Dragon Slayer Mod Apk 1.1.2 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Dragon Slayer falls under the category of stunning fighting games that involve magic. The player has to fight and obtain a series of deadly dragon epic maps. You’ll be treated to dynamic sound effects and spectacular narratives. The game also provide gamers with incredible encounters throughout the intriguing dragon chase. It boasts a one-of-a-kind design and thrilling gameplay. Dragon Slayer will immerse players in a world where dragons, one of the game’s most powerful animals, exist. The protagonists will have to defeat the animals to gain enticing rewards.

General Information 

Following the popularity of Eden Eternal and, most recently, Aura Kingdom, Taiwanese NSX – X-Legend has announced five new projects for 2014. He stated that the firm would continue to follow the pure game-manga aesthetic of the company’s first project, Dragon Slayer. The PvE feature is the focus of this product. In their quest with a companion dubbed “Pupuri,” players can choose from dozens of weapons. Pupuri, like the pet in the MMORPG series, can collect items, set traps, attack, and perform a variety of other support functions.

Monster Hunter Online and Dragon Slayer have a lot in common. To begin with, the monsters in the game are enormous, and they must be defeated by climbing on their heads or backs and launching lethal strikes before being pushed down. Secondly, the reward for each monster hunt is the NPC’s fragments, skin, and bones, which can be used in Monster Hunter-style weaponry.

With only three colorful posters, the remaining three mobile game offerings are more obscure than X-Legend. Even though the framework of this five-game series is still unknown, world players are delighted and have great expectations for the game.


Important Tasks

Last summer, X-Legend Entertainment, the publisher, launched the Alpha Test for Dragon Slayer, a new online game. Regarding PvE components, Dragon Slayer’s gameplay is similar to Capcom Monster Hunter’s famed offline game series. The core activity in the game is exploring undiscovered places, defeating monsters for experience, gold coins, and, notably, materials for crafting stuff. Players will move to specific spots to kill monsters by accepting tasks from NPCs placed across the city. Quests are accepted by various NPCs and allocated according to their time. Players will receive different quests depending on the timeframe they are in. 

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Character Controls

Dragon Slayer’s fighting style is based on pure non-target action. The Dragon Slayer action genre’s cute chibi-style character design reminds gamers of the famous Dragon Nest. However, it has enhanced this game by adding new features and graphics. Besides firing hotkey skills, the character can also navigate the environment by evading and jumping. These movements add to the thrill and excitement of Dragon Slayer’s gameplay.

Players will get skill and potential points as they level up. Gamers can, for example, reset their scoreboard at any moment to enhance strength indicators such as Str, HP, Def, and Crit.


Players’ Opinions

The entire game resembles a dragon-themed variant of the Glory of Blood. Convert the previous combatants into numerous dragons. However, some gaming businesses cannot purchase 3D assets due to financial constraints. This game’s 3D effect picture card is ideal for you, and it could be a benefit. The gamer has no intention of complaining, but has echoed the sentiments of many groups. 

Sound and Special Effects

This game has a virtual operation, and there aren’t as many buttons for the user to press. It’s simply a matter of observing the dragon’s behavior and taking appropriate countermeasures. Continuous attacks can be completed by quickly swiping the screen whenever a player or friend makes an effective dodgy action. After the combat, Yoxi will award several levels of incentives to the players. They rely primarily on rubies and battle potions to function. 


Dragon Slayer is a fun and fast-paced mobile game. The game’s style is straightforward and unpretentious. There are numerous stages in the game, each with unique qualities that will never bore or exhaust the player. The game’s complexity will increase as the level progresses, and this challenge will motivate players to push themselves farther; don’t give up easily. In the game, there are a variety of fascinating props that can assist players in overcoming danger and completing stages when they are in a pinch.

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Overall Assessment

Game Standards

Dragon Slayer received great comments from the gamers during the latest Alpha Test. The game offers stunning graphics and exciting gameplay, but there are only a few characters to choose from. As a result, in addition to the four classes of Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, and Ranger, X-Legend will introduce a fifth class named Samurai in the future version. The unidentified figure is well-detailed and with a distinct set of abilities. He will be outfitted with Tachi and Dual Halberd weapons – only for the Samurai class – when he reaches level 30. Both weapons can inflict AOE damage as well as massive amounts of bloodshed.

X-Legend has put together a team of renowned voice actors who have worked on projects like Naruto, Ika Musume, Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, and No No Life. They voice NPCs from there, in addition to entertaining audio cut-outs, to assist gamers in grasping the plot faster rather than reading the small text on the screen. Hunter Hero will be the name of this upgrade, which will be combined with Japanese servers to bring the Dragon Slayer Closed Beta phase closer to foreign gamers.

System of Operation

This game employs a virtual button control scheme. Players and friends do not require any troublesome operations; they merely need to watch the dragon’s reaction to take appropriate action. During the game, there is also a “continuous attack” judgment. Continuous attacks can be completed by quickly swiping the screen whenever a player or friend makes an effective evasion action.

Following each combat, the game will give various awards, based on the player’s performance at random. The most common rewards are experience points and silver coins, but you can also obtain rubies and battle potions if you’re lucky. 

Designs and Graphics

This game’s outstanding graphic quality is one of its main features. The ferocity of his expressions and the size of his body are remarkable. The little dragon scales on the large wings of the dragon undulate with every movement. The gaming community is quite large. The landscape is more layered due to the snow-capped mountains and drifting clouds in the sky, and the visual impact is great. 

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The sound effects are also more realistic, as the dragon’s roar causes individuals to change their voices and feels highly intense. The flaws, on the other hand, are obvious. Too many repetitive and mechanical sound effects during a long game will dull participants and impair their sense of presence.


The game doesn’t have a lot of substance, but the elements are colorful. There are two “protection shield” and “raid” options in the game. The protective shield can withstand the dragon’s various attack methods, but only for a limited amount of time. The raid might push gamers and companions to activate continuous assault mode to deal massive damage to the Dragon cause.

Grimvalor Is an Alternative 

If you enjoy action role-playing games, you’ll notice that Grim Valor’s universe shares many parallels with the legendary classics. Dark Souls’ design style, Diablo 2’s atmosphere, and platform gameplay are reminiscent of Castlevania. GrimValor, on the other hand, has its own set of qualities that combine to form a unique gloomy universe.

GrimValor is a fantastic action role-playing game that’s perfect for mobile. This is a game worth playing, especially if you enjoy action-adventure games. Direlight, a Finnish developer, charges $6.99 for the game on iOS. You can download and play the first chapter for Android users before deciding whether to purchase the rest of the portions. GrimValor is a game that is well worth your money.


Dragon Slayer Mod Apk is a 3D online fighting game that belongs to the MMORPG genre. The game has an excellent graphical platform and combines new gameplay material with a lovely Q-style, Japanese anime aesthetic. Dragon Slayer is a classic action-adventure game for mobile devices. In the game, players must slide as many screens as possible to slay the dragon, but be cautious not to hurt the princess who comes during play from time to time. Various magical equipment will be available in combat to aid you in fighting more effectively.

People can enlist dragons or monsters as pets in the game. The game is now available in Taiwan, with an English version available for foreign players.

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