Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk 1.976 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperDynamic Games Entretenimento Ltda
Requires2.3 and Up
Size26 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Prepare to immerse yourself in this fantastic truck simulator mobile game, Heavy Truck Simulator, where you can enjoy incredible driving adventures. Enjoy becoming the King of the Road with immense power and responsibility. Learn how to maneuver big vehicles, which can weigh dozens of tons, into the correct tracks. Also, keep an eye on nearby traffic to ensure that you don’t cause any unnecessary accidents while driving on congested highways.

You can learn more about this fantastic DEHA mobile game with our in-depth evaluations.


Android gamers will get the opportunity to enjoy the exciting gameplay in Heavy Truck Simulator. Take a ride on different railways that run through the cities and the gorgeous interstate highways. Enjoy the game’s realistic and compelling driving dynamics, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling life of a truck driver. Discover the fascinating tracks with stunning scenery, realistic traffic and stops, and a dynamic day/night system.

You can enjoy Heavy Truck Simulator, a unique mobile title that features your favorite vehicles and awesome mobility. Discover a variety of missions and challenges to complete while having fun with the fantastic gameplay.


Here is a list of all of the game’s exciting features.

Take Advantage of the Authentic Controls and Camera Settings

You can enjoy playing the game with authentic car controls and intriguing options, which will make the entire experience a lot more exciting and fun. To operate your wheels, pedals, lighting, signals, gear switches, and other options, use the basic touch buttons. Also, you can switch between first-person and third-person perspectives, which will allow you to have a lot of fun with the game.

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There Are Several Lovely Places for You to Visit

Android gamers will have the opportunity to freely explore the magnificent Brazilian settings throughout the game, including beautiful cities, highways, fields, and more, each with unique circumstances. Thanks to the realistic and fully reproduced cities of Brazilian destinations, you can freely enjoy the driving gameplay.

Various Cars 

Heavy Truck Simulator allows Android gamers to work with a variety of vehicles. To complete your hauling assignment, feel free to employ the Bi-Train, Road-Train, Rigid-Truck, Trailers, and various other vehicles. Each vehicle will have its distinct appearance and driving dynamics, resulting in various gameplay options for you to enjoy. Unlock the most advanced and functional models that will help you improve your driving skills.

There Are Several Jobs to Be Done 

Android players will have the opportunity to put their driving talents to the test in several situations. Have fun hauling a variety of products in the rear of your truck, which will allow you to try out new driving techniques and in-game dynamics. 

Realistic Physics and Settings

Enjoy the game’s realistic movements and graphics, providing you with intense action sequences and drifts. If your vehicles behave differently, it could be as simple as a slight change in weight, tire pressure, or mechanical settings. At the same time, the game offers realistic in-game surroundings.

You can enjoy driving across dirty roads, which features a difficult terrain, having bumps and holes on it. The Day/Night Cycle also adds to the driving experience. The game also offers numerous stops and stations on the roadways.

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Enjoy Simulated Gameplay

Aside from the handling and maneuvering tasks, you’ll need to pay attention to various in-depth elements in the game, such as the time, gasoline, remaining progress, and more. These are critical if you want to complete your delivery assignments.

Keep an Eye Out for Speed Traps and Signals

Heavy Truck Simulator now includes a variety of speed traps and regulation signals, making the gameplay more realistic and relatable. The driving experiences allow Android players to have fun while adhering to the rules.

Work With an Easy-To-Use Navigation System

Android gamers can enjoy their unique driving experiences in the game by using the built-in GPS, which allows you to navigate between different routes. The user-friendly mini-map with lots of information will show you exactly where you are and where you’re going. This is vital and useful when driving through the congested cities.

Sleep Simulation Mode

Heavy Truck Simulator also has a realistic sleep simulation mode, which requires you to rest your eyes for a certain time. Enjoy the game’s realism and the life of a truck driver.

Enjoy the Offline Gameplay

DEHA has included several offline features and gameplay in Heavy Truck Simulator to ensure that you can enjoy it. Heavy Truck Simulator will be available for gamers to play anytime they want.

It’s Free to Play

You can download the free version from Google Play Store. However, it comes with advertisements and in-app purchases which might be irritating for some players. As a result, you might wish to try our website’s free and unlocked version.

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With Our Mod, You Can Play the Game for Free and Unlocked

We also offer a modified version of the game for all Android users. All you have to do is download the Heavy Truck Simulator Mod Apk, follow the on-screen instructions, and play the game.

Sound and Video Quality


Android gamers can experience excellent 3D graphics, which can only be equaled by great mobile apps like World Truck Driving Simulator and others. The game delivers outstanding visual components for all gamers, with amazing car models, realistic driving physics, and lovely scenarios to enjoy. Thanks to the customizable options, you can also adjust the game’s visual quality to match your devices. 

Music and Sound

Heavy Truck Simulator has wonderful graphics with amazing audio features for Android gamers to enjoy. You can listen to powerful engine noises and intriguing traffic sound effects. Furthermore, the thrilling soundtracks will keep you thoroughly engrossed in the game.


Prepare to be engrossed in Heavy Truck Simulator’s basic yet highly enjoyable and addictive driving simulation experience. Have a blast exploring the amazing cars and trying out the various driving jobs. Also, don’t forget to download our free, unlocked version of the game to use all of its features.

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