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MDickie games, particularly Back Wars and a few others, have never failed to surprise us with their bizarre settings and humorous fighting styles. Now that Extra Lives is available for Android smartphones, mobile gamers will have the opportunity to delve into more exciting and humorous adventures with their favorite characters. This time, the game will transport you to a zombie-infested environment.

As you join your fellow zombie survivors in their quests to battle the undead and rescue the Earth, enjoy the exciting in-game events. Dive into the addictive and exciting combat, along with amusing adventures and unique gameplay. As you immerse yourself in the exciting brawls, unleash your epic moves. Take out zombies in whichever manner you can think of.

You can learn more with our in-depth evaluations about the game.


Extra Lives, which offers a variety of fascinating in-game features, is now available for those who are interested in the exciting gameplay of mobile action. As you engage on your ultimate mission to survive on a shattered planet and combat the zombies, have fun with the intriguing in-game stories. As you join different factions in their quests for triumph, you’ll be able to unlock amazing adventures. 

Extra Lives has a variety of fascinating in-game activities as well as dozens of distinct in-game locations for you to explore at your leisure. You’ll be able to interact with hundreds of different in-game objects and enjoy the thrilling excursions. Extra Lives will stand out most significantly from other games because of its entertaining combats and unique fighting animations and mechanics. As a result, you’ll be able to appreciate the action-packed gameplay fully.

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The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

Mdickie Touch Controls Are Simple

You can enjoy the essential gameplay of fighting and zombie survival adventures. Use your virtual analog to freely travel around the sandbox map, then use the available colored buttons to complete numerous combos and offensive maneuvers. Have fun with different strategies to defeat your foes.

Customize Your Characters 

You can also build and personalize your in-game characters to make the overall experience more enjoyable. Feel free to customize your profile using a variety of options. Change your outfits and accessories, making the game more enjoyable and thrilling overall. Most significantly, with over a hundred unique personalization options, you should find Extra Lives in-game experiences to be a lot more enjoyable and thrilling.

Extra Lives will also introduce Android gamers to engaging narratives throughout their in-game adventures, which will effectively portray the wonderful stories of zombies or finding solutions to survive. The entire tale is incredibly fascinating and immersive. 

Join One of the Warring Factions and Fight the Other

Android gamers find themselves enjoying the game with eight separate warring factions, each with their unique features and at war with one another. You can choose between groups and join them in their ultimate journeys to combat the zombies.

There Are a Lot of Characters to Engage With 

Extra Lives also includes multiple characters you can engage with and play, which adds to the game’s appeal. You get access to over 200 different characters, each with its unique features and characteristics, which should make the in-game storylines a lot more intriguing. Feel free to explore your own stories and have a good time with Extra Lives as you unlock enjoyable features. 

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There Are Many Exciting Places to Visit 

You can take advantage of its settings to enhance your gaming experiences.  You can also explore many locales by traveling around; you can move to 50 various locales and engage in puzzle solving, combat, and a variety of other thrilling activities.

Exciting Battles With a Lot of Interactivity

Extra Lives also features several interactive items and things that you may pick up and use against your opponents as you fight in the exciting in-game combats. Extra Lives’ fantastic gameplay lets you smash intriguing stuff on your adversaries and engage in devastating combats. The game allows you to have fun with gunfights, swordplay, and more.

There Are Several Game Modes to Choose From

Those interested in the fascinating gameplay of Extra Lives will be able to have more fun with the game, thanks to the several accessible game modes. Feel free to join them and make the game more enjoyable.

Survival: Have fun with your thrilling survival gameplay as you try to battle the zombies. As you try to exterminate the undead, develop innovative techniques to combat the foes and think of ways to bring the factions together.

Deathmatch: Feel free to team up with your fellow survivors in epic battles against foes. To win your Deathmatch challenges, you must survive a limitless amount of adversaries. Extra Lives also has an Editor Mode, allowing you to customize your in-game levels. You can freely add and remove items to your liking. Lastly, feel free to experiment with different ideas without any issues.

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Despite all of its in-game features, Android gamers can still play Extra Lives for free on any of their mobile devices. 

Have Fun With the Game’s Unlocked Version

Advertisements and in-game purchases are unavoidable because it is a freemium game. As a result, you might wish to try the game’s modified version on our website. It offers limitless in-game purchases, no adverts, and various other exciting features. With our unlocked version of Extra Lives, you can effortlessly enable all of these features. Download the Extra Lives Mod Apk from our website and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Sound and Video Quality


Get ready to dive into the traditional MDickie graphics as you immerse yourself in the humorous elements. Explore the unique and spectacular visual experiences, along with incredible combat and interactive storylines. Like most MDickie games, Extra Lives features simple graphics that make the game playable on a wide range of Android devices.

Music and Sound

Extra Lives includes immersive game sounds and background music, allowing you to get even more out of your fighting adventures. 


Extra Lives offer normal RPG gameplay, as well as interesting adventures, for you to freely enjoy on most of your Android devices. With the free and unlocked version of the game available on our website, you should be able to enjoy it fully.

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