Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk 6.6.1a for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Dragon Mania Legends is a unique simulation game where players grow, breed, and train adorable young dragons to become powerful fighters. In this game, you’ll fight in heroic battles, raise dragons into warriors to reclaim and extend Dragolandia’s mystical realm.

Your goal is to master the growth and training of the dragons to prepare them for legendary battles. Construct dragon islands and defeat the terrible Vikings. Players will accept the role of the Dragon Lord, commanding an entire land of over 100 new and tough dragons.

When you first start the game, a lovely Arya girl will teach how to play the game. You’ll start with two dragons and two habitats. You must also save Dr. Hog Win Hogvanhog, a well-known dragon expert, who can help you in breeding and training dragons. You will have to rebuild the Dragon Academy with the help of Dr. Hog win Hogvanhog to teach the dragon new spells.

General Information

On Mobile and Windows 8, Dragon Mania Legends is one of the most famous dragon breeding simulation games. Players will care for and breed young dragons to train them to be great warriors. You can also create new dragons through breeding. What could be more fascinating than incubating little eggs and seeing them hatch into fancy and adorable little dragons? However, to breed new dragons, the player must devote time and effort to research.

The most crucial objective is to create a massive dragon kingdom with new and attractive dragon varieties. Unleash Dragon Fury while training dragons, and visit Dragolandia, to create a living environment with extraordinary inhabitants. You can experience dragon breeding with the Mod Apk version by feeding, petting, and training them daily. Demonstrate your baby dragons special skills, travel across a wonderful world with over 100 exciting locales, and compete against multiple opponents for unique prizes.

Dragon Mania Legends: How to Play

Connect to Facebook to receive one Prairie Dragon. You need not purchase the VIP version, but you will need to buy Fury. Fury is a unique skill bar that appears only when Perfect Hit is active in the contest. We will receive this item for a single time at the start of the game. It deals the equivalent amount of damage as the entire squad. You can earn gems by completing specific objectives. When the gem is depleted, purchase 20 days of VIP right away. Then you’ll be able to breed three different types of Dragons.

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The gold-plowing procedure is as follows. Build a fire habitat in the beginning, when the gold is low and work your way up via the water and void habitats. Choosing dragons with void, energy, and metal is the most effective approach to breed them.

Making friends is the most efficient method to plough gold. You can navigate to the Group’s members list and add all your friends. With more than 2000 friends, any operating system will reward you with 100 Portal Gems per day. There are a lot of Portal Gems, so keep hitting the map until you get three stars.


A Multi-Mission System

The game will have a large number of quests for players to complete. After completing the given missions, you will earn experience points after renovating the island and harvesting food or winning combat. The Quest symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen allows players to access their tasks. Dragon Mania Legends’ quest system includes different activities, such as growing dragons, feeding them, housing them, and preparing them to combat Viking dragons. After finishing each assignment, you will be rewarded with gold, gems, or dragon food.

Fights Between Dragons

Once your dragons have grown large enough, you can let them participate in battles. Dragons in each combat will represent both sides. Each party sends up to three dragons to battle; you can start a match by selecting a quest from the quest bar or by heading to the battle area of the islands where the nodes are located.

After you’ve used up all of your energy, you will have to wait for this energy tube to fill up. An energy unit will fill up every 15 minutes. You can invest the money to buy accessories that can speed up the energy infusion process. Apart from that, the dragons represent nature’s elements of fire, water, wind, and earth. You will also gain many experience points if you beat the boss dragons.

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During combat, when your dragon is attacking, an element symbol that your dragon holds will be displayed. All you have to do is hold it and drag it to the opponent’s dragon’s side. Dragon Mania Legends is a fun, easy-to-learn management game for young gamers. Download it and enjoy it for hours on end.

Instructions for Playing in Detail

During the game, Dragon Mania Legends will give different instructions so that players can quickly become familiar with the operations. A cast of NPCs will be there to assist you in completing various missions, such as raising dragons, developing an empire, and fighting Viking dragons. By pressing the mission button in the lower-left corner of the game screen, you can keep track of the game regularly. A list of jobs will surface and additional missions will be marked with exclamation marks.

Raising Dragons, feeding them, creating residences for them, and training them to fight against Viking swarms are all part of the Dragon Mania Legends task structure. After finishing each assignment, you will be rewarded with gold, gems, or dragon food.

Overall Evaluations

Intriguing Gameplay

Dragon Mania Legends moves at a reasonably moderate and relaxing pace. Gold and diamonds are the two main currencies in the game. There are several ways for you to amass a large sum of money, like completing specific assignment, stroking your dragons, or purchasing with real money.

In Dragon Mania Legends, the player’s primary goal is to use the dragon army to battle other tribes and compete in the rankings against other players. You can utilize the items to construct the city by breeding and nurturing eggs to generate legendary dragons. Additionally, you can grow plants and care for dragons to assist your army. It’s also critical to upgrade and expand your city’s territory.

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Sound Effects and Graphic Design

Dragon Mania Legends features adorable dragon graphics. Many islands are included in the game, each with its weather, such as spring, tropical rain, foggy land, snow, and desert. Each land has a variety of colors, which contribute to the intrinsic harmony of heaven and earth. The battling sequences also make the dragons stand out in their respective charismas. It reflects their personalities through spectacular movements.

The sound effects in Dragon Mania Legends is a combination of whispering waves, birds singing, and flute noises. The sound of wings flapping and roaring represents the diversity of each activity in the game. The background music has a storybook quality, which gives us a unique sense.

Dragon Battles in the Virtual World

Dragons in each combat will represent both sides. Each party sends up to three dragons to battle, and you get to pick any dragon you want. You can engage a match by selecting a mission from the quest bar or moving to the battle area on the islands.

You can use different buttons to begin fighting opponents. After winning a match, the player receives one to three stars, which signifies the match’s completion level. If you’re still depressed, you can play again for the maximum number of stars.


Dragon Mania Legends is a simulation game about dragons and their fighting abilities. It goes hand in hand with the ability to raise a powerful army, fight in bloody wars, and kill wicked beasts. Perform tasks for your legendary dragons and amass a large amount of gold and other stuff to upgrade the city.

You can download Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk and enjoy its endless features. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play it with your friends.

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