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Golf Battle is a great PvP fighting game developed by Miniclip in which you compete against a large number of players on a minigolf course. You will be able to pick between two game modes: Classic and Rush. While Classic is still the traditional mode of playing, players knock the ball as close to the hole as possible in minimum number of tries. Rush has a faster tempo, encouraging players to hit the ball as rapidly as possible. The greater the distance between the hit point and the hole at the end of each round in Golf Battle, the more obstacles appear on your track and in your screen view. 

Hitting a ball into the water, flying out of the stream or a timed penalty are all penalties here (in Rush mode). It’s important to stay attentive and aware because this isn’t your typical round of golf where you just put the ball in the hole. Play Golf Battle against many other players, compete with subtle shots, and defeat your opponent with just one hit.

General Information

Thanks to Golf Battle for Android, golf will no longer be a wealthy man’s pastime. You can enjoy this amazing sport straight on your mobile screen. With only a simple touch, we’ve adjusted the game control system to enhance the phone’s mechanics. If you want to win, though, you must be able to tweak the ball to the correct angle and place it in the precise hole.

On Facebook, you can play 1v1 duel matches with 6 friends or play simultaneously. Golf Battle is a terrific sports field with a large selection of stunning golf courses, equipment, and appealing products. Now is the time to defeat your opponents and establish yourself as the golfing king.


Intriguing Gameplay 

Making a difference in each shot is a crucial factor. Try recalling the strike force’s range, precisely how far the ball would fly if you hit it all the way because it will help you estimate the next shot reasonably correctly. Improving shot quality with a golf swing upgrade is also a fantastic idea. Some holes will give players the impression of being further away. So, if you don’t want to be penalized unfairly, you need to be cautious before swinging.

The rush mode will be harsh with you, allowing only a few mild hits to return the ball to the turf. Aside from that, there aren’t many rules in the Classic method. However, to escape out of the bunker, you’ll need a strong hit. Which is more important: speed or accuracy? When playing Rush mode, keep them in check. This mode’s gameplay dictionary does not include rate or accuracy. You can receive brief advice from time to time.

The fact that the occasional camera obscures the ball’s location is bothersome. But that’s a widespread issue, and you can’t blame them for a lousy shot. You can alter the perspective before playing to get around. For this approach, you either concentrate on the last chant or take on the pit of temptation. You can lose the first game or two, but you will know what triumph feels like when you do win. 


To play this wild and unusual Golf Battle, gather up to six people. Golf Battle is an addictive game that virtually transports the entire family into the world of minigolf. Experience the thrill of competing against your friends in real-time online multiplayer to see who the undisputed champion is. Play in classic mode, where the player with the fewest shots win. 

Enjoy It With the Entire Family

The game contains no violence, negative morals, or gloomy themes. Only Internet interactions have the potential to derail this family-friendly game. 

Collect the Zany Design

With your unlocked customization, you can dress up a golf ball. There are so many colors and designs to choose from, from irregular patterns to your country’s flags. Improve your stick’s power, accuracy, and guidelines to obtain an advantage. Keep in mind that certain combinations work best in various situations. You can choose from golf clubs built for pine, desert, and even ice courses in Golf Battle.

Tips & Tricks for the Golf Battle

Make Use of the Available Space

Golf Battle is a fun golf game for the whole family to enjoy. Customers should approach each course as a billiard game rather than a golf course. You can go to the optimum position without taking as many shots as possible using the walls and slopes. You don’t have to redo photos in Golf Battle as long as the golf ball doesn’t go off the stage’s wall.

Controlling the Power

You believe that hitting hard and fast will get your consumers closer to their objectives much faster. That is sometimes true, but it will simply put you out of range most of the time. Keep track of how much force you put into each shot. 

Preparation Is Crucial

Any competition begins with thorough preparation. Checking the number of balls, you have, the skill levels of your players, and the quality of your club will provide you with a necessary overview and aid in the development of strategy during the game. You will receive a set number of hits depending on the terrain and the peculiarities of the game screen. 

Storage of Balls

You gain several benefits by storing a certain quantity of balls before the competition. There are many distinct balls, each with its own set of characteristics, including hardness, weight, and flight. For example, on some steep terrain, you’ll need a ball that flies smoothly. Otherwise, when preparing for a close shot, you’ll need a high-strength ball.

Top Spin 

Despite their mastery, most players cannot position the power level accurately. Boosting the power hit through Top Spin will help your ball roll a few yards more after impact, while BackSpin would have the reverse effect. It has a considerable impact on the swing on smooth grass, which is where most of the game takes place, especially when you want to make a unique shot.

Extend Your Horizons

The camera will point you in the direction of the hole, but this can be a disadvantage if you don’t know alternative strategies to achieve a good shot. Adding more cameras to the mix will help you regulate the ball’s trajectory and obtain a better general view of the impending trial. The ball’s landing place will always be predictable, and depending on your striking force, the ball will continue to roll. 

Overall Evaluations

Golf Battles offer stunning 3D graphics. You can compete in hard competitions with gamers all over the world; your Facebook friends can collect and unlock a variety of intriguing accessories and features. The game’s golfing style is difficult to master. In Golf Battle, players must manage their force, angle and reflex to hit the ball appropriately. 

For mobile devices, the game has been kept as basic as possible. To maneuver the ball’s course, players must drag and drop it. The map is highly diversified and entertaining, with several maps and features, as well as two primary game modes: PvP, 1v1, and multiplayer mode for six people.


You can always become an exceptional player by putting in a lot of effort and enthusiasm in practice. Nobody can win on their first try, especially in Golf Battle, which has high technological requirements. It’ll only be a matter of time before you become the champion and the best golfer once you’ve mastered the pointers.

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