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Crash Drive 2 is a visually appealing game that can entice anyone who likes racing. You can discover the world of automobiles by selecting one and cruising through different terrains. All you have to do now is pick a car, enter a suggested route, and complete the primary assignment. The goal isn’t as difficult as you might think; during the game, you have to defeat the foes and emerge victorious.

Despite numerous interesting games such as Crash of Cars or Drive Ahead, many gamers still favor Crash Drive 2. In the game, the player can collect coins and upgrade their vehicles. It also includes a variety of maps with various terrains. Let’s go over some additional details about this game and see whether you find it fascinating or not.

Crash Drive 2: The Story

Crash Drive 2 has a clear plot. The game places you in open terrain with various items, ramps, and obstacles performing stunts. As you travel across the landscape, events appear at random intervals, allowing you to participate in battles against other online players. You can easily earn points and important prizes by participating in these events. 


Developer: M2H 

Genres: Arcade, Racing, Simulation, and Multiplayer 

Maximum number of players: 8

Game Size: 244 MB

Handheld mode, TV mode, and Tabletop mode are all supported play modes.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Chinese.



When you initially start playing Crash Drive 2, the garage appears, offering you the opportunity to purchase your first vehicle, which is normally a run-down monster truck. After that, you’ll earn more cash by participating in events or picking up items at random on each map. Many brand-new vehicles are available for purchase, including fire tanks, supercars, buses, and rally cars.

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The progress and leveling bars are usually near the top of the screen. You must raise your car’s statistics and drive it around if you want to level up. In addition, each map has a progression meter that can be filled by completing events. You can unlock new locations once you’ve found all of the green rings and also enhance your automobile.


Forest, Tropical, Canyons, and Snow are among the four maps to be discovered. Each map has a similar pattern, with many mountains, loops, trick points, and other challenges. You can leap and do acrobatics like spinning and 360-degree flipping. In addition, each map contains a variety of intriguing points. Depending on your country, you can see a cruise ship drowning or forests burning out. You’ll also come across secrets, crates, and green rings.

Online Mode

Because the multiplayer option allows for cross-play, you can encounter random players from all around the globe. You’ll be able to tell when the event starts by glancing at the count-down counter. By default, players can participate in each event and if you don’t want to participate, you can beep your horn. 

As you might expect, the winner gets a large prize, including cash once the tournament is over. Aside from that, each map hosts one-of-a-kind races that offer special effects and terrains to enjoy. Lastly, you need to complete different routes to acquire rare automobiles.

Battles of Tanks

You can participate in the online tank warfare play mode and select one of five tank options, each with its own set of statistics. You can also adjust the color scheme or camouflage patterns to beat other players. Gain additional cash after winning, so that you can upgrade or purchase new cars/tanks.

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Some Minor Difficulties

Local multiplayer and other modes are not accessible in the Switch edition. Some gamers have reported that they occasionally run into a glitch that prevents them from selecting any options from the menu. To fix the problem, they must exit the game and re-enter it.

Crash Drive 2: Synopsis

  • Money that never runs out
  • All vehicles must be unlocked.
  • There are six online activities in the game, including King of the Crown, Tag, Race, Coin Collect, Find the Ring, and Stunt.
  • Tank Battles is new and thrilling.
  • Thirty unusual and cutting-edge automobiles will be unveiled.
  • Cars are leveled using a specific system.


  • Full cross-platform compatibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlockable content across a wide variety of categories


  • Many players are dissatisfied with grinding events to gain new maps.

Some Helpful Hints and Techniques

  • Although the game is simple to play, the gameplay is challenging. As a result, you should employ different tactics and tips. The following are some helpful hints to keep in mind.

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