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Do you enjoy arcade or retro games on your mobile devices? Or do you like to have a good time with limitless space shooter tasks in which you battle the enemy’s fleet in a furious and engaging battle? In any case, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter will undoubtedly impress you on your mobile devices.

Feel free to use your lone spaceship to take on infinite shooter challenges as you try to keep the enemies from conquering our planet. In a series of spectacular shooter challenges, take against various opponents. With the vertical scrolling shooter title from ONESOFT, you can see the entire battle while guiding your spaceship to knock out the adversaries. 

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Android gamers assume the role of the spacecraft captain, which is Earth’s only hope in the face of invading aliens. You’ll have to fight your way through a series of epic clashes against the enemy’s fleet. Make use of your incredible fire abilities to defeat the adversaries along the way. The game is comparable to DragonSky: Idle & Merge, where the player has to fight off aliens too. 

You’ll engage in a variety of intriguing battles with the adversaries while progressing through several epic levels. Use the bonuses and boosters that fall from exploding foes to power up your spaceship. Unleash your particular strikes and shoots to drive away from the opponents efficiently. At the same time, the game’s top-down vision and intuitive gameplay will undoubtedly make it a lot of fun for those looking for a fun casual game. Plus, even the most cynical gamers will be impressed by the in-depth gameplay and several game types.

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Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Simple Gameplay 

Galaxy Attack’s user-friendly gameplay allow Android gamers to become familiar with the game. You can efficiently utilize the touch controls to maneuver your spaceship across the board and avoid enemy strikes. Send beams of lasers at your foes and take them out with your pinpoint accuracy. You can also collect several boosts from your adversaries to power up your weapons and modify the laser types simultaneously. Depending on the situation, you’ll find each of them to be exceptionally great and effective.

Variety of Levels 

When you immerse yourself in the thrilling in-game activities, you realize that each level is incredibly engaging. This is because each of them is experiencing rising difficulties. So, you won’t be overwhelmed by the difficult gameplay at first, nor will you find the game to be tedious as you progress through the stages. Furthermore, with an extensive collection of distinct in-game levels ranging from more than 160 stages to enjoy, you should have no trouble getting the most out of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, as each level has its own set of unique missions and awesome graphics.

Improve the Performance of Your Spaceships

The game also offers a series of spectacular upgrades for your guns and lasers that you can obtain after completing your space flights. As you use your guns and lasers to deal with the adversaries efficiently, you’ll be able to upgrade them. Your firepower, firing rate, accuracy, and other attributes will improve as you continue through the game. 

Defeat the Enemy

You can employ numerous powers to defeat your adversaries during your flights and battles against space invaders. These are skills that you can use in your space battles with ease. You can also use them to combat your foes and preserve the Earth from extinction.

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Epic Battles Against Several Opponents

Have fun while progressing through the stages, as you will be pitted against a variety of opponents, each with its distinct features and powers. You can expect foes to shoot at you or fling themselves into your spaceships in the most inconvenient of ways. But, most importantly, when confronted by fearsome adversaries’ bosses, always be prepared for the worst.

Play the Game With Your Friends 

Android gamers can also enjoy the Multiplayer Mode, which adds to the game’s appeal. Feel free to jump right into the fantastic PvP battles with 1vs1 or 1vs3 configurations. You can also play the game with your friends or other online gamers. 

Infinite Mode

During the game, you’ll be able to take on waves upon waves of foes while upgrading your lasers to their maximum potential. Fight countless foes while covering the most incredible distances and having fun with the highest scores. In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter’s Endless mode, you can compete with others while setting your records.

Earn Daily Rewards

Android gamers can experience Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter’s fantastic daily rewards. Stay active in the game and have fun by shooting down alien aircraft. In addition, you are awarded with incredible rewards during and at the end of the game. 

Enjoy a Variety of In-Game Achievements

The game features a range of in-game achievements that you can easily collect and enjoy. Feel free to immerse yourself in vintage gameplay while working on these accomplishments. As you move through your achievements, you’ll receive special awards and appreciation from friends and other players.

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Free to Play

Galaxy Attack is free to download on your mobile devices from Google Play Store. Install the game and enjoy its features and graphics.

Infinite Money

When you download the game, it entails commercials and in-game purchases which can be a bit of an issue.  Gamers in Galaxy Attack will have access to the unlocked gameplay on their mobile devices, which adds to the game’s appeal. Download and install the Galaxy Attack Mod Apk from our website, then double-check that it’s installed correctly by following the provided instructions. Have a good time playing the ad-free game with additional features. 

Quality Characteristics


Allow yourself to get immersed in the fantastic universe of Galaxy Attack, which has delightful in-game graphics. Have a good time with the captivating retro-styled visuals that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Furthermore, with full support and optimizations for all Android devices, gamers will undoubtedly find themselves immersed in the game. Not to mention that the game’s undemanding aesthetics ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Gamers in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter will enjoy the game’s excellent sound effects in addition to its impressive visuals. That being said, the immersive audio will make you feel engaged during combats. Not to mention the addictive and intense soundtracks will keep you engrossed in Galaxy Attack’s gameplay for hours on end.


Most of you will be impressed by the spectacular shooter encounters with engaging adversaries, immersive level settings, and many other elements. Furthermore, the game is entirely free to play and has several unlocked features on our customized version. You will find it fun to play.

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