Design Home Mod Apk 1.79.048 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperCrowdstar Inc
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Cash / Diamonds / Keys
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Are you an artist who enjoys creating and remodeling projects? Then Design Home: House Renovation is undoubtedly a must-have for your mobile devices due to its simple and accessible gameplay.

Enjoy the intriguing features while diving into the game’s fantastic and immersive house remodeling and designing adventures. Explore the rewarding gameplay with hassle-free experiences. Most significantly, the game allows you to hone your aesthetic preferences for particular types of design and renovation.

With our comprehensive evaluations, you can learn more about this intriguing mobile game by Crowdstar Inc.


Android gamers will love Design Home: House Renovation’s unique in-game adventures, in which they learn how to become professional house designers and remodelers. Implement your unique ideas, which will aid you in constructing various domestic situations, changing the ambiance, and much more.

Have a blast as you immerse yourself in the thrilling in-game adventures and complete a variety of home decoration, revamping, and remodeling quests to further express your creativity. You also need to maintain the designs by adhering to a specific set of client criteria. Alternatively, select your real estate and attempt to renovate the entire structure before selling it.

Most importantly, Android players will have the opportunity to study home design art with Design Home: House Renovation. Also, join the wonderful community of designers worldwide to play the game.


The following are all of the game’s fantastic features.

With Intuitive Gameplay, You Can Learn the Art of House Design

Those interested in the art of house design and renovation appreciate the user-friendly instructions provided by Design Home: House Renovation, which teaches you how to become a designer or remodeler. Feel free to learn everything there is to know about the business by participating in various exciting missions and tasks. The engaging UI and intuitive touch controls will work effectively throughout your games most significantly.

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As You Finish Objectives, Special Rewards Will Become Available

To get started, Android gamers in Design Home: House Renovation take on their fascinating missions at any time. As you work as an interior decorator, you can earn amazing rewards and talents. Enjoy the missions with varying customer requirements and individually constructed chambers, each with its signature design. 

Level up to Gain Access to ‘My Homes’ Function

Design Home: House Renovation is an easy and innovative game that allows you to collect experiences from certain challenges. Feel free to gather and unlock access to your ‘My Homes’ gaming. Users can fully immerse themselves in the planning and decorating process to showcase their home designs.

H3 – Look Through a Large Selection of Furniture and Décor

Design Home: House Renovation offers a massive collection of different furniture and décor to aid Android gamers in their house decorating trip, which varies between several different designs, themes, and brands. Consequently, you can seek them whenever you require your house design concepts to be transformed into live models. 

The extensive range of interiors makes it much easier for players to put their ideas into action on certain tasks, allowing them to make the most of each décor.

Join the Designer Community on the Internet

Design Home: House Renovation has an online community where you can have fun with various intriguing online designs created by other fantastic players from all around the world. Have fun browsing and be inspired by a plethora of unique design concepts. Simultaneously, you can vote for your favorite designs and earn keys to unlock future challenges. 

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Take Part in Engaging Conversations With Your Facebook Friends

Design Home: House Renovation comes with exciting online interactions that you can enjoy with your Facebook friends to boost your in-game experiences. Feel free to look at each other’s work and vote on it to compliment. Also, whenever you require furnishing goods to complete your new designs, you can share and borrow them from friends. 

Daily Design Challenges Are a Great Way to Unwind

Those interested in participating in the thrilling Design Challenges are always welcome to enjoy the pleasant aura provided by the game. Have a blast diving into the fantastic gameplay and enjoying the unique adventures for long hours. Complete the challenges and receive your prizes to advance further.

It’s Free to Play

Android gamers can play for free, despite the in-game features. You can download the game from the Google Play Store without paying anything.

Have a Good Time Playing Our Customized Version of the Game

A customized version of the game with unlocked content, unlimited in-app purchases, and no adverts is now available for those interested. As a result, Android gamers have an easier time enjoying their in-game experiences. All you have to do is get the Design Home: House Renovation Mod Apk from our website and install it. 

Sound and Video Quality


This game is undoubtedly one of the best for those who want to be house designers, especially for visual quality. Android players enjoy discovering fantastic visual experiences and having fun with the dynamic UI, making you feel like you’re working in a real space. The spectacular lighting, realistic renderings, and immersive landscapes undoubtedly add to the game’s appeal for all gamers, particularly those addicted to the home design and remodeling industries.

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Along with the in-game graphics, Android gamers in Design Home: House Renovation can enjoy the fantastic in-game audio, including unique soundtracks and audible sound effects. 


Fans of the popular design simulation game My Home: Design Dreams and House Designer: Fix & Flip will be pleased to learn that there is yet another terrific design simulation game to play on their mobile devices. Most significantly, the fully unlocked and accessible gameplay will undoubtedly impress you, thanks to our mod.

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