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Fishdom Mod Apk

Fans of marine life will adore this excellent smartphone game from Playrix. In Fishdom, you can build your ultimate aquarium and have access to various unusual species, decorations, and equipment that you can use to enhance the tank’s health. As part of your in-game tasks, you can enjoy the enjoyable and relaxed match-three stages. Fill your aquarium with new species, enlarge it to accommodate more and acquire unusual decorations.

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The game starts off with you, being the fish enthusiast, who is introduced to his new aquarium by Tina the Turtle. As the tank is empty, you will need to fill it with new types of fishes and ensure that they are placed according to their habitats. To maintain your fishes, use supporting equipment and fill the tank with fascinating stuff to make it more appealing.

In addition, players in Fishdom are permitted to amuse themselves through unlimited rounds of match-three games to unlock new varieties or have new decorations on them. You must complete specific levels and challenges to decorate your fish tank with more fascinating decorations to earn cash. Most importantly, you may interact with the creatures and perform different types of activities, such as feeding, playing, and caressing. This adds a new dimension to the game.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s incredible features.

Customize Your Fish Aquarium 

You’ll find yourself making amazing tanks with unique species. When you have the funds, purchase new decorations to transform your plain old tank into a gorgeous sea ecosystem. 

Take Part in a Series of Enjoyable Match-Three Challenges

Gamers in Fishdom will find themselves immersed in limitless levels of fun match-three games to aid their fishes. The addictive match-three levels offers fascinating gameplay, specific levels, and many rewards. Collect coins to buy more fish, decorations, and even a new tank with a different setting.

Utilize the Fantastic Boosts to Cheat Your Way to Success

Gamers in Fishdom are permitted to match certain gems together to produce fascinating buffs and bring specific boosters with them at the start of the game to make their tasks more enjoyable. Use the mad rocket or zapper bonuses to wipe out the table entirely, and you’ll find yourself in a great position.

Unlock More Tanks With Additional Species to Choose From

You’ll get access to new tanks in the game that you can unlock anytime. Have access to new aquariums and learn about new varieties of fish to add to your collection. Raising your beautiful aquatic critters in various locations and habitats is a lot of fun.

Interesting Fish With Distinct Personalities

The fishes in your tanks, on the other hand, are full of excitement. Interacting with them will be fun because they possess unique personalities and qualities. Assist them in various functions within the tank. In addition, you can also receive advice from your friends. 

Play the Game With Other Online Players

Players in Fishdom can also play with Internet gamers worldwide. You’ll be up against some of the top players in the world which will make the game more engaging and competitive. You can also link your Facebook account to the game to access several beneficial features, such as online sync mode and multiplayer gaming. 

Assist Your Fish in Performing a Variety of Missions to Gain Rewards

Fishes in Fishdom are smart and sharp when they’re placed in the tanks. In the game, you can even get ideas on some fish-related themes. Occasionally, your friends will assign you quests that you can fulfill in exchange for unique goodies.

Play the Game Offline if You Don’t Have Access to the Internet

Fishdom offers fascinating offline gameplay that you can enjoy on any feasible occasion. For instance, you can play the game while in transit or at the beach. In addition, you can enjoy it at your friend’s place with everyone. 

Compile a List of Achievements and Unique Trophies

The game also offers fascinating achievements that you can complete to receive additional rewards and match-three tasks. Feel free to take on some of the most challenging tasks and boast about them to your friends after completion.

It’s Free to Play

Despite having these fantastic features, Android gamers can still play the game for free on their mobile devices. You can easily download it for free from the Google Play Store and install it on your devices.

With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money

During the game, you’ll be bombarded with commercials and in-app purchases, which may be irritating at times. As a result, you might choose to play our modified version of the game which comes with unlimited money and ad-free gameplay. Download and install our Fishdom Mod APK and enjoy.

Sound and Video Quality


The game features a friendly and appealing art style that is appropriate for players of all ages. Interact with the cute fishes while creating a lovely and interactive aquarium for them. You can also immerse yourself in the thrilling match-three levels, which feature dynamic gameplay and stunning visual effects.


The upbeat soundtracks will ensure that you have enough energy to start your day and stay active. Enjoy your time in Fishdom by assisting your friends in a variety of fun missions.

Download the Newest Version of Fishdom Mod 6.22.0 for Android.

Fans of Gardenscapes and Homescapes will be able to play yet another amazing simulation game. Feel free to build your aquarium, feed the fishes and participate in daily quests. Download the game and play it for hours on end.  

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