Grand Hotel Mania MOD APK for Android Users (Unlimited Diamond)

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Requires4.4 and Up
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Grand Hotel Mania is a fantastic simulation game. In the game, you assist individuals all across the world to engage in a wonderful trip. Each visitor has specific requirements, such as business or pleasure. You assist clients with important day-to-day chores and create hotels where Monica and Ted’s management team will take care of members and guests. 


The gameplay is easy. You’ll have to respond swiftly to client’s demands, set appropriate priorities, and ensure that everyone gets the finest service possible. Add-on products can help you succeed and make each level simpler. Prepare for your thrilling adventure in a comfortable American hotel. 

Assign each staff the task of assisting guests. You can travel worldwide, discover new places, and meet fascinating people in the game. The game isn’t particularly challenging, but you’ll need concentration and quickness to answer unexpected requests from guests. To set priorities and delight your customers, you must observe and think. During the game, you provide the best room service by providing delectable food and prepare delectable foods for your guests, including pasta, delectable coffee, green tea, pizza, sushi, and various other dishes. 

Thanks to cash and gems earned from the finishing stages, you will be able to upgrade the hotel stations periodically. In addition, the game has rockets to assist you in completing the levels swiftly and in an entertaining manner. Also, blast fireworks into the sky to give your customers extra joy.

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Grand Hotel Mania provides the usual fascinating time management gaming experience. You can go to various colorful locations, accomplish exciting tasks, and conquer various challenges. 

Your goal is to grow your business while consistently improving the hotel’s service level. You have the support of several people, such as Monica, who works as a hotel administrator and Ted who works as a bellman, who cleans rooms, cooks food, and serves drinks.

Grand Hotel Mania teaches you how to manage your time effectively. You’ll have to execute several difficult assignments and oversee the entire hotel network. Coins enhance amenities such as cleaning utensils, front desks, and other services. You can earn more coins by watching advertisements. 

DeusCraft is the publisher behind the game. You can create proper plans for hiring employees, expanding hotels, establishing priority service schedules for specific key clients, and many other duties. Although the game’s environment is mainly focused on one region of the hotel, you can travel the globe, see destinations, and meet a variety of interesting visitors. You also make delectable delicacies like pasta, coffee, green tea, pizza, sushi, etc.


By clicking the arrow in the lower right area, you can change levels. Playtime, cash, and crystals are displayed at the top of the screen. Each hotel has multiple levels and branches in the game. 

The gameplay is fast-paced, intriguing, and dynamic. It provides a pleasurable experience, a great interface, simple access controls, clear navigation, and a wide range of options. 

Keep an eye on Monica’s manager, Ted, and follow his instructions. You direct the character to the required location, addressing the needs of various customers in different rooms. 

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Sound and Graphics

Grand Hotel Mania is a mobile-friendly game with adorable 2D graphics. Each figure has its distinctive appearance and is built in an amusing manner. Enjoy transition sceneries, character images, items, and more. The colors are vibrant and varied, with stunning effects. Furthermore, the soundtrack is peaceful and enjoyable, allowing you to relax while playing.

A similar trip objective may be found in “Hotel Empire Tycoon.” You will create your own hotel business and become a tourism powerhouse. Also, you manage a small hotel, make improvements, and construct amazing structures for a five-star resort. You add more goods to improve all amenities and provide maximum comfort for your visitors. Prepare to meet a prominent hotelier and reinvest your profits to grow your firm.


Grand Hotel Mania features a lot of enhancements over the original version. Many additional features have been introduced in the game, including increased player interaction, the ability to save joyful memories, and the integration of multiple languages, including French, German, and English. 

The game features a big, colorful universe with numerous exciting travel adventures. You can open hotels in several locations to cater to a wide range of customers. The game allows you to have fun by constructing the most pleasant hotels. Prepare to join Monica Manager and Bellboy Ted as they embark on a journey to become one of America’s most inviting hotel chains. Download the game now and enjoy.

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