Cops N Robbers Mod Apk 11.0.2 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Are you ready to dive into remarkable and unique gameplay related to a first-person shooter? Control your character and unleash a fantastic arsenal of weapons in raging battles.

In this fantastic mobile game, you can play either as cops or criminals and take on various shooting tasks. Immerse yourself in the game’s engaging and interactive graphics and play in different game modes. Enjoy a wide range of epic and powerful weaponry. Above all, the fantastic multiplayer mode with friends and other online gamers will undoubtedly satisfy you.

You can learn more about this fantastic Cops N Robbers mobile game with our comprehensive evaluations.


Android gamers can experience a first-person shooter’s fun and engaging gameplay while admiring the unusual pixelated graphics. Feel free to jump right into the action-packed shooter gameplay, where you can compete against friends and other online players in unlimited PvP and PvE battles. Enjoy this fun pixelated game where you can take on the roles of cops and criminals.

Gamers in Cops N Robbers also have the opportunity to explore and play a range of various game types, each with its own distinct and engaging gameplay. Feel free to choose between them as you immerse yourself in its diverse aesthetics and sound effects. Have a good time by taking on infinite shooter challenges.

Most importantly, you can construct all kinds of unique setups for your characters as you lead them into conflicts, thanks to the configurable surroundings, characters, weapons, and equipment.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s exciting features.

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Single-Player Mode

Android gamers can access the spectacular single-player game mode, in which you are part of the Great Escape from different jails. You’ll be tasked with a complete range of in-game missions that will lead you through a series of different plays with stronger guards and protective cells. Regardless of this, get your firearms and weapons ready as you go on your ultimate prison break challenge.

Enjoy the Thrilling Multiplayer Action

To add to the game’s appeal, players in Cops N Robbers have the opportunity to participate in exciting PvP challenges in the online multiplayer mode. Here, you can immerse yourself in fantastic online gaming with various configurations and game modes. Have a good time and personalize in-game experiences to your liking.

Stronghold Mode:

  1. Begin by building your stronghold and defending it against enemy attacks.
  2. Play by yourself and build your castle with everyone for himself, or team up with your friends and create astonishing contraptions together.
  3. Destroy the strongholds of your opponents to win the game.

Team Death Match Mode: The exciting Death Match mode is available for those who prefer a more direct and aggressive approach. Fight with your resources and challenge your opponents to a full-scale assault.

Killing Competition Mode: Players can have a good time in this mode with their killing spree. Enjoy your infinite killing competitions as you destroy the enemies, aiming for the highest kill scores to win.

Peace Mode: For those who prefer a more calm approach to the game, play the Peace Mode, where you can have fun personalizing and exploring the land.

Hide And Seek Mode: If you’re looking for a fascinating way to play Cops N Robbers, the Hide And Seek Mode will undoubtedly keep most Android gamers entertained.

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You’ll Find Exciting Maps With Various Configurations to Enjoy

Gamers can also access the in-game maps to alter their surroundings through settings. Play with over 20 different system maps to see what you can come up with. Have a blast exploring the countless unique maps that the online community has made. 

There Is a Multitude of Weaponry to Choose From

To make combat more intriguing, players in Cops N Robbers can choose from over 50 different weapons. Interested individuals can use the editor and develop their own unique weapons with unique alterations. 

Make Your Armors 

In Cops N Robbers, you can design and personalize your own sets of armor, just like weaponry. Some armors are provided to you at the start of the game, such as the Santa Claus Set, Tesla Armor Set, Hawk Set, and so on. 

Feel free to modify your armors based on previous purchases or design new ones entirely from your imagination. Put on as many power-ups and improvements as possible to make yourself more capable in a fight.

Investigate the Distinct Skin System

With the game’s most recent improvements, Android players undoubtedly are pleased with the in-game skin customizations, including personalized skins, configurable features, and intriguing accessories that make your characters stand out on the battlefield.

Make Friends and Have a Good Time With Them

Cops N Robbers is a fantastic mobile game to play and meet new people. You can easily interact with friends and other online players from all over the world, add them with a single press, and communicate with them using in-game conversations. 

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Play the Game in the Language of Your Choice

Gamers can also experience this game in their favorite languages, adding to its appeal and aesthetics. The game has full linguistic support for English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and other languages. With these, you’ll be able to enjoy your pixelated shooter adventures in full swing.

It’s Free to Play

Despite all of the fantastic in-game features, Android gamers can continue to enjoy their favorite pixelated shooter gameplay on their mobile devices without having to spend anything. Download and install the game for free from the Google Play Store.

With Our Mod, You Can Play for as Long as You Want

Those interested can use our customized version of Cops N Robbers to remove the obnoxious commercials and in-game purchases. Go to our website and download and install the Cops N Robbers Mod Apk. Have as much fun as you want with ad-free gameplay, infinite money, and unlocked gameplay. Coins and diamonds will never be a significant issue.

Sound and Video Quality


Even though the game has simple and relatively plain pixelated visuals, most Android gamers find Cops N Robbers highly engaging and enjoyable because of its different features, such as weapons and armor.


In addition to the dynamic and immersive visual effects, players have access to the fantastic in-game soundtrack. Enjoy the game’s accurate and intriguing sound effects for every object.


With its excellent pixelated shooter action, it should undoubtedly interest those who play Block City Wars, Pixel Gun 3D, and a few other great FPS games on our website. Plus, with our website’s entirely unlocked and accessible gaming, you’ll find yourself immersed in Cops N Robbers.

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