Gta: Liberty City Stories Mod Apk 2.4 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperRockstar Games
Requires4.1 and Up
Size51.4 MB + 1.9 GB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Pick up this fascinating adventure in which you live a criminal life with local gangs, deal with corrupt politicians, get engaged in family companies, evade police investigations, and bring Liberty City under the Leone family’s authority. As you go through the game, you will be exposed to various entertaining activities. Work a variety of shady professions or strive to be a good citizen. 

With this wonderful game from Rockstar Games, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Learn more about the game through our reviews.


GTA: Liberty City Stories introduces gamers to a setup quite similar to GTA 3. Gamers will take on the role of Toni Cipriani, a former Leone crime family-wise guy who was forced to flee after killing a powerful influencer. After years of exile, Toni returns to Liberty City, seeing the city in a different phase. 

Your ultimate goal in this game is to acquire advantages over your opponents. As you create a name for the Leone family and bring the city under your control, you must complete various nasty criminal tasks.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Simple Controls

GTA Liberty City Stories introduces players to the addictive and engaging gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories using easy controls. Even if you’ve never played the series before, the enhanced touch controls allow you to become familiar with the in-game features rapidly. 

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Play the Game on a Variety of Devices

The game includes the Rockstar Social Club’s cross-platform cloud saves. You can play this fantastic game on numerous devices while accessing your online saves. With GTA Liberty City Stories, you’ll never lose your progress.

Immerse Yourself in the City of Liberty

As you begin your trip into Liberty City’s underground environment, you’ll enjoy the varied graphics and gameplay that it offers. As you join others in this game from Rockstar, participate in various activities, both legal and illicit. As a result, you can either become a cab driver who assists people in getting around or a thief who evicts people from their homes. 

Ride in a Variety of Cars

The game includes a variety of transportation modes that you will undoubtedly enjoy. You can drive cars and scooters in the game. Also, you can steal vehicles on the road or while they are parked. Feel free to ride about the city wreaking havoc on drivers and pedestrians or have cops following you around.

You can even execute amazing tricks using the various ramps scattered across the city. Shoot your supercars or motorcycles into the air while performing incredible feats to get some extra cash.

Get Your Hands on Some of the Most Incredible Weapons

The game presents players with a massive armory with dozens of strong and lethal weapons at their disposal. You can pick up your favorite gun and head out to complete different missions. 

Fantastic Characters and Compelling Stories

As you become more involved in the game, you’ll meet some of the most interesting and unique personalities. You’ll be able to access various in-game stories and events. In GTA Liberty City Stories, you can immerse yourself in unique and engaging stories.

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Sequence of Missions

You’ll be tasked with completing a series of missions, each with its own set of tasks and in-game actions. From auto theft to drug trading to gang battles and assassinations, gamers will gradually become immersed in the world of violent criminals. 

You Can Play the Game for Free

The game is presently available as a paid edition on the Google Play Store. You can, however, download and install it on your mobile devices. Download the GTA Liberty City Stories Mod Apk and install it on your Android devices. After that, you’ll be able to play the game for free on your mobile devices. 

Sound and Video Quality


With improved graphics and visual effects, all characters and surroundings have been revamped and refined to offer the most immersive and rewarding gameplay possible. Discover the vast open-world terrains and interact with different in-game features while enjoying the epic action. Most significantly, the game’s settings ensure that it will run on most Android devices.


Players will become thoroughly engrossed in the game, thanks to its powerful and immersive audio experiences. Not to mention the addictive and catchy music from previous decades, which would undoubtedly pique your curiosity.

Installing Gta: Liberty City Stories Apk With Obb Data


/SDCARD/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtalcs is where the OBB file should be extracted. Make sure the and files are in the com.rockstargames.gtalcs folder.

Restart the game if necessary. Enjoy!

Download Gta: Liberty City Stories Mod 2.4 Android Apk

Fans of the world-famous Action-Adventure series will undoubtedly enjoy Rockstar Games’ latest offering. Take pleasure in every second of GTA Liberty City Stories.

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