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Fightback is yet another mobile role-playing game worth checking out. It’s a free iPhone/iPad game featuring a series of fighting sequences, primarily related to kick-boxing. You can show off your muscles, strength, and techniques with each attack. Fightback creates a play setting where there is only retribution between the mafia and subterranean forces. 

The game’s plot is equally thrilling. When gangsters abduct your sister, they also capture you. There is no other option in this tense scenario but to fight and escape the criminal siege. Fightback is a side-scrolling action game set in the 1980s about the life of a hero. The game’s main character is tasked with rescuing his kidnapped sister. The visual effects, combined with the graphics, give the game distinct aesthetics unlike any other.

General Information

It’s simple to see how Fightback has both the benefit of appealing gameplay and graphics. The game convincingly recreates fighting battles between characters and foes, thanks to realistic visuals, innovative controls, and a variety of other factors.

Because of the game’s fast-paced and dramatic gameplay, it’s ideal for hardcore players who light fight-oriented games. Overall, the game is similar to Duke Nukem, published in 1991, although it is far better and more engaging. It is one of the first projects on which the company collaborated with the Chillingo development team. Fightback has captured a lot of attention from the gaming world since its debut release last year, thanks to its action-packed gameplay and gorgeous combat combos.


Fighting game with many action

Your goal in the game is to use touch-screen gesture control technology to punch, kick, and employ blazing combos to knock out foes. You can use a gun if you can’t punch or kick with your hands. There are a variety of effective weapons available for you to eliminate the enemy. Don’t forget unlocking bulletproof amor and furious tattoos to boost your character’s performance.

Combat in a Cinematic Setting

Gamers can use various unique skills to face off against foes, much as in a Hollywood action movie from the 1980s. You must concentrate intensely, and strike at the right moment to get an advantage in the game. 

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Fighting Endlessly 

Fightback’s Endless Mode provides a never-ending battle experience. Your bank account balance will continue to rise, and the gang’s henchmen and oligarchs will be subdued under your feet. iOS gamers can also compete with Facebook friends to discover who will emerge victorious.

Other features

Over 100 different levels await players to conquer in this game. Punch, kick, and combine combination attacks with finger motions on the screen are the main character’s movements. Characters can be customized with suits, tattoos, weaponry, and other accessories. Last but not least, Unity’s high-resolution 3D graphics immerse you in the most realistic battle scene possible.

Sublime Character Movements

Despite the lacklustre plot, the game directly plunges players into action, proving that Fightback is one of the best combat games. With several enemies and exquisite maneuvers, the action scenes were thrilling. To construct combos, swipe across the screen to kick, press to punch, swipe down to avoid and press to continue. It will open up the moves even further during the game. The player does not control the character’s movement in the game; instead, you can only stand in a single location and wait for the enemy to attack. 

Following the hands-on punches, the players can earn gold, silver, or copper points according to the number of adversaries and physical attacks they achieve. Then, with the money and gold they’ve amassed, gamers can upgrade their character to make it more powerful. Good armor will decrease enemy damage, while tattoos will make the protagonist seem trendy.

Guns are essential weapons, and the game provides you with a wide range, including pistols, shotguns and six-barrel machine guns. It also includes a plethora of attachments and will please fans of heavy-duty firearms. You can also pick up weapons that adversaries drop, although they have a limited lifespan and are only available on one specific level. Each time you progress up a floor, the adversary will become stronger. 

Sound and images are dull

The game’s graphics are created using the well-known Unity engine, yet Fightback does not excite gamers. The characters’ backgrounds and animation are crude and repetitious, and the character model has many angles but isn’t varied.

Alternatives to Consider

Injustice 2 

Injustice 2 took a long time to build at NetherRealm Studios. With this antagonistic masterpiece, the team has made an enormous stride forward in this game. Since the first edition, the developer has enhanced its features. In 2017, Injustice 2 won the Fighting Game of the Year award. It is one of the few fighting games that strongly emphasizes on the script and storyline. 

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They set Injustice 2 when the Justice League split into two factions, Batman and Superman. The rivalry between the two leaders reached a climax. Batman eventually imprisoned Superman; now all he has to do is keep his hatred in check and his rage under control.

The most striking aspect of Injustice 2’s plot is how well each member of the Justice League’s interior and personality are worked upon. Everything is depicted quite accurately and realistically by the creator. 

Street Fighter IV – Champions Edition

You cannot forget Street Fighter if you are a fan of fighting games and have spent a significant amount of time on a console, online games, solo on PC, or arcade game machines. Street Fighter has created echoes in the gaming world, becoming a classic from 1987 to date. It is known as the first successful fighting game, opening the dual game genre. The game serves as an excellent role model and a destination for juniors to emulate.

Capcom recently published a unique, updated version of Street Fighter IV called Street Fighter IV Champions Edition which piqued the interest of the global gaming community and admirers of the fighting game.

Capcom has dramatically improved Street Fighter IV Champion Edition, adding a slew of new features and characters. It includes enhancements to the MFI control mechanism and considerably more improved visuals to accommodate the widescreen display of today’s smartphones. Poison, Dudley, and Ibuki were also added to the Street Fighter IV Champion Edition, bringing the total number of warriors in the game to 25. Capcom stated that six additional characters would be released in the future as free updates.

Gamers can select between fighting against the machine or directly with other players over the Internet in the game. This mobile game’s joystick system is unchanged from previous versions, with one scroll button and four attack buttons. As a result, players can use and combine combos to execute moves in various ways.


Fightback, a new action-adventure mobile game, is a fighting game which is based on a kidnapping story. Its modified version is known for its ad-free gaming and additional features. Download it now and enjoy for hours on end.

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