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One Finger Death Punch is a game that has a unique feel and attraction to it. For many gamers, the direct link between the finger and the character on the screen will be a novel experience. After a certain period of time, you will feel that you can learn more techniques and action sequences as if you have become a martial-arts expert. 

This is a horizontal-screen action-fighting game in which the player’s primary goal is to defend against attacks from adversaries on both sides of the screen. It’s one of the reasons why One Finger Death Punch has garnered 98 percent feedback on Steam. 

We conducted an in-depth research on this game, and would like to tell you all about its features.


Professional gamers, no doubt, remember the films of the excellent stick battle style against the mafia. It was popular a few years ago on social networking platforms and many people wanted to purchase it. In this game, you will convert into a Gypsy master and will possess martial arts to eliminate bad guys. Techniques, such as Mantis, the fierce Tiger, the Drunken Power, and the graceful Magical Crane will work well for you during fight scenes.

Each trick will provide players with distinct benefits, such as better defense, damage, or number of points won. One Finger Death Punch is a fun game to play on the go as its controls are simple. When adversaries are within the range of stick players, they only need to hit the left and right buttons to finish them off. 


Different Types of Enemies

You’ll encounter three different types of adversaries; the first one is the soldier who is weak in battle and can be dispatched with a single hit. They are not particularly threatening because they are crowded and aggressive, and our high-stick martial arts guy will be rapidly devoured by this human sea tactic if not handled properly.

The second category is composed of individuals, who are better in skill than the soldiers. They wear blue or red colored uniforms and are a touch different in view. You must press the appropriate combination of buttons to defeat them. At the highest levels, these mini-bosses will emerge more frequently, and if you do not react in a split second, you will lose.

The Boss, a genuine martial artist, is the third category; the entire game revolves around defeating the Boss. To administer constant damage to the Boss, the player must swiftly and accurately hit the left and right keys. On the contrary, only after a couple of punches, these bosses can obliterate you within seconds. 

Modes of Playing

The game entails two game modes, stage and survival. These modes can be played on normal and hard levels. In the stage mode, the player must avoid colliding with the civilians. It’s really difficult when you have to spot the enemy amid the chaos. On the other hand, the Survival Mode, makes you fight till the end, with your unending skills and stamina. 


Simple Operation

This game offers a simple operation and can be worked out even by an elementary school student. As you can see, learning the game is simple because there are only two buttons. When you first start the game, you’ll be greeted by a slew of foes, not just one or two, but hundreds. Some opponents require two to three hits to defeat or make you complete a QTE (Quick-Time Event). Nonetheless, there will be men positioned far away, ready to kill you with darts or archery. You can capture or avoid them by pressing the right-hand button.

Change of Character

You can also combat the adversary using weapons like a taper, mace, pistol, or Light saber. Beautiful animation techniques, such as tearing apart the opposing team or the best Kung-Fu attacks that appear random, are crucial ingredients for violent confrontations. Returning to One Finger Death Punch, you can now recognize the formula that makes the game appealing, providing gamers with a refreshing experience. You can enjoy other features by jumping on the pillow, dancing the sword, ducking, shooting, supporting bullets, firing fire, and stopping time.

Attractive Storyline and Content

The game is supposed to be diverse and attractive, with almost 400 screens within it. You will have to play 5 to 6 games in a row, eliminate foes, or utilize the Light saber to kill the army. Other game modes can be found behind the “More” button on the main screen.

Players can take turns fighting the sweeping enemy in co-op mode. When the blood level is low, switch roles with the other person and wait for natural healing. Once a person’s blood level approaches zero, they cannot return. Gauntlet mode presents you with two cells of increasing difficulty. The game will take care of you with specific rules such as flowing range, locking skills, and compelling you to run appropriately.

The “No Luca No” setting will make your level more difficult. Even if you are confident in your abilities, you can rush to the game’s Survival Mode. In a nutshell, one Finger Death Punch has reached the apex of two-button art. A simple mechanism can provide you with a wide range of fun colors.

Other Standouts

One Finger Death Punch is the quickest brawl-oriented action game, including a free Steam Demo edition. You will have the opportunity to participate in cinematic Kung-Fu fighting blended into the all-time classic stick-fight conflict.

One Finger Death Punch maintains the necessary action with two-button control, providing you the opportunity to test your body, mind, and quick reflexes. Also, the game offers a perfect operating system, similar to League of Stickman 2 or Stickman the Flash. You’re encircled by a horde of ferocious foes and must use every weapon at your disposal to defeat them in Kung-Fu style. The key to victory in this fighting game is speed and accuracy. Lastly, in this game, you’ll have control over 26 unique skills, with traditional Kung-Fu moves. 

Hand Eye Coordination 

Fighting games become more complicated without keystrokes, as we all know. However, you will witness the authenticity of two-button control after the player passes the instructional levels and understands the game’s basic rules.

The game offers thousands of animations, especially after unlocking all 26 essential skills. It’s a standout feature of this frantic action game which also offers over 400 tables, 26 talents, and four unending survival towers for you to conquer. One Finger Death Punch, like any fast-paced game, necessitates focus and rapid hand-eye reactions. 


Like any other game, One Finger Death Punch also has its flaws. One is the quickness of QTE events that occur in it. This feature is opposed to the game’s workability and Kung-Fu atmosphere, so it will make you feel a bit out of place. Secondly, you don’t have many options during skill growth as Kung Fu moves are somewhat limited.  


We can claim that a mobile game like One Finger Death Punch has taken a long time to combine the two basic components; easy gameplay with quick action sequences. One Finger Death Punch Mod Apk is fun and entertaining. During the game, when adversaries are within the range of players, they need to hit the left and right buttons to kill them. This game is available for free on iOS and Android and can be downloaded easily. 

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