Delivery From the Pain MOD APK 1.0.9904 for Android Users (Paid for free)

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DeveloperDigiPotato Studio
Requires5.0 and Up
Siz308 MB
MOD FeaturesPaid for free
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Players can feel and experience what it’s like to survive in a post-apocalyptic world in Delivery From the Pain. We’ll include multiple storylines throughout the game to keep things interesting.

The game features a lot of random resources, and it’s one of the most valuable components. They can be used to make tools by the players. The home served as a base for exploration and development. When the zombie is heard, the character will go into stealth mode. The player can use traps to catch tiny animals for food in open terrain like a park. You must not miss Delivery From the Pain, an interesting survival game.

General Information

Faith Energy, a cancer medicine research center, abruptly lost contact with the outside world, because the scientists are working on a vaccination. A strange epidemic then turns people into zombies. As an imprisoned survivor, you must complete your escape from this location.

Day R Premium and Live or Die are combined in Delivery From the Pain. When playing the game’s survival system, gamers will quickly notice the similarities between the two games. Find extra ingredients to make goods in addition to food and drink to boost your chances of surviving on this planet. 

There are various types of zombies. To effectively deal with them, you must first identify their flaws. As a result, make an educated conclusion. Killing them for additional resources is preferable to working together to combat the disaster. It all depends on how you approach the game. Plan everything, construct a haven, and create formidable weaponry. However, keep in mind that violence isn’t always the best method to deal with problems. Be adaptable to find the best solutions in each situation.

Overall Evaluations

It’s never easy to stay alive. A person’s life and death are determined by more than just their abilities and experience. It’s not uncommon for them to cross paths on the road. But what if you’re not the only one in this location? How would people you meet on the streets or in a reasonable setting drastically alter your perceptions of the world after a pandemic? Give Delivery From the Pain a shot.

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If you enjoy zombie survival games on your phone, you’ve probably heard of Day R Premium and Live or Die. But if you think Delivery From the Pain is underrated, you’re mistaken. Despite their similarities, they show the world in the zombie apocalypse in quite distinct ways.

You will choose which character to start your survival struggle with at the start of the game. Each character will have their own set of abilities and weaknesses and a unique story, and it will have a direct impact on your gaming experience. Because each story is unique, we will not recommend which character to choose over another. To get the most out of Delivery From the Pain, play it several times and select all characters.

Aside from the fundamental instructions, each character’s story at the start of the game is unique. The game’s main premise revolves around you being alone in the middle of a pandemic-stricken area. You try to communicate with the outside world, but all you get is information about a defined region on the board. Find extra ingredients to make goods in addition to food and drink to boost your chances of surviving on this planet. 

All of this is contingent on the time of day you choose. There are a total of 24 hours in a day, and you can only travel till 6 p.m. during the day. When night falls, you need to do is stay in the shelter and finish what you can or prepare for the next day. Eat, sleep, and sex are the three most basic human requirements. It was, of course, a reward to eat and sleep in this pandemic environment. 

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Without sanity, the human body makes mistakes because its activities lack precision and slowness. This inconvenient situation also forces you to spend a lot of time surviving and completing dozens of everyday tasks. As a result, it’s advisable to offer the character three to six hours of sleep, and it’s alright as long as there’s time for rest and resuscitation. This game’s timetable is similar to Day R Premium and Live or Die. During the day, you will go out on the street to loot, and it’s also only indoors at night. 

They aren’t interested in the goods you pack on you like proper folks on Day R Premium and Live or Die, even though they are all non-playing characters. Every one of them has a unique story to tell. Only when the zombie apocalypse strikes will people take the time to listen and comprehend one another. It pays homage to the game’s characters while also cutting your rescue time in half. 

Final Thoughts

Delivery From the Pain Mod Apk is a zombie survival game created by an Indie developer. You can also try out the PC version, which is currently in development, in addition to the smartphone version. After then, if you want to see all of the game’s content, you’ll have to pay some money. The human side of Delivery From the Pain will be exploited rather than the horror of the undead. 

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