Hempire: Plant Growing Game Mod Apk 2.8.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Hempire: Plant Growing Game is a fantastic mobile casual strategy game. This game is jam-packed with features. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices developed by LBC Studios in British Columbia. This program allows you to produce various types of cannabis and then extract flowers and extracts to sell to your virtual consumers. With the cultivation and sale of cannabis, the goal is to build a real empire.

To rule the world, you must employ weeds. Plants must be properly cultivated, and more robust hybrids must be created using advanced technologies. Hempire has a crazy, dubious plot, so expect to deal with the dismal sights of local cops and businessmen while also assisting elderly ladies in baking a chocolate cake.


One of the most general categories is Hempire: Plant Growing Game Mod Apk. While the gaming community assumes that marijuana is now completely legal, you still face some obstacles. For example, you may have corrupt cops tracking your every move, as well as shady businesspeople looking to profit from your success. A multiplayer mode is also available. The Hempire Cup, for example, produces the greatest quality strain by pitting you against virtual cannabis growers from all around the world.

Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a marijuana mogul? What it does for you is as follows. You’ll have to cope with everything that the marijuana production chain necessitates in this game.

Investing in the City and Other Spheres of Business

One option is to play online with your friends, inviting them to the Hempire Cup to challenge you and promote the new hemp kinds you’ve developed. Take care of your plants’ growth, keep an eye out for pests and illnesses, and avoid dryness and nutrient deficiencies. Also, pay attention to details like lighting, ventilation, fertilizer, water supply, and other factors of daily administration. You can meet other farmers and show off the rewards of your labor using the chat feature. You can get more profitable plants if you improve your continuous learning skills, but planting is more challenging.

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If you enjoy simulation games, you need to check out this game. It offers great management skills in storing and selling cannabis. Also, the player can learn more about the product.

Hashish Should Be Grown

You have a simple hashish plant, as well as pots and seeds. The water, which must be placed on the plant at regular intervals, is crucial. If you forget about it, the harvest will be ruined. Numerous bonuses are available throughout the game to help you get the most out of the plants.

Ensure That the Environment Is Free of Contaminants

We’re unsure if repairing unusual items in your city will bring additional clients. You have to be concerned about shattered park seats, garbage cans, and road damage at first. You’ll also discover a lamp which you can directly hang these over one of your pots to improve production.

Produce and Market

Some people in the city are always eager to purchase your goods. Visit them regularly and give them what they desire. You’ll gradually meet more people, and their building will become more accessible. Your next-door neighbor is a beautiful bride who has a workshop. You can buy a variety of renovations for your property and provide her with the resources she needs.

Boost Your Productivity

A small cottage will not make you wealthy. Both your greenhouse and your warehouse can be expanded at any time. It includes not just additional pots but also more storage space. It can use a range of technical tools to improve productivity. The light promotes greater growth and cooling, resulting in a higher yield. 

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Make Your Plants Grow

We have a laboratory in a destroyed caravan to grow new plant species. They can bring more income to your game as your plants aren’t always sold to random passers-by and minor dealers. A delivery service can also be established. Unfortunately, it costs diamonds, either extremely uncommon or valuable.

Advertising and Costs

You can play for free, like with most other free games. There are no advertising banners or overlays, which is a good thing. You will not view any advertisement video while playing the game, at least not updated. In-app purchases allow us to acquire money or diamonds. 

Quick Selection

You’ll find four buttons in the bottom right corner of your screen if you look closely. These are the shortcut to your cannabis plantation’s numerous facilities. To quickly and efficiently access and install, press the correct button. You’ll see shortcuts to your house and lab, and you can go right into the growing lab by clicking the button at the bottom. It’s the quick selection section, which you’ll want to take advantage of. 

Maintain Your Focus on the Game

When you cultivate more cannabis in Hempire, you must pay special attention to what happens. Be as active as possible while you’re developing plants. You will receive an additional bonus each time you harvest a fully developed plant, based on how you obtained it. Also, each plant requires a certain amount of time between watering. In most cases, if you water it well, you’ll get at least five extra bonuses. While you’re farming, make sure the game is still open. This way, you’ll be notified when anything needs to be watered.

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Completing Activities With a Reward 

Hempire will let you choose from various tasks that you can complete in exchange for fantastic rewards. However, before you begin a task, you must first understand the incentives. You’ll only have cash and XP to close a trade for the most part. However, some jobs will reward you with materials and other more important accessories. You should prioritize these missions over others because the rewards may contain rare things. 

In Hempire, How Do You Cultivate Your Plants Intelligently?

The game allows you to adjust your room’s interior temperature. It will specifically allow you to select the temperature range for a certain plant. It’s important to keep this in mind! Planting many plants of the same species is one of the finest strategies to maximize your crop. It will enable you to cultivate various plants at an optimal temperature.

Marijuana Available on the Streets

You rely significantly on Wanda’s offerings once you reach a certain stage in Hempire. Its deals are similar to those found on the street, except that you have more time to finish them. Also, you will not receive any additional stuff. But the good news is that once the proposals have closed, you can collect money, far more than if you used ordinary offers. Also, keep in mind that Wanda’s deals include a 10-minute payback period. 


Hempire is a new iOS and Android mobile game that centers on your exploits as a marijuana farmer, as the name suggests. It’s your chance to create unique cannabis types, make friends and foes along the way, and take control of the weed metropolis. Weed Factory Idle and Bid Wars are two other comparable games.

If you need help getting started with Hempire, check out our reviews, tips, and tricks. Download the modified version now and enjoy the unlocked features.

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