Dead Ahead MOD APK 1.0.4 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Requires4.1 and Up
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In comparison to other zombie-themed games, Dead Ahead provides a distinctive experience. 

You will take on the position of a supreme commander in the game and choose amongst different military units from advancing on the city. Each of your forces has its own set of strengths and limitations to combat zombies.

General Information

The method of dropping troops in this game is similar to Clash Royale and Zombie Age 2. You will advance to the next game screen when you will successfully resist zombie attacks. Before each match, you must decide how your units will be dependent on the number of resources available or how your opponent will play on the screen. The zombies do not stay still, and as the game progresses, they will become stronger.

You will also gain bonuses to unlock high-class units or other equipment. During the game, the battles will become even more difficult when a slew of unique zombie species join. Furthermore, the visual effects are presented in a cartoonish style. Each character in the game has a distinct personality, specific fighting ability, and a bright, amusing appearance. 

Background Information

Dead Ahead is a mobile game with a lot of potential. The first thing to mention is that it is simple to adjust to, and you can easily enter the game after a few brief introductions and instructions that take less than 30 seconds.

The gameplay is basic as you have to click on the screen to select six-character boxes and wait for the animation to begin. The zombie side is the barrier that prevents the bus from passing, while the player side is the strengthened bus.

When the main house runs out of blood, the bus will either buzz or run over the barricades to pass through the back screen with energy indicators utilized to manufacture warriors. The amount of spells are used to support the attacking group of warriors by using talents or special equipment.

Whether it’s the zombies or humans, the side with the most obedient warriors will have an easier time attacking the enemy’s main residence. However, as the game progresses, the ultimate gear, such as wearing bulletproof jackets, anti-stab, anti-fire, and anti-explosion, become more reinforced. 

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What Is the Best Way to Play Dead Ahead?

The player must upgrade the existing soldiers to get additional fresh troops. This combination of soldiers will significantly affect the game’s result in facing the forthcoming hurdles. Soldiers in the game are divided into melee, short-range shooters, and long-range shooters. These categories are further subdivided into characters with specific traits. The first is melee soldiers, who come in various low-cost models with quick preparation times and bulletproof vests. They come with a lot of blood and a lot of prep time.

There are different types of soldiers in the game. Some of them are issued shotguns, pistols, and light submachine guns while others have no other skill than the ability to blast zombies down from afar with a high level of power on each round. They are later shunned due to their propensity to shoot slowly. 

Only melee soldiers can break through the protective barrier, while others are trained to protect. The road to glory is paved with good coordination between these two types of troops. According to our personal experience and three months of sporadic play, a group of four soldiers, consisting of two melee soldiers and two ranged soldiers, is acceptable. You will only get a reward of approximately 10 gold bars if you play any map again.

You’ll need gold to improve buses, soldiers, and match items. Moreover, you’ll need at least 10,000 gold bars to get a class from level 0 to level 15. We will have a fantastic game worth playing if the publisher does not force gamers to spend money and take advantage of the product. We are unconcerned about the arena. Even though it is the only portion of the game that sees the outside world, the player must defeat the zombies alone. Because this stage is also heavily influenced by the chancellor’s money, the side with the most legitimate soldiers or upgrades wins.


Dead Ahead for iOS is a visually appealing game with a unique drop-strategy design that offers a distinctive take. Typically, when you visualize a zombie-themed game, you assume that it’s either a shooter who will fire guns at hordes of zombies or a survival game in which you must escape and survive. Playing Dead Ahead on iOS will be a new experience for you.

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Like Clash Royale and Zombie Age 2, Dead Ahead features tactical gameplay. To keep the army from reaching your main base, which is a bus, you’ll need to deploy soldiers. To combat the hordes of the undead, each soldier has strengths and limitations.

Defense Techniques Are Combined With Survival Issues

In Dead Ahead’s latest tactical survival game, you must fight off a zombie horde.

Destroy all attackers, gather stuff, locate survivors, and build your fortune.

Invasion of the Zombies

Protect the bus and don’t let the army’s hunger get the better of the survivors. To gain an advantage, breakthrough roadblocks and set up a camp. To stop the zombies, gather troops and dispatch units into battle.

Use Your Brain

Gas bombs, barrel bombs, and grenades can slash, shoot, or burn zombies. Attack your opponent directly or murder them quietly. Demonstrate your true steel spirit by conquering the map. To become the legendary freedom warrior, kill as many zombies as possible. To kill zombies and remove obstacles, utilize defensive and tactical measures. Keep in mind that the zombie army will make it difficult to complete your objective.

For Survival, Improve Your Talents and Equipment

To improve units and vehicles, collect items, get experience points, guard buses, and perform missions. The more zombies you can kill, the more equipment you have. Compete with other players for the highest score.

Overall Evaluation

If you like the Infinite Go game genre (the game where you run as far as you can, such as Temple Run) and the Zombie theme, keep looking for Dead Ahead, which cleverly blends the two features above.

Dead Ahead’s visual effects are depicted in an animated way. Each character in the game is represented by a colorful, quirky form that embodies their personality and unique fighting abilities. The player’s goal is to avoid obstacles along the path and avoid being attacked by zombies. To get rid of terrible stalkers, you can use various methods, like luring them into obstacles, using a gun, or speeding up your car.

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You can also acquire objects strewn about the road to improve your chances of survival, such as greater damage and invulnerability for a few seconds. Aside from the main portion of the game, the game also includes side goals such as killing 150 zombies or traveling 150 meters to assist players in ranking up and earning more money.


Your weapons and vehicles can be upgraded. Also, when you level up in the game, you will receive an Achievement card, which you can publish immediately on Facebook or Google Plus and brag about it to your friends.


Dead Ahead is an 8-bit game with simple gameplay. The graphics and acoustics in the game are average. The screen is blurry, and the sound is monotonous, failing to pique players’ interest. The most irritating aspect of gaming is the advertisements. Because Dead Ahead is free, the publisher will demand that you view the banners or pop-ups. We believe it would be preferable if the producer could pay to remove them.

The game’s difficulty steeps to a high level between chapters 6 and 7. However, this game is worth playing, and you will definitely enjoy the sounds and features. 

Alternatives to Consider 

Zombie Age 2 

Zombie Age 2 features a joystick controlled scheme and two virtual buttons on the screen, allowing the character to travel up and down on a plane. The game controls are highly snappy and smooth, as tested on several Samsung devices. While the zombie-heavy setting can be jerky, Zombie Age 2 can be played on devices with a 1GHz CPU and 512MB RAM. To simplify the level, you can request assistance from the game’s NPC characters. However, they will have to rest for a few hours after assistance. 

Final Thoughts

Dead Ahead offers easy gameplay and is worth attempting if you want to experience the sensation of riding a scooter, walking about, and playing with rabid zombies. The game contains some scenarios that are not suited for tiny children. Dead Ahead is a game worth playing on Android because of its aesthetics. Despite the game’s difficulty, you can emerge victorious without spending any money. Download the game now and enjoy.

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