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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a fighting game with extreme 3D visuals released in 2018 by Bandai Namco, with the United States being the first market to play it. In the same year, the firm announced that Dragon Ball Legends would be available on Android and iOS app stores worldwide.

They announced the success of Dragon Ball Legends through a pre-launch campaign in March 2018, breaking Bandai Namco’s full-time subscription record with over 4.5 million subscribers. Pre-registered players receive Goku, Frieza, a rare unknown character, and Chrono Crystals as prizes. 

In addition to Goku, Dragon Ball Legends now includes the all-new trio of Shallot, Zahha, and a mysterious stranger. While the game is free to download and play, you will need to use a credit card to purchase stuff to help your character level up.

Background Information

Dragon Ball Legends Hack Apk has a storyline based on the original version. The adventures of Goku and his pals are all familiar to us. The youngster has faced many difficult challenges on his journey whereas Goku and his allies have triumphed over adversity and saved the world many times.

Your childhood memories will be fiercely dug out with Dragon Ball Legends. Legendary characters such as Son Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and other supporting characters will also be introduced, and each of them employs a unique strategy. When defending, you must pay attention to the actors’ power and lives.

In particular, a strange individual can be seen in the trailer. It could have been a Saiyan with a distinctive hairdo and armor. Yamoshi, the first Saiyan, is the national hero of this great nation. However, there has been no confirmation from Banco on this figure until now.


Achieve Lockable Characters

To unlock lockable characters, you must first complete the following tasks.

It will be uninteresting if we do not see new characters with unique powers, whether in comics, animation, or video games. They are constantly present in plot twists, and Dragon Ball Legends is no exception, as it offers players an ever-expanding roster of characters to train with and fight.

Regulated trading will not, sadly, provide you with the figures you seek. To get the prize for the character you want, you may require a lot of luck or even accomplish many tasks.

Summon System

This is one of the best methods for obtaining new characters. It necessitates the usage of Chrono Crystals, a high-end currency in Dragon Ball Legends, to obtain any of the game’s coveted characters.

Although you can disregard existing characters, they will come in handy when upgrading existing characters to Z Power. Completing plot events will also allow you to unlock additional characters.

When you finish the initial mission or complete the event quest, these time-limited tasks usually grant a small amount of Z Power to a specific figure related to the event. These assignments are usually straightforward, such as battling ten times with a specific character. So, make sure to check your daily missions frequently and strive to achieve as many powerful figures as possible.

Functioning of Characters 

Most characters engage in combat or train to improve their strength in the real manga. In Dragon Ball Legends, there are various ways to increase the power of your chosen characters. 

Exp Story

The simplest approach to boost your power level is to earn storey EXP. When each animated character in your squad completes a storey stage or event, they will earn experience points (EXP). 

Experiential Learning

You can utilize training weights to increase the amount of EXP you gain in addition to Story EXP. A time limit option is also available, but it is yet to be implemented.

Indicate that characters in training are still able to participate in combat. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about losing your warriors in the middle of a game.

Breaks in the Rules

Limit Breaks can be used to increase a character’s total power by obtaining Z Power via Summons or plot prizes.

Boost Your Mood

You can also upgrade your figures on the Soul Boost board by unlocking new Boost Panels. Users can unlock new Boost Panels featuring Zeni and Soul by completing chapters in the tale. Rare medals (earned via quests and finishing the full storey challenge) can be exchanged for Soul in the Exchange Shop.


In terms of gameplay, Dragon Ball Legends Hack APK features a 1 vs. 1 format with real-time combat and the ability to choose from various battle cards. The cards depict the characters’ abilities.

Each card contains special attacks as well as a variety of dragon balls. To activate the character’s best hegemony with substantial effects, you must acquire seven dragon balls.

Each player will fight in a team of three characters from the Dragon Ball universe on the playground. Using on-screen cards, you can use the battle system with melee or ranged techniques, and players can also use a series of cards to perform powerful combination attacks. The one who defeats all three warriors on the opposing squad is declared the winner.

The game’s control system is rather straightforward, and it is ideal with mobile devices or tablets. It’s easy to fall into the habit of influencing your opponents, but being a master is a different matter. Offline and PVP are the two most popular modes in Dragon Ball Legends.

Unlike other games, Dragon Ball Legends uses a card system to acquire skills, allowing you to combine many abilities. And don’t worry, collecting all the tricks won’t be too difficult for you.

Effects and Graphics

Bandai Namco is a game developer known for its high-quality visuals in various genres. The graphics in Dragon Ball Legends are also the most important aspect of the game. It feels like you’re watching a cartoon movie when you play this game. The characters are realistic, and the movements are quite smooth, just like the original version.

Everything about the audio is well-thought-out. The dialogue between the characters is understandable, and the way the characters are voiced is also tailored to the circumstances. Legendary expressions are not dissimilar to those seen in anime or manga.

Final Thoughts

If you believe Dragon Ball Fighter Z or Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the only game in this popular manga series worth playing, you’re mistaken. Because Dragon Ball fans have long adored the franchise, Bandai Namco has always intended to make as many Dragon Ball versions as possible.

Bandai Namco’s latest release, Dragon Ball Legends, is a 1 vs. 1 online fighting game that is both dramatic and appealing in real-time. Cards substitute the characters’ talents, allowing you to create a variety of unique and powerful combos to practice and enjoy with others.

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