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Final Fantasy 7 is a recreation of the classic JRPG replica, released nearly two decades ago. The remake introduces a slew of new gameplay features and provides an engaging experience. It is based on Square Enix’s digital version.  It is a genuine contender for the “Best Game of 2020”, based on good reviews from the community and users. In addition, it received excellent scores from Guardian, PlayStation Lifestyle, Game Spew, Game Spot, and Game Revolution.

General Information 

Following the release of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, the term Final Fantasy 7 aroused conflicting emotions in the gaming community. Even if you remain a die-hard fan of the original Final Fantasy 7, the remake’s story feels new except for a few old favorites like weapon names, linear gameplay, and the Materia system, which has a special place in the hearts of gamers.

While many veteran PC and PlayStation gamers retained the original version of the game, it has ne’er been some people’s favorite JRPG in the past 23 years. However, with a new perspective, Final Fantasy 7 has elevated the experience of many veteran players to an increased level. The story of Cloud and his friends in the struggle, which many people have memorized, is now completely different. 

Exceptional Gameplay

Unlike the original edition, which was released more than two decades ago, the gameplay of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, is comparable to that of Dragon Age: Inquisition. We can already get a glimpse of the battle systems in Final Fantasy 7, thanks to Square Enix’s announcement at the Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Similar to the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, it offers an exciting mix of action role-playing and turn-based combat. Final Fantasy 7’s fighting system allows you to attack at the right time to receive points for the ATB bar (Active Time Battle). You can utilize specific attacks, cast spells, and use items when the ATB bar is full. The game offers automate frequent attacks until ATB is in another game mode. You will no longer have to be concerned about real-time action. 

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Final Fantasy 7 combines the best aspects of conventional Final Fantasy games with a compelling storyline and romance stories involving the main character and a female. So, with Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix not only wants to bring an ancient but pleasant game to modern graphics, but they also want to rework the storyline of Final Fantasy 7 to make it more acceptable for modern gamers in this remake.

Special Effects and Graphics

Although the quality and details are far superior, character designs are comparable to those perceived in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The game does not have the option to use the PS4 Pro’s processing power. The game comes with explosive sequences and lighting effects along with CG transitions, which are over 80GB in size. However, we can’t tell the difference between rendering with the Unreal four-game engine and using changes. 

Mr. Nojima Kazushige, interestingly, continued to write for both the old and new scripts in Final Fantasy 7. It provides further opportunity for the main and supporting characters to flourish. The other characters, whether they were supporting characters in the original version, a terrible villain, or just a short name, now have their stage and can work accordingly.


Use Atb

The ATB is crucial to Final Fantasy 7’s fighting system (Active Time Battle). The bar at the bottom of the HP gauge fills up as you fight and aids you in completing an ability, spell, or item. Auto attacks deal minor damage, but they speed up the filling of ATB metrics, allowing you to issue more instructions. Use ATB when you have it because these spells and abilities are the most effective way to give damage to your foes.

Use Block and Dodge-Roll to Your Advantage

Block and dodge rolls can be programmed into the FF7 mechanics, but they must be used correctly. Accept minor damage from the block if you get 100% damage immunity by rolling dodging assaults. Improvise and play Sekiro Die Twice for an example.

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Heal Completely

You can utilize goods for healing before discussing battle or using ATB talents to cast healing spells. Keep in mind that your adversary will not spare you.

Opponent’s Flaws

Many foes are vulnerable to specific factors, and they’ll feel it if you hit them with one of these attacks.
According to the game’s intros, if the enemies are machines, they have a minor possibility of being struck with electricity. Like fire, fleshy biological organisms triumphed.

Things get a lot more sophisticated as the game progresses. Experiment with various assault kinds to see what works best against the enemy. You will receive a Mater Assessment during the adventure and you’ll be able to see a detailed glimpse of your enemy’s different vulnerabilities once it’s equipped.

Stun Enemies

You must learn to stun the enemy if you want to control the combat completely. A strength gauge beneath your opponent’s health meter fills up as you fight. When it reaches maximum, your adversaries are unable to attack you, and all of your blows will deal severe damage.
Because your target’s stagger will fill up far faster than usual while you’re stressed, utilize stagger-building strikes like Cloud, Focused Thrust and Barrett, Focused Shot to accelerate it up. Things aren’t always as simple as they appear. Some adversaries are easier to stun than others, so you’ll have to put your ever-expanding options to the test to develop techniques that work for you.


Try the classic mode if you like to change the action mechanics or speed of the game. This can be turned on from the System menu. Characters move, attack, and defend themselves in this mode, allowing you to focus solely on leading them using the Command Menu. You have more time to think about your entire approach because you aren’t focused on assaults and standard blocks.

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Final Fantasy 7’s tale has a more personal feel to it from the player’s standpoint. Compared to the original game, the remake offered much more facts about the characters’ relations and psychological development. It aids both experienced and new gamers to comprehend each other’s motivations in the overall material. The game experience helps players feel like they live with each character’s enchantments by combining a storyline with stunning graphics and genuine emotions.

Overall Assessment

If you’re a long-time fan of Final Fantasy, the classic gameplay of this accessible remake edition will be unfamiliar to you. Final Fantasy 7’s gameplay has been drastically altered in this remake. The most visible modifications in the game are the graphics. Thanks to increasingly modern technology, every detail is more like a cinematic scene than a game. It combines a unique form of free combat action role-playing with turn-based gameplay.
Final Fantasy 7’s conventional combat system allows players to battle foes in real-time to gain points for their character’s ATB (Active Time Battle) bar. The player can pause the action, launch special attacks, use magic, or use items to heal once the ATB bar is full. Also, it will automate fundamental assaults. During the game, you won’t have to be concerned about real-time action. All you have to do is pay attention to the skill orders you send to obtain the best results.
Because the gameplay is authentic and the cinematic moments are spectacular when the developer launched them on the PSP, you can completely refer to the prequel version. These will, without a doubt, be the titles that players will return to play.