Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover for Android Users (ISO + PSP Emulator)

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DeveloperAKI Corporation
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Def Jam Fight for NY the Takedown

Speaking of handheld gaming, the PSP, SONY’s most successful portable gaming device, should never be overlooked. With the powerful PPSSPP, we can now play some of the best games on the legendary PSP on our Android devices.

Def Jam Fight for NY is a game for fans of old gangster-oriented games, and it is a fantastic game for you to play. With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic game.


The plot is a precursor to Def Jam Vendetta, the preceding episode in the series. You’ll take on the role of a new kid looking to break into the mafia, where you will find yourself caught up in underground confrontations with various opponents from New York’s five boroughs.

You’ll have to master various combat methods before deciding which one is best for you. Learn new skills from your teacher, O.G, and employ them against your foes. However, you rapidly find that the game is more than simply about fighting; it also has hidden secrets. More and more will be revealed as you progress through the game. Enjoy an action-packed thriller filled with friendship, sportsmanship, warrior spirit, betrayal, and corruption.


Here are some of the excellent features in Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover that you might be interested in.

Select From Five Distinct Styles

Before playing this game, I’m sure you had no idea there were many different fighting styles to choose from. In this game, players are introduced to five different fighting styles, each of which requires different abilities and methods.

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This combat style, which focuses on lower-body attacks, is ideal for players who wish to attack their opponents from afar. Fighters who use this style are constantly quick on their feet, as they can quickly avoid attacks from afar and throw swift leg combinations. This is a highly effective fighting approach.

If you can narrow the space between you and the kickboxer, though, there’s a good possibility you’ll be able to deliver deadly attacks on them. But first and foremost, you must ensure that you can evade their devastating kick combos.

Fights on the Street

These street fighters are brilliant in fights because they were born on the streets and have developed their fighting skills in the brutal conflicts amongst individuals. Their kicks aren’t great, but their punches are generally devastating. In addition, you’ll be able to engage in various dirty fighting, including the use of illicit weapons and other tactics.

Mma (Martial Arts)

These fighters are equipped with superior abilities and tactics, making them the most difficult opponents to deal with. They don’t simply fight their opponents; they also dance with them to the beat of the music. It’s difficult for any opponent to land a decisive blow on a martial artist because they can easily block most attacks.

They also have a broad variety of skills. To frustrate their opponents, martial artists can combine numerous fighting systems into their own. While they don’t have powerful attacks that may inflict substantial damage on their opponents, these men have a variety of distractions that confuse their opponents, allowing them to attack via holes.


Wrestlers aren’t known for their rapid, strong strikes; instead, they take a more deliberate but lethal approach to the bout. However, they don’t have a lot of speed. Avoid chasing your opponents around the ring. Instead, analyze the scenario, wait for your opponent to slow down, corner them, and then unleash a lethal wrestling combo. This would inflict massive damage on your opponents and render them helpless on the ground.

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Because it doesn’t focus on a single area, this is possibly the most comprehensive combat style in the game. In truth, most submission fighters have strong upper and lower body assaults that they can employ in various scenarios. They also have good speed and physics, which allows them to endure some damage from their opponents without retreat.

Choose Your Team 

The game contains five of the most dangerous criminal gangs from New York’s five boroughs. You can pick the one that best suits you. Staten Island Crew, Brooklyn Crew, Manhattan Crew, Queens Crew, and The Bronx Crew are mentioned five. Join your crew, fight your way to the top, and expand your crew by recruiting more fighters.

In addition, we have the Dragon House Warriors, a collection of street fighters with only sporadic ties to each other. While you won’t be able to join them at the start of the game, you will be able to battle against the gang members as the game progresses.

The Fights Begin Before You Even Go Into the Ring

Unlike other fights, where players can only attack their opponents once the ref starts the match, participants in Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover can assault their opponents right before their bouts. This includes insulting them before the game, punching them before the officials start, or even using dirty techniques to draw their attention away from the game. 

Combats That Are Filthy and Realistic

And once you’re in the ring, the fight can become even more devious and filthy, as the two of you aren’t afraid to launch all kinds of attacks at one another. This entails a variety of clever maneuvers, such as smearing dirt in his eyes, collecting weapons from the masses or the ground, and many others.

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Play Your Game for Free

You can play the game for free as it is for PSP and you’re playing it with your PPSSPP Gold. On the Internet, you can easily download ISO or CSO game files for your PSP emulator and save them to your hard drive. 

Sound and Video Quality 


The game has incredible 3D visuals that offer you a detailed picture of the underground realm where you’ll meet some of the most dangerous gangsters. Furthermore, the fights are highly exciting due to the realistic physics and exact visual effects.


Players will be completely immersed in the realm of subterranean gang member fights, thanks to the game’s voiced dialogue.

How Can I Install an Iso File on My Android Device

Def Jam Fight for New York is available for download. PSP Emulator for Android with The Takeover ISO file

  • Before installation, turn off your 3G and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Install the PSP emulator now.
  • Don’t open it after the installation is finished.
  • Using Zip Extractor, extract the Def Jam: Fight for NY Data file.
  • After extracting, you should get an ISO file and game saves. Make a folder in Android/Roms/and put this ISO file in it.
  • Now open the PSP emulator, locate the ISO file, and run the game to see more YouTube videos.


Def Jam Fight for New York features detailed gameplay and thrilling fighting mechanics. The Takeover is unquestionably a great title to play on your smartphone.

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