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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperNetEase Games
Requires5.1 and Up
Size02 GB
MOD FeaturesFree Every Thing
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Fans of interstellar spaceship combat should brace themselves, for EVE Online which has been resurrected and released on the Android platform as Echoes. EVE: Echoes, the best spaceship shooter game for your mobile devices. 

With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic game.


The Amarr Empire, the Caldari State, the Gallente Federation, the Jovian Directorate, and the Minmatar Republic are the galactic groups that players will find in this game. It’s up to you to pick between these groups and fight for the universe’s dominance. You’ll navigate your spaceship across the vast universe, completing hundreds of tasks and challenges while destroying the adversaries’ fleets and increasing your reputation. Finally, the game has an online option in which players can join each other’s confederations and fight against one another. 


The following are some of the game’s most noteworthy features.

Explore the Vastness of the Universe

Players will be able to travel across the grandiose universe of EVE: Echoes. Explore over 7500 different star systems, each with several planets to visit; perhaps you’ll come across new civilizations as you travel through space. Furthermore, the stargates connect the majority of the stars in the systems. You can use these stargates to reach your target locations as rapidly as possible. Furthermore, as you journey through space, you will encounter space stations, wormholes that lead to various locations throughout the cosmos, asteroids, etc.

Take Part in a Variety of Space Activities

You’ll be able to engage in various space occupations and pastimes while playing EVE: Echoes. This includes space mining, manufacturing, space adventure, planet-to-planet trading, and, of course, epic space battles in which you’ll be able to pilot your starship against other players.

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Various Factions to Follow

In this game, players will have the opportunity to join one of five major factions that control most of the universe’s regions. Choose wisely, for you’ll be a member of your faction until you die.

Empire of Amarr

This is the most powerful group in the whole EVE universe, controlling over 40% of all colonized solar systems. The Ammarians are intensely religious, believing that they sprung from the gods and consider themselves superior to other races. The Amarrians have conquered several regions across EVE, resulting in their vast domains. They’ve also made a lot of opponents who are constantly plotting to destabilize your empire’s supremacy.


Caldarians are individuals who believe in only two things: patriotism and capitalism. These people are recognized for their tenacity and determination. Caldarians have learned to overcome obstacles and maintain a positive attitude due to their planets’ hardships. 

Federation of Gallente

Despite the hostile attitudes of other races, the Gallente Federation’s inhabitants are famed for their incredible technological advances. This civilization’s visage, however, is not complete. These citizens are among the happiest globally, yet they have the highest population of poor people. This is the result of excessive capitalism, which sees the wealthy acquire control of the government and all the money.

Empire of Jove

The Jove people are respected for their advanced technology, as they are the most intelligent race in the cosmos. They have a powerful navy with some of the most advanced technology. The Joves are continually on the lookout for new information. They do, however, use their sophisticated technology to infiltrate the facilities of other races. The Joves are one of the most feared races in the cosmos, not because of their military advancements, but because of their strange experimentation with other races.

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The Minmatar, although being the youngest of the five empires, are revered for their determination and independence. They’re the only faction that still has any tribal government in place. Other minor factions and groups exist throughout the world and the five main factions.

Choose Your Divisions and Missions to Complete

Players will operate as agents in the game. You can choose from a variety of roles and training programs. You can choose the best career for you based on your preferences. In addition, when you choose your divisions, you’ll be assigned tasks that are more suited to your abilities.

Make Your Characters Come Alive

Gamers will collect experiences by completing objectives and challenges, which will allow them to level up and earn skill points. You can improve several qualities that are advantageous, depending on your divisions:

Charisma: As this trait progresses, your character will become more appealing to others. Furthermore, having high charm will increase your chances of dealing with other agents and organizations. This is vital if you want to finish your objectives flawlessly.

Intelligence: This skill can be precious in various situations, depending on your division. When conducting research, preparing methods, and so on, you can use it and reach epic feats.

Memory: This skill allows players to access all of the brain’s parts quickly. It allows for precise and quick thinking.

Perception: Although this skill may appear abstract to most players, it becomes increasingly vital as the game progresses. Your character will be able to react quickly to various scenarios or experience situational awareness based on the circumstances.

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Take Part in a Variety of Space Activities

Players will have the opportunity to participate in various space activities and explore a wide range of inventories. The implants and boosters can be used to make your character more strong but less human-like. Build magnificent structures and ships for your faction using the epic blueprint. Produce and study new weaponry that you can employ to fight cosmic battles.

It’s Free to Play

The game is currently available for free all over the world. You can download and install it on your Android devices to taste what it’s like to cruise through space.

Sound and Video Quality


Gamers will feel completely immersed in the extraterrestrial environment, thanks to the outstanding 3D graphics. Throughout EVE, you’ll come across various types of individuals with a wide range of visual characteristics. 


The game’s epic sound effects and powerful soundtrack will keep you hooked when you switch on your phone. As soon as you push the start button, you can hear the engine growl.

Download Eve Echoes 1.9.23 Android Apk

Even if you aren’t a fan of the EVE series, EVE: Echoes is a fantastic game that you should play. Choose your group, build your character, rise to the top, and compete against other online gamers from across the world. Download the game now and enjoy.