Ghost Town Adventures Mod Apk 2.62 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Requires4.1 and Up
Size60 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Unlocked
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Ghost Town Adventures is a thrilling adventure game with puzzle-solving elements. The game is based around ghosts and entails 2D graphics. You will play as Anna, a teenage witch who embarks on an extraordinary adventure. Meet the ghosts, uncover the mystery and defend the ghost city.


Anna’s search for a long-lost grandfather kicks off the journey. She is a bold young witch who has discovered an ancient magic stick with unusual powers. Following an address to a mysterious, deserted village, Anna reminisces about her loving grandfather and embarks on an adventure to the place listed in the letter.

Anna discovers an abandoned city where everything is lovely and unspoiled. She proceeds to the abandoned house, which was also the last home of her grandfather. The game then begins with fascinating adventures and a gripping tale set in the devil’s land. The game creates a deserted town engulfed in fog, and all of the residences appear to be deserted. 

Every turn brings you closer to hazards and experiences. You will learn the ghost town’s history and the issue behind all of the city’s problems as you progress through the game. Your aim is to break the town’s horrible curse and dissipate the mystical mist. 

Ghost Town Adventures is more than just a fun narrative; it is a fantastic secondary tale presented to the players. You get a lot of side tasks, which help you see everything there is to see in the game. Each update introduces new and fascinating levels. Lastly, there are numerous extra missions in the game.

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There are over 100 characters in the game. Each character has a distinct backstory and a variety of secrets. A quest set is frequently set in haunted houses, and each level will have a central aim; you will locate a ghost and assist it in following the ghost’s wishes. Of course, you’ll have to assist Anna in overcoming the obstacles and interacting with various aspects. To complete the challenge, you must solve some riddles and move ahead in the game. You’ll meet several additional characters to talk to as you progress through the game.

Ghost Town Adventures have a similar role-playing element. You blend uncommon elements to make magic objects or invent poisons, among other interesting things. Furthermore, the game has a lot of replay value. Throughout the game, shortcuts, secret passages, treasures, magic gems, and other hidden objects can be found. 

You’ll encounter a variety of deadly foes, including demonic spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants, and a variety of other ghosts. Because Anna is a curious individual, you and Anna will endeavor to uncover all of the secrets of the desolate village. 


The controls are simple, and enjoyable. To get Anna to interact with everything, you must touch on the relevant components on the screen. You will be given the appropriate incentives to use for the following task. Anna, for example, can find a tool by clicking on the toolbox. To interact with a broken pipe, you’ll need the same tool. 

Sound and Graphics

Ghost Town Adventures is a fun adventure game with stunning 2D visuals that will keep you entertained for hours. Because the game is built in a cartoonish style, it is appropriate for all ages. The game does not contain any frightening elements, but it does contain a lot of pleasure. The amusement area will feature cheerful music, while the mystery puzzle section will feature much frightening music.

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Ghost Town Adventures is a terrific adventure game in which you’ll have numerous fascinating adventures with Anna, the main character. The game features fun gameplay and is appropriate for girls. The game includes a wealth of historical information on ghost towns, well-known folklore, and legends. Each character has their secrets, issues, and fate. For amusement, the game offers some unexpected twists and funny components. In a nutshell, the game is an excellent mix of comedy and drama with adorable 2D graphics.

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