Door Kickers Mod Apk 1.1.24 for Android Users (Increased Experience for Kills)

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DeveloperKillHouse Games
Requires4.0 and Up
Size396 MB
MOD FeaturesIncreased experience for kills
Updated02 Days Ago
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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of a SWAT team that is constantly tasked with dangerous missions? Maybe you’ll notice how great and brave these individuals are while watching a crime movie. Fortunately, a game featuring cops smashing down doors to rescue hostages and complete dangerous missions was released in response to the functioning of the SWAT Team.

KillHouse Games opted to release “Door Kickers,” a 2D side-view game with pixel art and graphics endorsing a ’80s movie. Thanks to its big fan base and positive reaction, the publisher has decided to offer the game on mobile phones in 2020. Door Kickers is an intriguing real-time tactical and strategic game that puts you in command of a SWAT team as a commander.


The tale of Door Kickers isn’t very detailed. You have to command your team and complete various tasks while keeping them alive. You’ll have to rescue captives while keeping an eye out for opponents in various risky situations. To avoid any loss of life, you need to have a plan. Otherwise, when things get out of hand, you will have to make quick decisions.

In this game, you must carefully assess the scenario, organize team routes, select your weapons and equipment, and reach the captive room before the bad guys can pull the trigger. If you’re not used to playing strategic games, don’t worry; detailed instructions will be provided at the start of the game and throughout the initial missions.


Simple and Easy-To-Understand Gameplay

Players will take on the role of SWAT commander, leading their team through a landscape filled with opponents. You’ll have a bird’s eye perspective of the entire map, which will help you navigate the levels when you give orders, like breaching the door or rescuing the hostage. Your team will face dangerous situations, and it will be up to you to lead them to victory.

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The control system can be tough to utilize when you don’t read the instruction carefully. It is recommended that you need to complete the starting missions because they will assist you in becoming familiar with the controls. 

Modes of Play

There are two different game modes in Door Kickers: mission and campaign. 

There are 80 narrative levels and an endless number of levels available through the game’s mission generating mechanism. The mission mode allows you to learn more about the control mechanism at your own pace. You can play downloaded levels created by other players too. The roosters (in-game currency), will be used to acquire the gear. Players can use Mods to download missions, armors, and weapons or even make their own with the tools.

The campaign mode will be activated after your squad reaches level six. Each campaign comprises a series of objectives, like rescue missions and others. If players need a break, they can freely switch between campaigns and objectives. 

Separate Classes

Pointman, Breacher, Assaulter, Shield, and Stealth are the five separate classes with distinct functions. Players can design their armies regarding what weaponry they should carry, and many other aspects. There are different modes in the game: The Deploy Mode makes the player deploy their units when the mission commences. The Planning Mode relates to the positioning of units. 

Before beginning the task, players can sketch a path for each squad member in this mode. After plotting, the squad members will start moving in different directions. When adversaries appear in their line of sight, they will immediately shoot at them.

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Firearms System 

Door Kickers includes a wide range of equipment and weaponry similar to those used by real SWAT units. Real weapons, such as the KSG shotgun or grenades, can be outfitted to save the day, and snake cams can be employed behind doors.

Graphics and Sound

Door Kickers is a very well-made game. Even though players can only see the tops of characters’ heads and portions of their bodies, the graphics run smoothly and looks fantastic. Natural and realistic elements, such as cars and homes in a metro station or a street, are included on the maps.

Door Kickers has a nice rhythm and a calm feel. You can hear certain drums that fit the game’s genre. When you’re on a quest, music plays in the background to help you concentrate on crafting your strategy.

When you stop charting the course in planning mode, your squad members will say phrases like “okay” or “affirmative.” When they see or hear the adversaries, they also answer with sentences like “hostile spotted” or “the cops are here.” These elements can give players the impression that they are playing with real individuals.

Last Thoughts

To summarize, even though Door Kickers is a strategic game that needs players to plan out their motions, it is a game that anyone can play and enjoy. You can play it with your family or friends using various modes and tasks. Door Kickers is unquestionably a worthwhile game to play. So, download it and enjoy.

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