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Video games and agriculture frequently cross the line, producing 2D and 3D games like Farmer’s Dynasty, Stardew Valley, and others. The Farming Simulator Series is also one of them, offering fantastic gameplay and graphics for users all around the globe. It is now in its “2018” edition and is praised by millions of virtual farmers worldwide.

Farming Simulator 18 is a game that allows players to manage and care for their farm, and is more addicting than role-playing games.  It’s a place where players can farm and care for healthy crops. Farmers in this country are linked to Western countries with the most advanced and practical technologies available. It may appear uninteresting at first glance. But we guarantee that after you’ve caught up with Farming Simulator 18, you’ll agree it’s the most addicting mobile game out there.

Background Information

The Farming Simulator series is a globally recognized game that adopts a peculiar style of releasing its chapters. It releases some of its versions on home consoles and others on mobile devices. For instance, the company released Farming Simulator 15 and Farming Simulator 17 on home consoles and Farming Simulator 16 and the all-new Farming Simulator 18 on mobile, 3DS and PlayStation Vita titles. 


To begin the game, you must work on your crops and cattle while also developing your farm’s business. It will divide each of these objectives into distinct tasks like planting, harvesting, and selling. They depict the comprehensive process of delivering agricultural products to customers in the most realistic way possible.

In Farming Simulator 18, your goal is to develop a family farm into a big agricultural unit. It all starts with a bit of plantation and a sufficient workforce of two agricultural machines. For example, there’s a tractor for attaching trailers and tools for ploughing and sowing and a threshing machine for harvesting the produce. The game is adequate for practicing your responsibilities as farmers, but it is insufficient for aspiring to the pinnacles of techno-agriculture.

During the game, you have to practise the sluggish method to complete tasks in limited amount of time. It is preferable to begin as a practice game before launching into a full-fledged gallop in the fields. Fortunately, there are several levels of difficulty to accommodate individuals who have never played the Farming Simulator Series before. 

Cultivating the fields and reaping the products, on the other hand, is only a tiny fraction of what you will be doing in Farming Simulator 18. The area offers a variety of opportunities, like timber harvesting and breeding (sheep, cattle, and pigs). Whatever your preference, you’ll need to plan ahead of time to develop agriculture (or livestock) by allocating specific land (possibly to be officially purchased) and purchasing the necessary equipment. Each profession will be accompanied by various technologies or vehicles that players must learn to handle. 


Factor of life

Farming Simulator 18 is a game that puts you in charge of a farm where multiple chores and tasks are available for completion. Growing plants and wheat and caring for animals such as hens and cows are all part of the process, together with earning money and selling the produce. However, in the previous version, there was a more clear demonstration of using modern machinery and its testing. 

In Farming Simulator 18, only one assistant will emerge at random and offer us assistance or task or any suggestion. Fans of this game appreciated the hustling and bustling while waiting for the harvest. However, Farming Simulator 18 removes all of these features, due to its mobile nature, and does not even allow the user to wander around the farm. Likewise, it speeds up all chores beyond imagination by supporting these handheld game mechanics. Our character will only work through tractors and other vehicles, with no first-person exploration. 

Less Content, More Gaming

It’s effortless to use controls and the keys while playing the game. Compared to the Farming Simulator 17 sessions when keyboard was used for the PC, you quickly get acclimated to the rare sort of gaming

However, there is no customization of the farm and no NPC tasks, even though there is just one map available. It is an excellent game for newcomers. However, fans of the series will be disappointed because the series has gone massive steps backward and will fall short of all expectations.

Fun game to play

Because of the nature of the game and the need to keep track of spending, you have to deal with the issue that there is no real fun in Farming Simulator 18, even when driving automobiles. As a result, it can be time-consuming and exhausting. The game rewards you with fantastic farm results and the ability to expand, giving you the idea that you’ve handled everything perfectly. Also, on Nintendo 3DS, you can enjoy the entire agricultural fair. 

Reduced playing spaces, a lack of alternatives (like a first-person view), and a limited graphic rendering are evident drawbacks. The game is, however, depicted well, with a significant amount of advantages supplied by the physical control system. 


The game entails excellent translation of words into foreign languages along with the country soundtrack, which wonderfully captures the agricultural ambiance of the United States. This version has exceptional production values. The technological realization of implementing 3DS does not impede buying, and it could be due to Farming Simulator 18’s unique nature. 

Advantages and disadvantages

You have to work on the farms and patiently wait for the crop to mature before harvesting and reselling it. In addition, it is a laborious and irritating procedure. Things improve as you progress through the game and gain access to new regions and activities. Expect a monotonous and somewhat dull pace until then, a step that could become unrivalled for those who want to get to the center of the game.

The first few hours are characterized by terrible grinding. Things improve as you engage workers for collection along with the use of autopilot. It will ensure effective management of your assets and a sensible decision to cushion the impact of specific cyclical measures to be carried out. 

However, there is no option to purchase structures other than the standard silos and fields, lowering the number of ways to earn and the variety of things to do in the long run.

You must already be a fan of the genre to appreciate the production. However, if you know it by heart, you may notice substantial flaws in the scenarios, as well as flattening of gameplay, possibly due to overstress. The low power of the consoles is a technological limitation, but it has no bearing on the final evaluation.

Farming Simulator 20 is an alternative version

Farming Simulator 20 is a remake of Farming Simulator 18, with new graphics, mechanics, and gameplay aspects. However, it is a restricted edition, in terms of game’s modality and experience. Even if the overall goal remains the same, to become the county’s modernist farmer, you must improve the fields, produce more animals, and increase the quantity of land you possess. But proceed with caution; you must not be in a hurry.


Farming Simulator 18 Mod Apk has represented the correct transposition on Nintendo 3DS and smartphones in recent years. It is not a game for everyone because of its odd simulation aspect and restricted features. Accepting the role of a farmer struggling to make ends meet on his farm did not appear to represent an extremely successful start. Nonetheless, the market concluded that such a bizarre notion ought to be rewarded.

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