Darkness Rises Mod Apk 1.49.0 for Android Users (God Mode)

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperNEXON Company
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Explore the fantastic RPG action-adventure game that offers an interesting gameplay, outstanding graphics, in-depth features, and addictive combat. Choose your favorite heroes to accompany you in your epic mission to defeat the criminals. To cope with the creatures, use their unique abilities and powers. Travel the vast lands and uncover the secret myths. Also, encounter a range of diverse adversaries and come out on top after an epic encounter.

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Android gamers find themselves being exposed to a chaotic and jumbled world with the Darkness preparing for its significant assaults toward humanity. Here, fear and terror reign every heart and soul; if only someone could give them a little glimpse of optimism.

In this game, the Orc’s attacks the Kingdom of Losteria and eliminates thousands of individuals, causing havoc and panic. The Orc’s sweep through cities after cities, leaving nothing but red rivers of blood in their wake. You have little choice but to cluster together inside the strong walls amid this chaotic and tragic catastrophe. However, even the walls are not able to protect the Kingdom from the never-ending attacks on the invaders.

Among this devastation comes a brave soldier, who aims to destroy the invaders and bring peace to the fields once again. This character is portrayed by you, who will gather an army of tough fighters to launch attacks on the Orcs and join the final human resistance to combat the monsters and put an end to their progress. Give it your all; otherwise, the enemies will ravage your world and destroy everything. 

You can also create your characters in the game, choose your preferred classes, and equip yourself with the necessary gear and weaponry to engage in epic fights against bad forces.

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Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

In the Game, You Can Build and Modify Your Characters

Gamers in Darkness Rises have access to customizable characters. You can select your hero’s gender and class along with its looks and appearance too. You can fine-tune your appearance and experiment with your imagination, building your characters from ground up.

Various Hero Classes, Each With Its Own Set of Skills and Abilities

Android gamers can choose from various hero classes, each with its powers and abilities.

Warrior – A formidable sword master capable of unleashing rapid and destructive melee assaults on his foes. This hero is ideal for various tactical fighting scenes because of his outstanding defense, damage, and quickness.

Wizard — This hero is good enough when you allow her ample time and space to gather her mana and cast devastating assaults from afar. 

Berserker — If you want to go all-out against your adversaries, the Berserker is the hero for you. With his big axe, incredibly tanky build, and epic melee attacks, this hero is unquestionably the greatest class for holding off the enemy while others deal the damage. His huge axe is able to wipe out most adversaries in a single strike.

Assassin: For individuals who prefer stealth, speed, and decisive attacks, the Assassin is unquestionably the best character to play with. Feel free to slash adversaries with your devastating damage while avoiding them with swift dodges.

Meet Interesting People and Learn About Their Backstories

During the game, you will also meet interesting characters who join your group to fight in epic battles against evil forces. While playing along with them, you will also discover their stories and how they managed to join you.

There Are Hundreds of Various Goods and Equipment Available 

There are different goods and equipment that you can put on the heroes, depending on your classes and capability. As you continue through the game, more powerful weapons and armor will be accessible to you. Additionally, you can carry numerous objects during combat. That being said, potions can restore your health or mana, while elixirs can heal you from poisons or burns.

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Embark On Fantastic Creatures and Annihilate Your Foes

To combat the huge trolls and orcs, heroes in Darkness Rises can enlist the support of the eagle, dragons, lions, and a variety of other formidable beasts. To make fights a lot easier, you can ride on them or keep them as pets.

In This Adventure Rpg Game, Take On a Variety of Adventures and Difficulties

The gameplay in Darkness Rises will undoubtedly appeal to the classic Action-Adventure RPG fans. As a result, you should familiarize yourself with the gameplay by completing several objectives and in-game challenges. Dive into the vast worlds of Darkness Rises to experience the epic gameplay. As they try to approach you, you’ll find yourself slicing through unending swarms of demons and creatures. As you fulfill your goals and challenges, have fun in the dungeons and battlefields.

Easy Gameplay and Tough Combats 

To add to the game’s appeal, players in Darkness Rises have access to fantastic combats that are rarely seen in other Android games. That being said, with fast-paced hack and slash battles, you’ll never experience a dull moment in Darkness Rises. You’ll have a lot of fun kicking their butts with several various skills to execute.

Discover and Enjoy One-Of-A-Kind Rpg Adventures

Along with the traditional RPG components, the game also includes the exciting Soul Link feature, which allows you to command monsters and opponents. If you’re powerful enough, you can turn them against each other. Alternatively, if you find the dungeons too challenging to overcome, you could enjoy the co-op gaming experiences with other players. Form a party with your friends and embark on epic dungeon challenges searching for rare riches.

Defeat the Ruthless Bosses

You’ll also discover an important secret behind the orcs’ attacks as you progress deeper into the abyss. But first, you must defeat the epic bosses that can knock you out with a single strike. So make sure you put in a lot of time and effort into training your heroes and honing your skills before sending them into combats. 

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Join a Guild to Gain Access to New Features

Those interested in cooperative gameplay can join a guild and connect with players from all around the world, in addition to other groups. As you take on fascinating co-op tasks, join together as a single-family and collect unique objects that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Play the Game to Get Great Rewards

The game also contains a range of other awards that you can pick up for the loyal gamers who check on their heroes every day. This includes the spectacular daily gifts that you can get by signing in to the game, as well as numerous daily objectives that you can perform each day. So make sure you don’t miss out.

With Our Mod, You’ll Be Able to Play the Game Entirely Unlocked

Despite all the fantastic features, the game is still free to play. If you use our Darkness Rises Mod Apk instead, you’ll get access to free gameplay, unlimited money, and no advertising, which is quite remarkable.

Sound and Video Quality


The game contains incredible 3D graphics that you won’t find in many Android games. With attractive characters and breathtaking settings, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the gigantic maps. The precise mechanics, and fluid gameplay, are the hallmarks of the game. This makes it a must-have title for any Android RPG enthusiast.


Each scenario in Darkness Rises feel extra realistic, thanks to powerful and striking sound effects.

Darkness Rises Mod 1.49.0 Android Apk Download

Fans of the popular Grimvalor and Dawn of Titans will like this fantastic game from NEXON. Also, don’t forget about our mod if you’re looking for more.

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