Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk 1.9.9 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperOh BiBi
Size113 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Frag Pro Shooter has been released by Oh Bibi. It constitutes of participants from various countries, and impresses the player with its fantastic gameplay and features. You can play with two of your country’s slaves at a single time. In this mode, you can also play with a time constraint. During the game, you can utilize a variety of guns and tools; the better your team’s players are, the better your chances of winning are.

Frag Pro Shooter works online as well as offline, depending on your preference and options. It is comparable to PUBG Games and Grena Free Fire where you can gain control of the city by fighting your opponents. Over time, you’ll need to modify your guns and your attire. If you’re having troubleshooting and controlling, try the modified version.


The features of Frag Pro Shooter are user-friendly and adaptable.

Money and Gems

You’ll uncover a plethora of coins in this game. Use them to purchase accessories or save them for difficult times. Apart from coins, there are gems too which can be used accordingly.

Countless Resources

You have access to various materials in the game, from which you can create firearms for yourself or any other object. This is one of the chief reasons why this game is played globally by users.

Upgraded Weapons

You can also use your coins to enhance your weaponry in this mode. With it, you can destroy your adversaries faster, and your skills will improve further. You can create your pistol by purchasing parts with your own money. If you want a long-range weapon, you’ll have to buy it with coins.

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Player Upgrading

New characters will be introduced in the updated version of Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk. You have the option of selecting a skilled player; each player has a unique identity that showcases his skills and physique. You can also make your selections online.


Although Frag Pro Shooter is a great game to play, it comes with advertisements that causes interruptions and boredom for the user. However, if you download the modified version, it is ad-free and also offers additional features with it.


The game’s graphics are 3D based while its colors and pixel formation are spectacular. Also, the music offers a pleasant tone when the game moves on. Along with its design, the player’s mobility and action sequences are fluent and detailed.


Frag Pro Mod Apk comes with a decent storyline. Apart from that, the game offers an automatic option if you are playing with two things simultaneously, for example, scoops and tablets; one of the things can be turned on auto. The game also comes with improved weaponry and suggestions when you proceed through.

The levels/stages in Frag Pro Shooter are organized into several categories. Moving on to the second level from the first stage is relatively simple for everyone. In the same way, you cross all of the stags and eventually become the champion. The game is comparable to Minecraft Mod Apk in various ways.

How Do I Download and Install It?

With other games, this game is quite simple to play. It can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. So go ahead and play it now. This modified version comes with ad-free gaming and additional features.

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