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Mafia Wars is a game that we assume everyone has heard of or is still playing. Well, the market has emerged with a similar kind of RPG for you; Crime City comes with a great storyline in which you work around with street robbers and become a mobster on the city streets. You have enough techniques and wisdom to escape the police’s pursuit while interacting with a variety of social elements. Crime City is a recognized game with a 4/5 rating on the Google Play Store. On March 16, they released a new version of Crime City which is more entertaining and fun.

General Information

This game is a RPG in which you must fight crooks and gangsters throughout the city. It employs a well-known 3D engine with its playing screen providing first-class viewing. It’s the most realistic car driving simulator ever which will put your automobile driving talents to the test; each task will require you to boost your ranking. Apart from being a criminal, players can also take on the role of a police officer, driving police cars to fulfill duties, displaying their superior driving skills, and doing extraordinary multi-tasks. 

Background Information

Crime City is influenced by the first two episodes of Grand Theft Auto to recreate the ambiance, gameplay, and freedom on a mobile device. The player assumes the role of a young gangster who takes up arms and embarks on a series of missions that pit him against criminal groups and corrupt cops in a fictional city.

The visuals are two-dimensional and have a top-down perspective. There are 60 tasks to complete, each requiring the death of an individual. At the lower left, they reveal the position of your target on the radar. Given the relatively liberal size of the numerous scenarios (ranging from beaches to suburbs, passing through affluent central regions, famous districts, and the port) and their dispersal throughout two cities, it is a valuable option.

It is possible to walk or steal an automobile from parkings or while it is transit. The player starts with a modest handgun then progresses to considerably more powerful weapons and machine guns found among the bodies of downed foes. You must develop your skills, and numerous awards (money, jewels, and weapon props) can be obtained during the execution.

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In the game, there are a variety of police cars to choose from. Diverse game modes and various police car driving and parking difficulties will provide you with a unique level of excitement. Players will enjoy a new driving style, thanks to a new mission challenge mode; there’s no need to wait for the red light to turn green. Other vehicles on the road will actively give way for you as long as the alert mode is turned on. Apart from that, you will have to encounter various thugs and criminals and bring them to task as a police officer.

Arcade Gameplay

You will begin the game by constructing your living construction block. Expand your domain and build more residences whenever you have enough money. Completing assignments is an essential element for collecting wealth, and it is also the best way to improve and make money early on. Players must purchase the appropriate equipment or weaponry to complete the quest or level criteria. 

The assignment appears to be simple. Being an assassin for a short time and fighting with NPCs on the street or attacking hostile characters provide you with tiny bonuses and earnings. It restricts the number of tasks that can be completed in each location. Depending on the player’s level, some map sections will gradually be opened as the game advances. 

The players’ subsequent activities will continue to move the character into new places. Every region has its distinct traits, and players can also assign points to their attributes in the game. There are mainly three types of movements: assault, defense, and activity. Players must purchase the appropriate equipment or weaponry to complete the quest or level criteria. The gang’s investment and construction might potentially provide money and players can team up with other players to fight or rob. There are over 150 different weapons and cars to purchase and over 60 different cities to visit. This game will win you over with its beautiful graphical interface.

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The newest release of Crime City perfectly encapsulates the well-known gangster motif. Playing it is more fascinating and entertaining. Do you want to learn more? This section will go over some of the game’s distinctive characteristics.

Game Interaction

Overall, the game’s effects and operating system are simple, with few unnecessary buttons. It describes the specific interfaces for each activity, providing the player with necessary instructions and information.

Gaming Experience 

If you’ve played Mafia Wars, you’ll have no trouble playing this game. But, because there are still some new players who haven’t contacted you, we’ll offer you a quick explanation.

The player takes on the role of a gang member in the game. Performing organizational duties is the most common technique to gain experience. It could be a store heist, an underworld killing order, or debt collection. In addition, the executioner will be compensated with money, diamonds, weapon props, or action points. The implementation of the tasks is an essential aspect of the game. They are, however, not as complicated as you may believe. You merely need to follow the organization’s instructions. It’s also the most effective way to enhance your goods and earn money.

Mission Accomplishment

The basic premise of this game is to purchase the necessary equipment or weaponry to complete the objective or level. For example, robbing a department store for the first time may necessitate the purchase of a shotgun with more durable assault power. To complete the process smoothly, you will need to purchase a variety of pre-tools. Aside from money, you’ll need a specific number of diamonds or prestige. 

Increase Your Earnings and Profits

Players can collect protection fees at a predetermined time after completion. Apart from that, the steel factory will create steel for the building. If you want to finish the building, you’ll need to enlist the support of your friends to post the information to your homepage and give unique resources required.

Buildings and Maps

The player’s level accompanies the unlocking of the map region, and the task will continue to take the player to new locations. You can also observe the game’s goal, and highlight certain aspects of the city. You can find Chinese-style buildings with dragon-shaped decorations, similar to Chinatown, on the massive map by approaching the neighborhood. In addition, some commercial sign posts are also written in Chinese. 

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Additional Features

There are a few minor features that stand out.

You can see all the props on your player profile with extensive information and records. You can customize your qualities here at your pace. There are only three easy options for the player: attack, defense, or action points. Set your image, enter the fitting room by clicking “Change Avatar,” and have fun dressing.

Players’ Obstacles

The next section is the ‘challenged player’. After entering “Rivals” in the bottom right corner, a list of random tasks appears. You can learn some details about the player and then decide whether or not to attack. Click “Visit” on the site from this interface to enter more intensive challenges. You have the option of searching and robbing the stores on the site, as well as attacking the opponent directly. Both activities can help you obtain money, experience, and a good name. However, be wary of the opponent’s or their families’ complete reaction if you engage in intrusive behavior.

Game Recommendations

We recommend adults to play this game. This game topic is less acceptable for juvenile companions since the content is violent. Although it is an old theme, the impact is more significant than the text version of Mafia Wars because of the incorporation of Flash animation and sound and light effects. These issues must be addressed before allowing children or teenagers to participate in this game.


Crime City Mod Apk gives gamers a unique drag racing experience with police cars. The thrill of first entering the game is still fresh in my mind, and it puts the player’s operation skills to the test. There are also several emergencies and jobs that the player must do; you can get more fun and luxurious Android game downloads on our website. 

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