Guns of Glory Mod Apk 7.13.0 for Android Users (Clip Range x100 & More)

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DeveloperCentury Game
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Guns of Glory is a free and appealing real-time strategic game available for Android and iOS smartphones. When gathering tasks such as wood and gold, you must own resources to enhance buildings and troops. 

Guns of Glory is a strategic MMO (massively multiplayer online) game in which you must build an empire, upgrade your army, and battle enemies from all over the world. The environment is reminiscent of the Musketeers’ age, with fantastic aspects like creatures and flying vehicles, enhanced by immersive graphics.

With our evaluations, you will learn more about the game. 

General Information

When it comes to tower defense games on mobile devices, few people have heard of Guns of Glory. It is a defense game that mixes tactical calculation with a dash of inventiveness, giving a breath of fresh air to the old, stale gamer genre. 

Instead of playing western cowboys, you’ll return to the Middle Ages alongside knights, dwarves, and mages. Protect the communities and castles against the orc army’s aggressive attacks, as inspired by The Lord of the Rings.

Each character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses and special abilities that can help you win battles. You can freely control your characters over the full map. The orc armies will assault in the same ways, although the latter will have more troops. It requires the player to have a sound strategy and quick control to win the game.

In short, Guns of Glory is a game that aficionados of this genre should not miss. Although there are few innovative and repetitious aspects in the game, its complexity motivates players to keep trying their hardest. The game features up to 50 levels, with considerable challenges that would take a lot of time and effort to complete.

Overall Assessment

Diverse Gameplay

Guns of Glory offers a variety of game modes, including PvP and mission-based battles with AI. After accomplishing all the missions, the player gains a set quantity of resources, which will be crucial for improving the army and building the kingdom. Working hard in Guns of Glory will help you earn noble titles. Also, fighters, buildings, armies, equipment, and other elements can be customized.

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To secure your survival and success in the multiplayer strategic battle environment, you should construct a stunning, flourishing structure while learning various abilities and powerful weaponry. Guns of Glory has a rather simple operation approach in terms of the control mechanism. To manage the game smoothly, players must touch and hold. Guns of Glory is also easily accessible to global gamers, thanks to its seamless chat translation feature. 

Various Operating Systems

The operating system and character control are simple in this game genre. Like in other adventure games, the player will use guns to shoot creatures, animals, and ghosts. You can earn coins and crystals to enhance your weapon’s power, rate of fire, and the opportunity to get a superb gun by playing each round.

For every four levels of energy and one level of speed, upgrade the gun’s power first, then the rate of fire. Continue to upgrade until you reach the end of the process. We also require other factors, such as the opportunity to obtain a powerful weapon. And, if you don’t have a large gun available, you won’t be able to proceed.


Each of the characters has four unique abilities. Eloa is an archer with ice, fire, and light skills. Smirl has melee and shield skills, Arlon has explosive skills with a wide range of damage, and Smirl has shield skills.

Your characters will gain a specific amount of EXP after each attack, and after leveling up, you will be able to upgrade. The game also has a system of support items and spells that can be purchased in stores located on each map. You can heal your character, boost your ability to kill, or generate unique effects like slowing the adversary with these support items.

Each level has opposing forces, especially in the later stages. They aren’t particularly diverse, and their abilities and powers are limited. To get past your obstacles, the majority of the game displays use huge numbers.

The game’s complexity is modest, and you’ll have to face massive groups of blood buffalo units while deciding on strategy, location, and skill combinations. It’s also critical to have reasonable item support.

Sound Effects and Graphics

Conflicts in Guns of Glory are dramatic and epic because of the game’s precise 3D design style, which is paired with rich effects and graphics. We must also remark that the sound system plays a vital role in the game’s success. Thanks to spectacular background music and battle effects, the player has engrossed in violent conflicts.

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The graphics of Guns of Glory are bright and colorful, with simple character designs that aren’t overly fussy or detailed but still have their distinct traits. The stages are elaborately created, ranging from lush forests to swamps, deserts, and icy mountains, each with unique qualities and avoiding monotony.

Success Methodologies

The game features a large terrain, so the adversary has plenty of room to surround you. The adversary will go to whatever length to invade your country and take as much money and resources as they can. Manage the resources which will help you earn more and develop the most powerful army on the map. Build a powerful army to defend your region and expand your empire.

You can train troops, upgrade facilities, and begin research at any point during the early phases of the game. However, depending on your behavior, you may no longer require this resource if you reach castle levels 13-15. You can begin the next building and research, as well as undertake unit training, first.

It is critical to keep your resources as secure as possible. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to gather resources. Some advanced players may teleport and grab all your funds if you assign jobs to upgrade to the next castle level right before you assign them. 

Gather Items

You can earn a lot of free goods in Guns of Glory, so make sure you get them all. Log in regularly, complete chores, and check your mail daily, and you’ll soon have a large number of products ready to utilize. Also, keep an eye out for the buildings in front of the castle entrance if you want to continue earning.

Form a Partnership

The initial step in this game should be to join the league. Active alliances can assist you in rapidly expanding your empire. You’ll need the help of other members, so look for active people. Don’t be scared to switch alliances if your current one cannot supply the assistance you require. You must also remain active, as most coalitions will delete inactive members.

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Carry Out Tasks

The majority of tasks are designed to assist you in developing your basis. Try to do the chores as quickly as possible so that you can construct the majority of the structures you require.

Improve Combat Efficiency

Your airship dock and airship will provide you with numerous advantages in battle, but you need also concentrate on improving your combat effectiveness to gain maximum interest. You can get a lot of cool stuff, including antiques.

Tips and Tricks

Step-By-Step Instructions

Go to the Google Play Store and look for Guns of Glory, then install it. The game begins with a tutorial to familiarize you with the game’s mechanics and functions. Follow all of the directions, construct all of the proposed buildings (farms, barracks, lumber yards, and so on), and update the existing structures, always following the advice.


Joining an alliance is strongly advised because it provides numerous advantages. First, the ability to seek assistance from other members in constructing or upgrading their structures, hence lowering wait periods. Even during battles, you will be able to request additional troops from your allies to improve your chances of victory. It’s a win-win situation in the sense that you’ll be able to aid someone else. 

Game’s Progress

As you proceed, the time it takes to create and upgrade structures and improvements will increase, resulting in longer game periods. Alternatively, you can continue the game without haste by using alliances as a ruse. Pay special attention to the alliance because it will be simple to obtain assistance if you locate a group with active members. You will, however, necessarily be at a disadvantage if you choose one with people who do not interact frequently.

Final Thoughts

In Guns of Glory, the player’s goal is to establish a kingdom with a strong economy, science, and technology, as well as a powerful army. On the other hand, food will be a crucial aspect that players must consider and plan for to maintain the military and build the country.

Guns of Glory is the game for you if you enjoy superheroes’ role-playing genre and imagery. You’ll take on the role of a warrior, forming a team with other well-known heroes to combat the enemy.