookery quests, to achieve victory and fantastic gifts. Also, you will earn bragging rights. 

With the Prize Wheel, You Can Earn Great Gifts

The game includes an intriguing Prize Wheel that allows you to earn fantastic rewards every day. To earn your chances to Spin and Win, all you have to do is log in to the game and play. Through this, you can win various goodies, including gold, recipes, clothing, pets, and more. 

Free to Play

The game is still available for free to all Android gamers. So, you can quickly download it from the Google Play Store without paying anything.

With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money

Through the modified version, you can have unlimited money and ad-free experiences while playing. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game and enjoy.

Sound and Video Quality


The game has attractive graphics that will keep you engrossed. Furthermore, it is appropriate for players of all ages. So, you can enjoy it anytime you want with your friends and family. On the other hand, the undemanding graphics allow you to enjoy the smooth and enjoyable experiences on different smartphones. 


As you teleport between kitchens, get involved in several jobs that provide excellent customer services. You’ll feel like working in a real kitchen with realistic sound effects. 

Download Cooking Dash Mod 2.22.4 Android Apk

Culinary Dash is a terrific game for fans like Cooking Fever and World Chef, as it is entirely unlocked for free. So, don’t miss out on the game’s unlimited cooking stages, fun game types, and fun multiplayer gameplay.

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