Hero Siege Pocket Edition Mod Apk 5.6.10 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperPanic Art Studios
Requires4.1 and Up
Size591 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is created by Panic Art Studios. The game was first released on PC and became a massive hit on Steam. It is a hack-and-slash game with rogue like and RPG elements that keep you entertained for hours.


An evil monster has been awakened by a group of monks deep within Tarethiel. Tales predict that Satan will rise from Hell to destroy and control the world. Right now, the world is in desperate need of heroes. You will take on the role of a hero, who will be on a mission to safe humanity from extinction. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition will not disappoint you with its diverse stages, innumerable adversaries, and several achievements to unlock.


Customizable Characters

Players can choose from 17 playable classes in the game. Every class has two skill trees to pick from, each with various builds and possibilities. The game features everything you need, from melee to ranged classes, scientists to witches. Players are encouraged to try out as many classes as possible to determine which class best suits them.

Players must gather portraits, hats, and minions to make their characters stand out from the crowd. They can choose from over 150 various hats, such as a Robin Hood cap, a Unicorn Horn, a Halloween Pumpkin, etc. Minions can assist you in the monster fight, and you can gather and name them as you like. 

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7 Fun Acts

There are seven Acts in all, plus two extra acts. Each has six levels, with the boss appearing in the final one. The following are the Acts:

Act 1: Tarethiel’s Forests

Act 2: The Tundra of the Glaciers

Act 3: Mos’ Arathim’s Deserts

Act 4: Highland Caves

Act 5: Karponia Plains

Act 6: Holy Grounds

Act 7: The Rift

Sheeponia and Fallen Inoya Are Two Additional Acts

Each Act will have its own set of opponents; the higher the acts and levels go, the more influential the monsters and bosses get. Players can unlock nightmare, hell, and inferno modes by killing the boss present in Act 6.

There Are Over 170 Created Relics

Players can win a unique relic by beating bosses, unlocking chests, or fighting in battle. Each relic will grant you new abilities or effects. At any given moment, players can only have one active relic and 30 passive relics. Regrettably, all of your relics will be taken away if you die. 

Some examples of relics are: 

Orbiting: These relics will orbit around the character, aiming at enemies who get too close or acting as a defensive shield.

Following: They will track the player and attack any foes they come across.

Active: These are placed under the health/Mana meter, and different active relics give various abilities and capabilities.

On-Hit or Passive: These relics will activate with your assaults, and each one has its damage formula.

Stat: As long as you are alive, stat or passive modifiers will boost one or more stats.

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Multiplayer Mode 

In this game, you can’t use your existing character in Multiplayer Mode and must create a new one. In both multiplayer and single-player modes, players can build eighteen slots, and each game can have up to four players.


Hero Siege: Pocket Edition presently has seven elements. Physical and Magic are the two default effects; however, each has its specific effect.

Wind: The wind is a physical force that speeds up movement.

Cold: Physically freezing the foes, causing them to move and attack more slowly.

Fire: Both physical and magical fire can be used to burn adversaries.

Poison:  A magical ability that causes opponents to stack.

Lightning: When players fight, a bolt of lightning has created that bounces across enemies.

Currency and Trading

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition offers a trading system in which players must accept items two times. Keep a watch on the trading process because you never know who might try to deceive you. Rubies and Jade ore are the two main currencies in the game. Rubies are dropped by enemies, bosses, and chests and can be traded for Jade ore.

Graphics and Sound Quality


With charming, pixelated figures and backgrounds, the aesthetics are crisp. The framerate is fluid, and the controls are simple to operate.


The game’s soundtrack, in my opinion, isn’t particularly noteworthy. Players can hear their weapons striking the ground, and the noise monsters make when they are assaulted.


Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is undeniably addictive, with hard stages and a wide variety of goodies. Although the plot may not entice players, the gameplay will. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is a worthwhile game that will provide you with an experience you have never had before.

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