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If you are driving the car on the road and it loses control, what will you do? You can control it through smart maneuvering and agility. This is what happens in Faily Brakes 2. In the game, a player will control the car that loses control. You will have to avoid different cars in order to stay safe. 

Let’s go in detail and see what the game is about.

3d Graphics With Vibrant Colors and Music

Casual Azur Games has created and released Faily Brakes 2, an arcade game. They are a real estate developer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This game can be found on Google Play and the App Store. 

You will drive the car on various roads in the game. Streets lined with trees, a tunnel, a bridge, roads with hills on both sides, and a cave. The driver and the cars are also depicted realistically. Furthermore, the sound is quite realistic. On the roadways, you can hear automobiles going by. The soundtrack is thrilling, and keeps the user engaged for hours. 

Regain control of the car 

Assume the role of Phil Faily who is on the highway in his automobile. His car’s pedal is jammed to the floor and accelerates at an increasing rate. You should pay attention to two important arrows in Faily Brakes 2. The first arrow is on the car’s right side. It will assist the vehicle is moving to the right. To have the car move to the left, tap on the arrow on the left side. The second arrow is also there. 

There is usually a lot of traffic on the roadways, just as in real life. On the road, the player will encounter a variety of vehicles, including cars, lorries, police cars, and so on. If you don’t avoid them, your car will be damaged, and you’ll have to continue the game even if you don’t want to. 

In addition to traffic, you must avoid trees, big boulders, and fences. They can cause harm to your vehicle. However, if you choose not to repair the car, the game will end. Furthermore, some slopes can occur along the roadways from time to time. 

You must also avoid the cops who are tailing you for speeding. You can also drive up the slopes looking for spanners. The spanners will assist you in repairing the vehicle. Spanners can also be seen on the roads. So don’t be too concerned if your automobile breaks down.

In Faily Brakes 2, a player will have control of the car four times a day. Morning, Midday, Afternoon, and Night. During the day, the sun will shine brightly whereas at night, the sky will be littered with stars. 

Unique Features

The game offers players a large number of paints. You can choose the color of the car to your preference. Pink, blue, red, yellow, white, and more colors are some of them. You may even alter the wheels, antenna, and even the license plate of your car. The automobile, in particular, has a wide range of effects like the rainbow effect. It will assist you in designing your automobiles. 

The publisher has provided the player with two characters (one male and one female). Phil and Anita are their names. Your characters have a lot of outfits to change as well. You’ll get them once you’ve completed a level. The road is littered with destructible vehicles. If you complete three of the game’s missions each day, you will receive a daily prize.

Enjoyable Game

The player only needs to move their car to the left or right in this game. Many players, including youngsters and adults, have flocked to Faily Brakes 2. Faily World has been redesigned in its entirety, including tunnels, caves, fields, and more for Phil and Anita to explore. Furthermore, you are free to play the game anytime you like. Because the game does not necessitate Internet usage, Faily Brakes 2 will help you unwind after a hard day at work.

A wide choice of car customizations allows you to design one-of-a-kind and stunning automobiles for yourself. The path becomes more challenging as obstacles and cars appear. There are a lot of hills, tunnels, traffic intersections, and cops. Faily Brakes 2 has become a fascinating driving game due to the factors mentioned above. 

Let’s get Faily Brakes 2 installed and see how it goes.

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