Disassembly 3D MOD APK 2.7.3 for Android Users (Unlocked)

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DeveloperKhor Chin Heong
Requires4.4 and Up
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
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Have you ever felt trapped in your life so much that you want to destroy everything that comes your way? We have a fun way to help you out. Disassembly 3D will is a game in which you can destroy different types of objects with your bare hands. You will be able to unscrew screws, bolts, nuts, and hundreds of other tool parts.

You listened to it long enough to see that Disassembly 3D is appealing, right? Let’s have a look at this new game together!


The Disassembly 3D has been converted to a VR version from the original one. Because of its popularity, this game has been updated and improved regularly. Like the previous versions, this one also includes the same gameplay, stages, and graphics. You can also download it on any device, including PC, Mac, and mobile.

Disassembly 3D is an open-world action game featuring lots of fighting. Players have complete control over the smashing objects and can utilize the game’s tools, such as explosives and sledgehammers, to transform any structure into a pile of rubble. Of course, if you don’t want unforeseen repercussions, you must follow the safety method to avoid the structure collapsing onto you. If this is your favorite, the Disassembly 3D experience is quite enjoyable.

Although players can battle with various weapons, I find myself more delighted while utilizing bombs and sledgehammers because it is different from other games. Not to mention that shooting using the analog stick on the Joy-Con handle is often more difficult, even though the sensitivity may be adjusted through options.


Various Methods of Dismantling Objects

Because of the game’s hard nature and changing sense of action, the missions in Disassembly 3D are appealing. Only a few other missions stand out, requiring the player to calculate how to demolish one or more structures in a short amount of time using the resources available. It can employ a stick of remote trigger dynamite to fall a tower or a rocket launcher to blow up a structure from a safe distance. You must locate the building’s susceptible area in most circumstances before cutting it up. 

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Authentic and Diverse Objects

One of the game’s feature is the variety of buildings and vehicles that you can manage to move swiftly between locations, which helps to decrease the sensation of monotony. There are a lot of missions to complete. Side missions, in specific ways, assist players to focus on the game so they don’t feel overly repetitive, especially if you know the proactive arrangement—alternate tasks to reduce monotony.

Disassembly 3D also contains a slew of other cool features, including:

  • You have the option of unleashing up to 39 things. It doesn’t just apply to conventional furniture; it also applies to homes, electronics, and transportation.
  • When designing objects for this game, the publisher was exceedingly precise and detailed to give the player the most genuine experience possible.
  • Smash everything with great sound effects
  • Alternatively, instead of firing components, you can carefully remove them. Drag and drop to remove them gently.
  • Your objective is to utilize bombs to destroy the things after successfully dismantling them.
  • You will see photographs in 3D from various perspectives using the 3D microscope mode.
  • To release tension, disassemble objects in various ways or blow up messes.
  • Real-time shading and realistic water effects are used to create the objects.


I’m not sure whether to call it a plus or not because the game’s transitions and graphics are still unique but much better than other platforms. It’s partly due to the phone’s low-resolution graphics and poor technology than other systems and partly due to the small screen in handheld mode.

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I noticed some improvements in the graphics, such as shadows and lighting with higher details. The PC version also has the platform’s unique High Performance and High-Quality option, which I’ve only seen on Darksiders War mastered Edition Switch Edition — developer Kaiko’s expertise when it comes to game platform.

Both modes provide a good experience, with High Performance emphasizing steady frame rates and High Quality emphasizing slightly improved graphical quality. In most circumstances, though, I prefer High Performance to High Quality because it provides a more consistent frame rate, especially in the TV docking mode.

In fighting or fire scenarios, I saw a distinct difference. The problem isn’t much different in handheld mode. Even if you choose High Quality, you will barely detect a difference in visual quality due to the screen’s narrow center.

On the other hand, High Performance is immediately evident and fluid in movement. It demonstrates that the developer has a highly optimized mobile experience and is also the most prominent feature of the mobile platform. This is, in my opinion, a significant advantage of this version.

When the entire texture has been updated and looks considerably more detailed, it feels like you’re playing a new game. Shadows, lighting, and effects have all been recreated, resulting in an incredible 4K experience.

Regrettably, the transition movie was not modified to reflect this. Because the detail and image quality of the remastered graphics differed from the original FMV, the developer may have reused it. This is unlikely to appeal to those who want “flawless beauty.”

Last Thoughts

In short, despite its flaws, Disassembly 3D Mod Apk remains a compelling game – particularly for those who enjoy the destructive activity in a virtual setting. The new edition of Disassembly 3D maintains all of the original gameplay principles, making it simple to play.

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This game is a comprehensive experience for individuals who have never played a smashing game before. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will understand the game and be prepared to play it. The Disassembly 3D is great for people looking for a stress-relieving environment.

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