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Dragons World Mod Apk

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For Android and iOS devices, Dragons World is a great game in which you will act as a boss, responsible for caring and teaching dragons. Dragons World is a lovely and wonderful place with hundreds of different dragons representing all of the elements: water, fire, earth and ice. 

The player’s objective is to raise dragons using the above systems, farm for food, or complete the game’s chores to gain additional gold. When you reach a certain level, you must combine basic dragon breeds to create new ones with greater qualities and power. When you have dragons in your possession, swiftly train them and enter the flaming arenas to win prizes. During the game, you have hundreds of different dragons to choose from.

General Information

Dragons Planet is an ancient world filled with diverse fauna, adventures, flying islands, and magic. In Dragons World, your goal is to acquire different dragons and breed them into new breeds, compete in tournaments against other users, and prove yourself to be the best dragon trainer in the virtual world.

Dragons World portrays a colorful dragon world through breathtaking graphics, realistic 3D movements, and unlimited freedom. You can gather over 300 different dragon species, each with unique skills and habitats. During the game, you’ll have to nurture and care for them, as well as check their progress daily. You must make their armor and employ magic amulets, enter tournaments with dragons, and win the game.

Many gamers find dragons to be an appealing subject. You must be the most skilled dragon trainer to compete against many other players. The elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Magic are represented by different systems in each dragon species. 

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What Is the Best Way to Play Dragons World?

This section explains the fundamentals of raising a dragon flock, including establishing a home, hatching dragon eggs, nurturing, breeding, and increasing their experience levels. After finishing the game’s tutorial, players are free to choose and determine which actions to take.

The map mentioned above alternates between the two main screens of Dragons World’s free adventure game. The player’s base is a floating island on the first screen, and it was here where dragons were born and nurtured. A map screen depicts the entire empire on that island and the dragon arena (Dragon League), where a violent battle will occur.

The adventure game Dragons World started with simply two of the most basic dragons. By breeding or purchasing dragons in the game’s store, players can acquire various dragon species. By training and breeding, the user can expand the number of dragons.

All of the preceding necessitate the usage of gold or jade. After a set length of time, dragons can create these. Completing quests, winning magnificent matches, and various other activities are all ways for players to gain gold or gems. All of the questions have a range of objectives that must be met. Players will be tasked with rearing dragons, constructing habitats, and extracting food. It gives incentives based on performance in the new Dragons World adventure game. When players reach a specific level in the game, they will receive many gold and diamonds.

The battles in the dragon arena (Dragon League) will be turn-based conflicts, and players will select three dragons to fight with other teams. Dragons can employ normal attacks (claw their claws at opponents) or element-based special skills (spit fire at the enemy). After each attack, the dragon has to rest for one to two turns to replenish its power. Each dragon species has a varied recovery rate depending on the element possessed. It allows users to open the reference panel on the dragon arena screen to learn about attacks.

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Alternatives to Consider

Bulu Monster Lives in the Jungle

Monsters dominate the latest Sigma Games games and Bulu Monster is no different. The game transforms the player into a monster trainer on Bulu Island, a mystical island. A fun monster training game has been made by combining simulation with adventure role-playing. Bulu Monster allows you to find, collect, fight, and train over 250 monsters. You can connect with your online friends and form teams, or compete against one another.

In terms of graphics, the game’s characters are hand-drawn in the style of Japanese anime. The storyline improves and an appealing online PvP feature allows players to show off their monster collection. You’ll pit them against each other to see who is the most powerful.

City of Dragons

Come to Dragon City if you enjoy raising pets and are fascinated by dragons. On a magnificent floating island in the skies, players begin the task of hatching dragon eggs, nurturing them, and eventually becoming an actual dragon trainer. The game’s gorgeous design, which includes a dragon hybrid element promises a lot of fun and excitement.

Earth, Fire, Water, Leaf, Electricity, Ice, Metal, Wind, Darkness, Light, Magic, Legend, Pure, Warrior, and Ancient are the 15 elements that differentiate the dragon species. Earth will be etched with electricity and darkness, fire will be engraved with leaves and ice, water will be engraved with fire and warrior, and leaf will be engraved with water and light. 


Dragons World, a traditional adventure game immerses players in a mythical world populated by numerous dragons, capable of fierce combat. Different attractive characteristics in the fantasy universe allow dragons to soar freely with its scintillating 3D graphics. Players will attempt to overcome obstacles, design appropriate plans, choose training and combat teams, and manage dragons.

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Dragons World is comparable to Dragon Mania Legends in many ways; however, dragon breeding is more enjoyable. Over 300 different dragon species to discover in this game, each with unique attributes.

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