Don’t Get Fired MOD APK 1.0.51 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

Additional Information

GenresRole Playing
DeveloperiCandy Digital
Requires2.3.3 and Up
Size44 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Don’t Get is a survival simulation game in which you have to play as an employee with no money. This free game lets you go through various resignation scenarios, including being fired from a job. Build up your experience and see yourself as a president at work. 

General Information 

In this game, you will go through the hiring and firing process several times. After having a job, you will gain the required experience and shift to a better place afterwards. On the contrary, if you are unable to perform, you will be fired. In other cases, the company might close down by accident, or the boss discovers your part-time work. You have no choice but to face the consequences. 

What Is the Best Way to Play the Game?

The game, in our opinion, is not at all artificial. It’s tough to find a job as a recent graduate once you’ve gone off pursuing your passion. You don’t need to have been fired more than a dozen times. Also, you need to have ample amount of experience to shift from one job to another. 

During this time, you will face more life disappointments, like when your job application is rejected. There are a variety of pets waiting for you, such as the firm closing down, inability to take the job, internship failure, sleeping in the office, eating potato chips, and having energy drinks. A variety of grounds for dismissal could occur in the real world, and they’re all waiting for you to tread on them one by one.

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Fortunately, these failed job search experiences can help you enhance your success rate. It’s not altogether a terrible thing, as long as you remember how to avoid these types of situations when they arise. Although the game is based on real-life corporate culture, it is still artificial. For instance, the company will fire you if you press the exit button to leave work.

As these are animated figures, the game progresses faster, allowing players to compare real life in terms of gameplay and content. Enjoy it for several hours, with having experiences of undergoing employment, earning money and buying gifts and rewards. 

Overall Evaluations

The sound effects contribute to the game’s realism; you can hear keyboard tapping, cars passing by, planes flying by, and objects burning. It gives the game a more realistic appearance. In addition, the game employs certain workplace rhetoric. Something is missing in this game because the entire operation is based on multiple-choice questions. It’s also unnecessary to keep clicking. But if you do not answer in time, you will be referred to the employment fair. This game can also be played online.

The game entails a continuously changing weather system. Development, on the other hand, does not happen without effort. If you look closely, you’ll see everyone’s hairstyles and facial expressions are unique.

Then there’s the game’s randomness system. There is a lot of visual content in the game. However, how to trigger it depends upon the player’s luck. 

Alternatives to Consider

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Final Thoughts

Don’t Get Fired Mod Apk is difficult to define. You might say it’s all about management; everything else is up to chance. You don’t have to be precise; place the order, pick up the work, and complete the task. It is a difficult game to play since the material is a realistic work simulator. Give this game to individuals who are seeking work, grads who are about to find work and friends who are still working. We wish you well in your endeavors.

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