Farming USA 2 Mod Apk 1.79 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Have you heard of Farming USA 2? It is an actual farm game that offers a genuine farming experience with machines rather than the cartoonish look found in similar games. 

Unlike many popular cartoon-style farm games like Stardew Valley, QubeTown, or Township iOS, Farming USA 2 provides a realistic experience in which players use all the tools, means, and specialized agricultural machinery for the entire farming process, from fertilizing to planting and harvesting. To enhance your farming experience, the game lets you control over 115 different trucks and equipment.

Visit two logging forests in your spare time to get a unique perspective on tree cutting, transportation, and sale. When you promptly observe changes in the market, you may use them to control the cash flow. Also, remember to keep an eye on the weather because rain and sunshine impact the plant’s growth and the harvesting process. During rainy and snowy conditions, the field gets muddy and drenched, or with snow all around the place, you require a snow truck to clear it out. 

Download Farming USA 2 and start enjoying a completely new farming experience.

General Information

Computer gaming is gradually vanishing from shop shelves, the internet market is more vibrant than ever, providing fertile territory for smaller genres and independent software businesses like German Giants Software.

It is mainly engaged in the field of management simulations and games. Germany, both creative and productive, has a simulation gaming school, with multiple production firms producing minor classics. 

Agricultural simulations are a relatively new video game genre that puts us in the shoes of a basic farmer battling the management of farming and livestock operation in a complete and detailed simulation. This year, Farming USA 2 celebrates its fourth anniversary and adds a slew of new features, particularly in terms of gameplay.

What Is the Best Way to Play Farming USA 2?

Despite the news, Farming USA 2’s gameplay is fairly similar to the previous version; the game’s speed and simulated activity do not allow for revolutions, which is still the weakest aspect of the entire production.

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The simulation is fun, and the objectives to be completed from time to time appear to be more of a safety net for insecure players than a feature intended to add value to the game. We think that die-hard Farming USA enthusiasts are less interested in the story, preferring extra vehicles meticulously recreated and current field activities.

Updating the graphics engine, everything appears to be much more detailed than before, and the environment is depicted in a better way. The sky, in particular, has been reworked and now appears much more alive and natural than in previous chapters, while the lighting system has also been updated.

The improvement of Farming USA’s flagship vehicles, which has long been a question mark, is less noticeable. Because they have previously been adequately cared for in previous chapters, their progress is less visible than the others. On the other hand, take note of the new maintenance system, which compels you to keep an eye on the condition of your vehicles and pay money to repair those in poor shape.

Aside from an on-screen display, other graphical details, such as the deterioration of the paintwork or the decreased yield during work, can also be used to guess the status of a vehicle. Unfortunately, the new aesthetics are compensated for performance, which is now subpar. Nothing makes such a slow game unusable, but it’s reasonable to call attention to the flaw.


The Art of Simplification

When playing, you must be aware of this feature but reiterate it for clarity. Farming USA 2 is a spin-off of Farming Simulator 20, with similar graphics, physics, and gameplay components. Because it is a limited edition, the game’s experience and how it is played are constrained.

Although the overall goal stays the same, to become the county’s professional farmer, you must always breed more animals and plant more crops to make the most of your fields. But keep in mind that you must not be in a hurry, and players should also enjoy themselves without focusing too much on the prize.

Farming USA 2 is the ideal way to clear your mind, even if only for a few minutes because it can be played on the go. Bowen Games LLC has operated on its game thanks to its effective management. The commands have been streamlined and look considerably more practical than the PC version. 

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It is an accessible game as you can plough and harvest for half an hour while comfortably seated. It’s a different experience than gaming on a computer, where sessions can last several hours and force you to be more productive.

Daily Routine of the Farmer 

The game’s main focus remains the saga’s original formula: grow, plant, harvest, and repeat. For years, the gameplay has been the same, with no surprises. If you’re happy with your work but want to finish it, you can hire a worker to finish the harvest, ploughing, or planting for you.

You can make a lot of money if you sell the produce at the right moment and deliver it to the right unloading location. You can also buy additional fields, unfamiliar cars, or new animals to breed and expand your borders if you have enough money.

You can choose from over 100 automobiles of various types by opening the store menu. They’re not as good as the PC version, but they’ll get you sprinting around proudly and becoming even more efficient in the field. They are all models of vehicles and belong to the best agricultural companies.

Unfortunately, there are no tweaks or other customization options for the vehicles on the Switch, and you can’t add more to them once you’ve purchased them. Perhaps they’ll be available as paid DLC.

The Character Is Also a Machine.

By making significant sacrifices, it was required to come to terms with the hardware and quirks of the Nintendo platform. Those who have used the PC version may attest to this. We don’t have a genuine character in Farming USA 2, and we are nothing more than a body that floats from half to half. To put it another way, we are the tractor.

We start with the career mode and decide how to proceed with the trip independently. Fortunately, an intelligent tutorial system has been retained, presenting the fundamental essentials to get going with the game.

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The User Interface Is Simple to Use

On the financial side, there are no discounts. To sell your crop, you must make ends meet by growing as much as possible and monitoring price fluctuations. There are some highly essential statistics on the field production, the state of the animals, and the wear and tear of vehicles in the game menus, which are also easier to read and interpret than on the PC.

The graphics are basic and sparse, with the settings less defined. Everything appears to be smaller in terms of distances, which is a good thing because it makes it easier to reach things of interest when we need them.

Farming Simulator 20 Is a Good Alternative

Farming Simulator 20 was billed as a significant reboot for the franchise, but according to the review, it’s just a major upgrade of Farming Simulator 17. Who’d have guessed a series with so few video games would be so popular? We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of copies sold for each chapter and a level of public interest that hasn’t waned over time.

Farming Simulator 20 places the player in the shoes of a modern-day agricultural entrepreneur who must work the field and sell the farm’s goods to generate money and expand his firm by purchasing vacant land and vehicles. 

At the start of the game, you have the option of dedicating yourself to an established firm or starting from scratch on one of the several maps with a substantial amount of money. However, it is recommended that you practice a little with the tutorials, which provide a sampling of the various gaming mechanics. They’re essential for figuring out how vehicles work and deciphering the mechanics of soil processing.

What’s new in the 20th edition of Farming Simulator? There are a lot of extra features, such as the engine, that improve the interaction between vehicles, tools, and terrain. Because this is such a well-publicized characteristic, it doesn’t take long to notice.


We can derive a simple reality from all we’ve discussed so far: Farming USA 2 Mod Apk is a Farming Simulator 20 for individuals who don’t want too much bother. Also, it’s fantastic news for those who love to play and unwind, even if only for a few minutes.

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