Hamster Life Mod Apk 4.7.3 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperCross Field Inc.
Requires4.1 and Up
Size54.79 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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If you enjoy small-sized pets, like hamsters, rodents and guinea pigs, then you should download the amazing “Hamster Life.” The game promises to be fun and entertaining. In it, a hamster will be nurtured, taken care of and played with by you. To do all these activities, you don’t have to be a professional pet owner. The game is suitable for all ages, and no prior expertise is required. 


It’s Ideal for Hamster Aficionados

Hamster Life is a simulation game for pet-keepers. The game provides moments of joy and lightness with the hamster’s activities, including drinking water, playing with accessories and running around. Also, it will sleep in unusual positions, which will further add to the game’s appeal. 

There’s No Need to Be an Expert

Hamster Life is a joyful game where everything is simple and enjoyable. You can play with Hamster at work, during lunch breaks, or while in transit. You can also earn money and decorate the Hamster’s cage by playing mini-games. Because a hamster is such a charming animal, you feed him and stroke his pretty face. There are hundreds of different ways to care for a hamster, all of which are included in the game. 

Let’s begin by dragging the Hamster to the wheels and saving money to build a fantastic hamster farm!

Find Out About a Variety of Entertaining Hamster Activities

Hamster Life is a game where the player must click on the screen according to the directions. Players feed the small, furry pets and enjoy the thrill of caressing their lovely faces. To move the hamster, tap the screen. You can also personalize the furnishings and decorations. 

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During the game, experience points are accumulated when you touch the hamster or feed it. 

Players can also use coins to boost their experience. The game also teaches you how to save money. Players must accomplish match-3 mini games to get cash, cheese, or a new hamster. The match-3 mini game is simple to play, where you only need to match vertical or horizontal arrays of three blocks of the same hue. 

You will gain a lot of coins if you take good care of your hamster and raise him to a new level. Also, you also control the hamster in a walk-around and receive cash. 

Make Your Hamster’s Cage Pleasant

The game has a wide variety of hamsters to choose from. At the same time, players can own more than one hamster. You can replace or add a new hamster after it reaches adulthood. You can use cheese to increase the level of your pet. The player can customize the decorations of your furry friend’s home. Design a hamster cage, spend the money on furniture or various accessories, and make a magnificent hamster dwelling using your imagination.

The game features a variety of events, each of which corresponds to the hamster’s level. In addition, the game includes comprehensive instructions for newcomers; you have the option of going home or for a walk. Hamster Life promises to deliver a fun and entertaining experience with adorable mice-replicas. The game features 2D visuals, and the music is enjoyable. 

Have a Good Time When Raising Hamsters

In a nutshell, “Hamster Life” is a fun game. It creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere where you are the proud owner of the lovely “Virtual” Hamster. Those who enjoy light gameplay and 2D graphics will like this game. Download ” Hamster Life ” and play for hours on end.

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