Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle MOD APK 17.13 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBlue Wizard Digital Inc
Requires4.4 and Up
Size85.27 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Currency
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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a horror-themed puzzle game. You take the character of Jason in this game, based on the well-known violent Jason. In 100 puzzle stages, your job is to hunt down and slay campers.

The game is based on the film of the similar name, starring Friday the 13th’s horror icon Jason. Jason may be managed in various iconic settings, including Mercury Lake, the Manhattan highlands, super-large jails, ski resorts, beautiful beaches, and even extraterrestrial spaceships. Jason will be a murderous nightmare for victims worldwide, and you will have a blast observing him die.


3d Graphics

With comparable 3D graphics, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is evocative of “Granny” fixation. Your goal is to take control of the name Jason and participate in the heinous crime. The game features eight “episodes” featuring a variety of intriguing plans.

The game, which speaks about separation, courage, and pain across 100 levels, will provide you with workarounds. Not only does the game stay true to the original, but it also introduces new Jason Voorhees characters like Supermax Jason, Frozen Jason, Apocalypse Jason, and so on. Each Jason name will emerge differently and have various personality traits.

Assassinations are challenging since you must contend with challenging “adversaries” like traps, police, SWAT Special Forces, landmines, Dial Phone, Portal, and Cat. You’ll enjoy more exciting experiences because of the variety of content. The game is also appropriate for small children, as you can select between watching the full spectrum of murder scenes in horror films in “R” mode or a pleasant puzzle experience with your loved ones in “PG” mode.

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Various Toys

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle appeals to gamers because of the range of toys available. You can “level up” in the game and obtain various terrifying killer weapons, such as a baseball bat, a long sword or a fish.

You can trade diverse guns for dominant weapons or your personal preferences. Each weapon has its own unique “finishes,” which adds to the thrill for those who enjoy death. If you aren’t good enough or don’t have enough time, the game also allows you to buy things or pay real money to experience ad-free gameplay.

The offline mode is supported in the game, so you can control Jason to slaughter people anywhere, like on an airline, a bus, or around a campfire. You can also introduce yourself to the puzzle. Slay away Camp, an award-winning and well-respected horror studio is the game’s creator.

Having a Good Time

This game conjures up images of insanity and death. You will command Jason to become a horror icon in various locations, including Manhattan, the super-large prison, and the space station.

Each area provides a unique set of great experiences while also resulting in many unusual deaths. There are around 150 puzzle stages in the game, which spans over ten episodes. Each episode has its unique feature, and you can play as Supermax Jason, Frozen Jason, or Apocalypse Jason. You’ll have to deal with tricky strategies and obstacles, including traps, cops, SWAT teams, even cats.

The game includes two modes: ‘R’ for violent killing and ‘PG’ for a family-friendly puzzle adventure. If you’re having trouble, pay attention to Jason’s mother’s consistent support and helpful recommendations. The game is constantly updated with new and exciting features, and the ‘Daily Death’ mode provides daily bonus rewards puzzles.

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In addition, the ‘Murder Marathon’ mini-game option allows you to practice your camping murder skills and acquire extra experience. EXP points allow you to level up and access a plethora of new lethal weapons. Prepare to be entertained with unique bleeding animations.

Take the Journey With Us

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, of course, comes with much bloodshed. However, you have more amusing moments and are more engaging than “Granny”. You can kill in various environments and at a variety of difficulty levels in this game.

Jason Voorhees must solve a variety of puzzles, both simple and complex. Only when all of the victims have died, does the game come to an end? The game also includes clues and recommendations to assist you in solving the challenge. To complete all environmental stages in a narrative mode, you’ll need killing around 400 people.

Furthermore, if you find it intriguing or require assistance, you can watch online videos on how to solve puzzles. The game has a large fan base, and each chapter will provide a great experience. From Jason’s murders, you’ll find a plethora of titles and delights.


  • Game types are varied, and the tale is compelling.
  • There are a lot of puzzles and fun toys.
  • Content is updated regularly.
  • There are a lot of great “ending” sequences.


  • Many of the levels are too challenging for young children.
  • For many players, it’s simple to elicit unpleasant emotions.

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