Dead Trigger Mod Apk 2.0.3 for Android Users (Shopping)

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Dead Trigger is an action game that incorporates survival elements. It’s a role-playing game in which you play as one of the lucky survivors in the middle of a pandemic. Players will be required to stay and battle alongside other survivors. It provides gamers with a memorable experience through simple but intriguing gameplay. This game will appeal to those who enjoy living in a zombie-infested world and attempt to battle and survive among the undead.
If you enjoy action-adventure role-playing games, Dead Trigger is a great pick that you should not overlook.


In 2012, Dead Trigger was released with a fictional plot. When science progressed, it carried out innovative experiments, and the failure of those separate experiments resulted in a global disaster. With the name No Hope, a military organization and anti-zombie coalition were formed. On the other hand, No Hope quickly failed and disintegrated as the Zombie strains grew and evolved.

Role-playing as a former member of No Hope resulted in the organization’s dissolution and disbandment. In addition, the protagonist attempted to contact anti-Zombie organizations worldwide to build a new, stronger alliance. As a result, The Hideout, an anti-zombie organization with talented individuals, was formed. Will this organization eliminate the creatures? That remains to be seen.


Two gamers will join The Hideout group as one of the six important members. A medic, engineer, gunsmith, tech, smuggler, and our main character, a gunman, make up the six-member framework. The player’s main goal is to be a gunman; you will need to rescue trapped people, destroy enormous mutant Zombies, and gather resources and commodities that the organization requires.

The player’s role is to move and orient the attack to accomplish the job with the automatic hitting or shooting mechanism while approaching the target. Some levels in Dead Trigger require your marksmanship expertise as the automatic system is too basic.

Belongings of the Main Character

What do you suppose a zombie-era shooter would carry in his backpack? In the game, the main character’s inventory includes two firearms that can be changed and used depending on the scenario, a melee weapon, grenades, and medical goods that can be used to heal.

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In Dead Trigger, players can obtain a weapon by either playing the game or adding up components from a crafting formula to create a whole gun. When the player has gathered enough information on the recipe, he can approach a gunsmith and request him to craft the weapon specified.

The game’s weaponry can also be improved at gunsmith’s booth to make it more durable and powerful.
Except for melee weapons, each weapon has a limited amount of ammo. Players can get extra by killing zombies or picking them up from the barrels of shoots that come sporadically on the game screen. However, the amount of ammunition available will be limited.

Items That Aid in Combat

Grenades and health are included in the support weapon set for the player. You also need to acquire crafting parts, just like weaponry, to deliver them to military medical personnel or engineers. As a result, they can conduct research and provide support materials. The medic and engineer booths can also be upgraded to assist players in reading and creating more robust items. Apart from the blood vessels, the player can upgrade them to increase the amount of health they supply.

There’s also the buff card, which is a one-of-a-kind support item. It gives players remarkable stats that will help them survive, such as increasing their health, boosting their movement speed, increasing the amount of money they earn, and so on. We can also buy these buffs for the player from a black-market vendor’s stall (Smuggler).

Game Mode

In Dead Trigger, there are two major game modes.

Story mode: This mode allows players to follow the events of the voyage as they search for members and develop The Hideout. Players will travel across nearly every continent, participating in endless campaigns to sweep and eradicate the undead.
Universal mode: In this mode, exceptional levels appear at random on continents that the player has unlocked. Each group will have three tasks to pick from while the routine tasks in the game would include refueling, collecting things, defending, defeating the undead in numbers, protecting the goal, and so on.

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The arena in Dead Trigger is where the player’s inventiveness, talents, and capacity to survive are tested. Players are placed in a tiny campus with traps, housing, ammunition bins, and various items to employ in the fight against zombies. They will turn on in waves as the number grows. Players will have to survive, fight, and eliminate zombies to earn points. If a zombie kills you, the game will end. We’ll then use the player points obtained to determine the game’s overall ranking.

Graphics and Sound

The background music in Dead Trigger is electrifying, which adds to the game’s excitement. The game’s sound effects are realistic, authentic, and evocative, ranging from melee weapon strikes to gunshots to zombie howls. They offer the players a sense of how intense each combat is. In terms of aesthetics, Dead Trigger has the same colorful and violent tone as its predecessor, with no notable advancements. On mobile devices, however, Engine Unity maintains its entire authenticity. Many new maps have been added to Dead Trigger, enhancing the game experience for players.

Overall Evaluation

Like many other zombie shooting games, Dead Trigger offers simple gameplay yet is just as intense and terrifying. The control mechanism, which comes with an automatic aim-and-shoot mode enabled from the start, can be described as the best for a mobile FPS game. When this mode is enabled, players can swiftly switch from long-range weapons like rifles to melee weapons by pressing a button in the middle of the screen.

Aside from the automatic point and shoot mode, Dead Trigger has various play methods, like the appearance of the game screen utilizing a gun sight. Players will take on the role of a gunner in this game mode, defending the zombie plague survivors. The ability to maneuver the bullet to hit the target accurately is a unique feature of this model. When you download the game, it immediately exposes another game mode. The user will use a helicopter to destroy all the zombies in the villages.

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Dead Trigger offers some powerful zombie varieties to spice up the gameplay. These mini-bosses have several distinct and challenging qualities, including:

  • The most powerful Rampage, with a flexible body.
  • Kamikaze with a terrified body who is always carrying an explosives-filled barrel
  • Vomitory will make your friend vomit blood bags.
  • Panzer is a true super zombie who will waste most of the player’s ammunition.

Addition of Characters

Another tactical alteration in Dead Trigger is the addition of characters that supply weapons, ambulance equipment, or supplementary weapons like rifles. However, it is also a fantastic method to keep the Mad Finger players entertained. Players will become discouraged as the difficulty level rises, and many will spend money to speed up the game. You can only purchase improvements for gold (G) units, which are visible until the player has reached a certain level. For those who want to get things done faster, this is the only option to spend real money.


Mad Finger Games has spent the last few years developing a series of zombie-shooting FPS games for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Dead Trigger Mod Apk is the most popular game, with constant praise from experts and undeniable revenue success.

According to us, it’s also the best zombie FPS game on mobile devices. The plot of this free-to-play game is fairly traditional and simple. When a hero becomes lost in the middle of a zombie-infested city, all he has is a wrench and a shotgun. The game has a nice and simple interface, smooth animations, and graphics acceptable for a game with a bit of gore and violence. Over 600 missions for players to complete and work their way through. Dead Trigger Mod Apk is undoubtedly a game not to be missed with these elements.

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