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Corpse Party Blood Drive revolves around Heavenly Host elementary school, which collapsed after countless employees and children vanished and were mysteriously murdered. Returning to the present, they construct “Kisaragi Academy,” a new high school constructed on the Heavenly Host’s base.
A group of students sat back and told each other ghost stories after the usual Academy gathering ended until they performed a ritual around the gill talisman. They became lifelong friends because of the name “Sachiko Ever After.”

Sachiko Ever After is a prayer service for Sachiko’s soul. She is a 30-year-old girl who went missing from Heavenly Host Elementary School. This ritual is held in honor of Sachiko’s yearning to be blessed. However, as soon as the ceremony began, an earthquake shook Kisaragi Academy.

It imprisons the pupils in a dimension where the Heavenly Host still lives and unleashes an evil entity that seeks to extinguish all life. Kisaragi Academy hopes to endure and escape this nightmare by accompanying the pupils to safety.

General Information

When it comes to horror games, we have a slew of Japanese-inspired titles with global acclaim, one of which being Corpse Party Blood Drive. According to an unwritten rule of Japanese horror lines, the more charming, innocuous or normal the characters are, the more horrifying the real face behind them is.
Sachiko Shinozaki is an excellent illustration of this. In a red outfit, Sachiko appears to be a rather ordinary, even innocuous character in the game’s antagonists. The game plot centers on Tenshi Elementary School, which is plagued by a large number of missing or slain teachers and kids. The government was then forced to close the old school and demolish it to construct Kisaragi Academy.

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Corpse Party is a popular horror anime film based on Team Gris-Gris’ popular RPG game of the same name. They turned it into a film in terms of phenomenal success since the game’s material is good and detailed, outperforming other games.

How to Play a Blood Drive at a Corpse Party

The gameplay of Corpse Party Blood Drive includes three key elements: horror, adventure, and role-playing. Gamers will experience from a third-person perspective. The main goal for the game’s duration is to get away from the Heavenly Host. To accomplish so, players will have to use various things, analyze documents, and swap personalities to uncover clues. Above all, you must protect the body from the demons who prowl the area.

Another unique element of Corpse Party Blood Drive is that it offers players various endings based on their actions in plot circumstances and climatic scenes. This feature is expected to assist Corpse Party Blood Drive in boosting its replay value and providing support for a story-driven game.

The graphics in Corpse Party Blood Drive will follow the tradition of most Japanese role-playing games, which emphasize flair above current effects

The Best of Corpse Party Blood Drive

Corpse Party Blood Drive’s eerie storylines, unforeseen perils, and dark environment are the perfect combination to frighten gamers. Horror games are a notoriously tough genre to master, and it’s unusual to find a simple game to haunt dread amid gun action. For those seeking an authentic horror experience, Corpse Party Blood Drive is one of the few games that allows players to immerse themselves in odd and creepy psychological scenarios.

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It was first released in 2014 for the Sony PlayStation Vita, but it did not become well-known until released on mobile in 2017. Corpse Party Blood Drive grew in popularity as a result of this. Following the game’s popularity, XSEED Games has made numerous quality enhancements to continue releasing it to PC and Nintendo Switch. This edition will feature a new lighting system that will allow players to get a true sense of fear by exploring the dark region with a flashlight.

Players will experience a thrilling atmosphere in Corpse Party Blood Drive. The game is around a small group of students planning to split up and attend a different school because their present one is shutting. The protagonist Ayumi Shinozaki nearly dies while attempting to use magic in the book of darkness and is hospitalized thereafter. An unknown woman then unexpectedly visits her. She tells Ayumi some instructions to avoid future calamities. Explore the icy houses and passageways to find the devil’s book, and run as fast as you can to avoid the spirits that lurk everywhere.

Overall Evaluations

Corpse Party Blood Drive is a PC horror game based on the previous edition, which dealt with school ghosts. The characters have a beautiful anime design, with each character’s narrative offering a unique experience. Most importantly, the game has a captivating plot from the start. Ayame, the main heroine, takes the player on a fascinating adventure in Corpse Party. Play in the surroundings of Amare Crucis’ abandoned schools. To uncover answers, your team will solve puzzles based on gathering medical charts from deceased patients while avoiding dangerous zombie hunters. Last but not least, the game is multi-platform. Dead Party Blood Drive will be available on the PC platform for the first time. The game will soon be available on various platforms, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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What We Enjoy About the Game

From Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, HD images are paired with full Japanese character voices, 3D audio, and a darkening system. It boosts the frame rate for a truly terrifying experience. Heavenly Host Elementary may be experienced in full 3D using in-game flashlights, with all prior 2D visuals meticulously restored and substantially enhanced. To save a life, disarm traps, hide from pursuers in cabinets and flee. Corpse Party Blood Drive is a game that introduces the story of Heavenly Host in a new way, including 11 primary chapters and eight supplementary chapters.


The game Corpse Party Blood Drive Mod Apk is possibly well-known throughout the world. The game starts off with a bunch of students stayed up all night telling ghost stories. They are transported to the past and lost in the same primary school before the earthquake. Young people are subjected to a series of tragedies and perils, and they must endure terrible ghost stories.

There are eight chapters in Corpse Party Blood Drive, each with a different ending. The deaths of different characters at each end cause anguish and terror. As in Chapter 1, Naomi stumbles and pulls her friend Seiko from death. Her sister in Chapter 8 rescues Ayumi. Download the game now and enjoy its unlocked features.

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