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In 2014, the audience was exposed to “European War 4: Napoleon,” a game set during the Napoleonic era. The game is set in the 18th and 19th centuries, with Europe, America, and Mediterranean Africa on the map. It is a turn-based strategic warfare game, where each player will take a turn to make a move to ensure a step closer to victory. 


“European War 4: Napoleon” allows us to travel to America and Europe and learn about the conflicts. Players can command and lead armies from any country they choose, including France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and each side has its warriors and special units. The game is rather simple to comprehend. Each player will take a turn at the controls, and all they have to do is push the soldiers to a desired place. 


Simple Gameplay 

There are six campaigns in total, two of which are unlocked right away. Players can play as French or the alliance fighting against France. Furthermore, each campaign takes place in a different part of the world so that players do not feel like they are playing the same game repeatedly.

During combat, players take turns making moves to gain the maximum benefits from the battle. When the players’ turn is through, they’ll hit a button to advance to the next round. They will be responsible for managing and maintaining their economy and it’s military. To combat the enemies, players can construct towns, seaports, armories, and various other structures. Because there are so many buildings, players must devise strategic methods to secure and preserve them in their entirety.

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Players can produce food, money, and machine parts by capturing land and cities. Farmland and farm-related items will provide you with food used by military troops, as well as money and components, which can be used to purchase and improve units, towns, and fortifications. Collect resources to keep your economy afloat, allowing you to construct a powerful army and fight off your opponents.

Generals and Units

Artillery, cavalry, and infantry are the three sorts of units generated in cities. The artillery unit can assault from afar and is effective on offense but ineffective on defense. The cavalry is in the center and can move two spaces, and infantry is cheap and effective in defense.

The better units you can develop, the more advanced your cities are. Furthermore, you can invest gold in obtaining troops (life) for your units if you want them to be steady and well-built. There’s more to understand about the battle system: units can freely move and then attack, but they can’t move once they’ve finished attacking (besides the involvement of some certain generals).

Another important feature is that generals can be equipped to units, providing battle boosts and smaller advantages to nearby units. There are almost 200 historical generals from the period, each with unique skills and contributions. Generals are an important component of the battle, and without their leadership, the units will fall apart. Keep your generals safe when they are low on energy.

Getting Into Fights

Because the game does not occur in real-time, participants must organize their strategy ahead of time. Players can flank opposing divisions and defend their own during the game. Attacking a division from two sides is known as flanking. The division’s morale will suffer as a result, and the enemy will expend more energy in the following attack. The players will win if their troops are on two sides of their hexes, covering four or more of the six spaces around them, and vice versa.

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Campaign Mode and Conquest Mode

In conquest mode, you can select any country from the game, defeat all your opponents, and seize control of the entire geographical location. You can choose from a variety of battle scenarios and historical periods. You can save your progress and return in Campaign Mode. You can govern Europe or challenge Asia if you win conquest mode in 65 rounds. Players can choose among Austrian, British, French, Russian, or Ottoman princesses. When you decide to tackle Asia, you will be greeted by Chinese and Japanese princesses.

Unlimited Money Feature

Many gamers have advised their friends to save as much money as possible to purchase useful goods that would help them win the battles. Players are given unlimited money in European War 4: Napoleon Mod Apk, allowing them to buy everything they want without hesitation.

Sound & Graphics


“European War 4: Napoleon” is developed in the style of a strategic game that we’ve seen before. The colors and backgrounds aren’t particularly striking, but they draw the players’ attention.


Gamers can enjoy the heroic soundtracks while playing, which include sound effects such as horses running, generals moving and destroying foes, cannons firing, and so on.


You can scarcely find the exciting sections of “European War 4: Napoleon” without a comprehensive look into the game. This game title will keep your attention for a long time if you enjoy strategic games. “European War 4: Napoleon” is a highly addictive game that is well worth your time.

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