Forge Ahead Mod Apk 0.80 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

Additional Information

DeveloperLion Studios
Requires4.3 and Up
Size60.83 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Forge Ahead is a funny and challenging game in which you’ll play as a skilled blacksmith who must meet the demands of customers, from the simplest blade to the rarest weapon. The rich gameplay content allows you to enjoy the features even more. During the game, you will become a skilled casting master, capable of creating handle weapons such as swords, knives, and guns out of various metals. Gradually gain experience, and take each step with caution. Develop an accurate legendary weapon, and give it a name. 

The following are some of the characteristics of the game Forge Ahead:

– A simple white background with no superfluous elements allows you to immerse yourself in the excitement of creating weapons. 

– A tutorial will assist you in mastering the abilities rapidly. 

– The player must collect all types of rare ores for the sword to become stronger.

– You must collect materials from ores and make them into various items. 

General Information

In this game, the player is a highly talented blacksmith. You can make vehicles such as airplanes, guns, cars, and ships using various iron equipment as small as domestic kitchen knives and hammers. It’s a simple game in which you can build various kinds of weapons and tools with your dexterous hands.

The following are some of the game’s standout features.

– A fun, casual game with a lot of material that can be played on any platform.

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– You can freely experience the game’s appeal in terms of the presentation and easy operation.

– The simple painting technique will take you through the most realistic procedure and help you grasp the ancient cast-iron method.

Overall Assessment


The plot of Forge Ahead centers around the characters of a witty blacksmith working in a weapon workshop. During the game, your main goal is to make a range of heavy-duty weapons, such as guns, swords, and knives, and then sell them to surrounding regions. You can improve the weapon’s attack, speed, accuracy, and spells.


Each function will require different levels and experiences in the game. You can give them new tasks and jobs once the quests are complete, but the main goal remains to hone weapons. You can also rate the weapons, amass money, establish a reputation for the business, and develop magnificent weaponry.

Up to 30 witty blacksmiths are featured in the game. Apart from that, there are over 70 different character classes, 200 various weapons and 20 levels to keep players entertained for longer. In Forge Ahead, the character design is lovely, round, and hilarious. Furthermore, players are drawn to the background and the dynamic UI.


In the game, you’ll take on the role of a blacksmith who crafts ancient swords. Begin by isolating minerals from tiny ores in a few basic steps and take them to the furnace to make a weapon. Finally, forge it till it’s finished, together with adding some embellishments. Minerals must be separated from the small ores. 

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There are only four minerals per craft that you can view. You can also use the metal panel to review the mineral resources you’ve obtained. Players can make different swords of various shapes, i.e. from samurai swords to ancient kings’ swords, during the molding process. 

The player’s money is used to improve tools like casting, forging, resource management, and product production speed. When a product is finished, the player can put it on the shelf and sell it for a price appropriate for its quality. When creating weapons, people will appear in the store and offer to buy a sword made of various materials. It’s also an opportunity to grow your consumer base and revenue, allowing you to create more swords. 

Graphics and Sound

Thanks to 2D shaping and simple block designs, the colors are quite vibrant and attractive. The swords have a lot of intricate patterns and artwork on them. There’s also the effect of honing the product. When making weapons and casting, the tinkling sounds are detailed in great depth and are incredibly lifelike.

Alternatives to Consider

Sharpen Blade 

Sharpen Blade is an exciting action game from the creators of the popular Hair Dash game. In it, you must create the sharpest wooden swords/knives out of various metal equipment. In Sharpen Blade, the player’s goal is to make swords and knives that resemble the pattern at the top of the screen as closely as possible.

You can identify the sharpening part of the wood panel with the three-way control mechanism. If you want the result to seem as close to the sample image as possible, all you have to do is calculate the pressure applied to the wood. Cutting the piece of wood into the desired form will not be too tough in the first few stages. However, as you go to higher levels, you’ll need to pay closer attention to the movements made with each instrument, as even a slight error can result in excess or deficiency.

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Customers place requests for specific weapons and swords, which you must construct on time. Alternatively, it’s your job to finish them in front of your client. It’s easy to manipulate your controls because you have to hold the iron bar and move it to the grinding wheel to remove unneeded components. At the top of the screen, a white status bar displays the job’s progress. The more results compared to the sample, the more money your client will pay you. 

Final Words

Developer Lion Studios just announced Forge Ahead as the title of their newest blockbuster. 

In the game, the player is a highly talented blacksmith who makes a range of heavy-duty weapons, such as guns, swords, and knives, and sell them to surrounding regions. Collect minerals, build valuable swords, and sell them to potential consumers for profit. Confirm your skills and rise to the position of the top blacksmith in town. Download the game now and enjoy.