Digimon Links Mod Apk 2.6.0 for Android Users (God Mode/High Damage)

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/High Damage/Weak Enemies
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For those unfamiliar, Digimon Links is a popular mobile game genre that combines virtual pets with turn-based combat developed by Bandai Namco. The game was first released in Japan in 2016 under the name, Digimon Links. This game includes all types of virtual pets from the entire Digimon series, from the past to the present.

Fans see Agumon, Patamon, and other characters they are familiar with. Each Digimon has its own evolving style, with thousands of potential moves and characteristics for players to unleash. The combat mode in Digimon Links is still the same as before. Players construct a squad out of three Digimons and participate in combat. 

Aside from the standard PvP mode, users also participate in The Co-op, which allows them to team up with friends to face other teams. They can create digimonials, which are meticulously designed with forms, colors, and skill to depict the qualities of each species. It helps to create a sense of familiarity, similar to previous Digimon installments from over a decade ago. Lastly, gamers can pre-register for Digimon Links on the game’s homepage. 


The youth, particularly teens, are undoubtedly familiar with Digimon. It has evolved into a succession of various forms of entertainment, including anime, video games, and toys, with its design, reminiscent of Pokémon, a once-famous product.

Many games have been built based on the popular Anime series Digimon, with varying degrees of popularity. Digimon Links, like its predecessors, relies on leveraging the basic gameplay of training animals. On their journey to become the most powerful, players can freely acquire, train, and enhance their army of monsters.

It was originally scheduled to be released in 2015, but was postponed until March 24, 2016, in Japan, and October 3, 2017, internationally. Only three languages are available in this version: English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. The game was welcomed on Google Play, receiving four and a half stars out of over 270 thousand reviews. It was subjected to an extended period of maintenance from March 3, 2018, to March 15, 2018, which sparked widespread dissatisfaction among players. The overall rating on Facebook drops from 3.5 to 2.7 stars as a result.

Background Information

Many Digimons from the company’s popular “Digital Monster” series have appeared in Digimon Links. The series’ true delight is in its growth and development and all the battles can be viewed on smartphones at any time and from any location.

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Digimon Links is, without a doubt, the app that fans have been waiting for. Battle and farming are two important aspects of Digimon Links. These two criteria determine how far the player progresses in the game. The combat begins with a three-on-three conflict among Digimons who use the command format. You must assemble a squad by utilizing Digimon’s unique abilities, and lead them to victory.

You can raise your favorite Digimon on the farm and also construct numerous amenities by creating a Digimon environment that is tailored to your preferences. The farm is where all the players’ activities take place.

Attractive Gameplay

The game is a turn-based RPG, with each team consisting of three Digimons. During bouts against computer Digimon in specific missions, groups of three arrived in waves, with the mission boss arriving in the last wave. You can ask a maximum of two external players for help in different tasks; with their availability, you can use a Digimon from their squad. 

An unknown power has shattered the digital world, and it’s up to us, to put things right and uncover the culprit. It’s a somewhat mundane plot, but it serves its purpose — the obsessive quest for every single Digimon to be discovered. The Colosseum offers plenty of PvP opportunities. It is, however, uneven due to a rather lax structure that allows people with powerful Digimons to tower over those who are not so fortunate. We can choose three Digimons from a roster of six Digimons; players are paired at random with others of the same rank. 

Digimon Evolution 

Piyomon: Of the same order, there are two types of bird systems; one is the flame connection while the other is the changeable ball. 

Waspmon: At the maturity stage, it separates the evolution destination into two patterns, two types of insect systems and two types of mechanical systems, as well as the evolution source’s features.

Rairamon: That’s a highly erotic body line. There are two types of plants that help to strengthen, as well as a female plant. Rairamon has this trait as well, and another evolutionary pattern is being prepared for the traditional evolution destination.

The above-mentioned flora and insects are divided into seven attributes which determine their assault strategies and compatibility settings.

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Boost the Digimons’ Abilities


It’s a system that multiplies the ultimate Digimon with an awakening value of +1. You can reach awakening +4, which practically doubles the status of a Digimon with revival 0 and awakening 4.

You can awaken the mega-level Digimon from +1 to +4 in this game, a practice which is similar to another Bandai Namco game, Dokkan Battle. Typically, Digimons have two skills: a signature and a legacy that is allocated randomly or that you can designate. However, as you progress from +1 to V2, the conditions grow progressively difficult.

Digivolutions, from Intermediate to Advanced, only require plugins, which serve as fuel for evolutions based on various traits, and clusters. However, from the Mega level onwards, they require fragments for each Digimon (starting at 7 pieces for non-awakened Digimon), which are tough to obtain except through special missions that involve a lot of grinding in most situations.


Every time we get a Digimon, we obtain a silver or gold medal for our status. It demonstrates that the state is good since we can inherit medals from our parents when we reincarnate. It evolves into a powerful Digimon by rebirth and attaching different badges.

Succession Technique

You can have one inheritance technique, in addition to the unique technique that all Digimons have. You can utilize it not only at the time of acquisition, but also with other Digimons who possess the inheritance technique.

Leadership Qualities

The attack power (defense, speed, hit rate) of the same attribute and the attack power (protection, speed) of the entire party is roughly increased by the skill that the Digimon set as the team’s leader will affect. Even if you reincarnate, it will keep the same leader skill, and you won’t be able to pass it down to another Digimon using the inheritance method. So, if you receive a Digimon with high leadership abilities, be cautious about where it evolves.

Players’ Interaction

Digimon Links features a group chat feature that helps to build a community within the game. You can converse with your friends or join a group of strangers to expand your contacts. Twitter is far, the most convenient in this scenario. Each participant selects a Digimon to face in the hunt. The first one is difficult for beginners to grasp. As a result, by using this feature, the bar could be lowered. It’s a good feature because it’s just the host that uses stamina, especially when line drops happen frequently.

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There is also a Colosseum where players fight. Apart from that, you can get the fragments of the ultimate body by exchanging the goods you can get with rewards. The first chat function was launched four months after the service, prior to that, the buddy function is the only method to engage with other players in the game. It was just a requirement to reach the target quantity of people.

Social games are similar to home-use games that can be played on a smartphone that has a name. Going back, we believe it is reasonable to assert that there is a good level of interaction between players, given that the multi-functionality and Colosseum enabled players to recognize one another.

Digimon Rearise Is a Good Alternative

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the launch of Digimon ReArise for both Android and popular iOS devices shortly after it was discovered that Pokémon’s counterbalance mobile game was Digimon ReArise.

Gamers who have previously enrolled for the game earn some useful supplementary things, but newcomers need not be concerned; if they play for long hours, they will quickly catch up. The story and content of Digimon ReArise are based on the popular Japanese animated series, Digimon where the player has a bizarre encounter with Pusurimon at the start of the game. After that, you have to face an adversary, known as the Spirals.

Pusurimon is transformed into Herisson to protect the protagonist, and their journey begins from there. You will see how Tamers and Digimon build deep friendship in this game. You can also witness your own Digimon interact, play together at DigiTown, and connect with another Tamer to complete the same objective.

Digimon ReArise comes with a simple gameplay. Players must assemble a team of five Digimon monsters and follow the storyline in Clash Battles with other players. Each Digimon has its own set of activities and requirements, so Tamer must pay attention and follow their instructions in order to strengthen them, including Mega Evolution.


Players must raise their own Digimon and utilize them to combat, overcome obstacles, and fulfil other tasks. The game’s conflict starts off with a small team battle, allowing players to organize themselves.  Digimon Links Mod Apk is a fantastic mobile phone that features unique gameplay, engrossing content, and addictive modes to keep players entertained. The most exquisite Digimon model, along with powerful combat gameplay, provides you with an unrivaled gaming experience. Digimon Links allows you to experience the game’s distinctive excitement.

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