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Heroes Charge comes with 2D images in a cartoonish style and numerous colors. The game challenges are varied, with different tunes applicable for every situation. In Heroes Charge, all bouts take place on the same screen. You can utilize this mode to earn more gold and useful objects, also gaining vital experience points. Players in Heroes Charge have access to additional features, similar to those seen in modern role-playing games, such as PvE and PvP.

The overall equipment upgrade system is the highlight and draw of Heroes Charge. With this approach, you won’t have to throw away old costumes; instead, you’ll be able to reuse them to upgrade characters entirely. In thrilling and fast-paced games, you can join allies, boost up your heroes, and defeat foes. There are over a hundred quests in the main plot for you to complete. 

General Information

Hero Charge is a mobile game featuring a turn-base horizontal screen gameplay. At first look, the game’s characters appear to be engaging. However, its strategy becomes evident when the match’s outcome is solely dependent on the players’ thinking. 

When the game starts next to the Admiral, it will provide players with two extra default heroes, Emberstar and Leaves Shadow, from the original two free chests. Two more heroes, Chaplain and Lightning Master, will join the roster after the first movements and completion of the rookie quest sequences. These heroes will accompany gamers until they open a chest containing 288 gems.

The first stage is relatively simple. If the player wants to reach three stars on some of the primary stages, they will need reasonable calculation skills. With his ability to shock and destroy the enemy’s talents, Hero Admiral will be a critical member of the initial basic squad.

Players should concentrate on improving skills with AoE abilities, so that they can defeat the enemies quickly. Furthermore, Chaplain’s healing skill is fantastic, that helps his fellow mates whenever they require some energy. Leaves Shadow is a capable late-game hero. With the ability to slow opponents and a high crit rate, he concentrates on improving his skills. 

After completing chapter two, players will be transferred to the Elite map. It’s a unique sub-version as the original but drastically increased strength. The player will have to pay for earning the Hero’s Soul add-on; this feature is used to improve the hero and recruit new ones. In addition, the Elite task chain will allow players to enhance Leaves Shadow to two stars by providing valuable Soul prizes.

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What Is the Best Way to Play Heroes Charge?

Heroes Charge has become a phenomenon on both Android and iOS in recent times, thanks to a character design based on Dota Generals. It is skilfully mixed with the hot action role-playing genre on mobile devices. If you’re a big Dota fan, Heroes Charge will be a great way to stay engaged and entertained.

The game can be played online and there is a lot of content for players to discover. The advice in the following area will help gamers play Heroes Charge more efficiently, even if they only have a limited amount of time.

Concentrating on Increasing the Squad’s Level

The most important thing to remember in Heroes Charge is to level up right away. The game is separated into two levels: character level and squad level. The level of the lineup is what you should concentrate on. When your squad levels up, you’ll have access to various bonuses, like increased potency and character level limits.

You’ll unlock various options that will allow you to get money and accessories faster. If you concentrate on getting the squad to level 30, you’ll be able to access the Crusade feature, which is the largest gold mine.

Priority Is Given to Daily Events

Plowing does not need much effort. Focus on accomplishing daily duties if you have any spare time. These objectives are nearly endless, and will be self-achieved as we progress through each level. The squad gains a lot of experience through these events, and they’re quick to finish. As a result, daily duties should take precedence over stamina.

One thing to keep in mind in Heroes Charge is that you can gain stamina by leveling up your squad or winning the daily event. However, your client’s stamina can be depleted at times. So, would the stamina you get merely get you to the limit, or will you lose any further stamina? 

Obtaining the Reward by Completing Elite Levels

We can only play each level three times per day in the Elite, and each time can cost up to 12 stamina, which is a significant amount. So, concentrate on the gameplay with the hero’s soul fragments as a reward. There are two methods to summon a hero in the game; open a chest or collect soul pieces. Generals, however, have a limited power to unlock chests. So, be patient and collect soul fragments every day. 

Muscular heroes require more summoned souls. The lowest value is ten shards, while eighty is the most significant. You can’t ramble because each elite screen offers you the soul of a different hero. Concentrate on the champion that your consumers require for their squad. 

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It’s worth noting that these soul fragments are used to strengthen the champion, which gains one star with each evolution. Give soul civets to champions who are already on the roster and those who need to be. You can find spirits of Ice Mage, Savage One, Lightning Elemental, and Wind Master, to name a few. Those are the generals who have exceptional abilities.

In Heroes Charge, each hero has six item slots. The item will pay an amount for the item’s improvement. However, when you want to enhance your attributes, this reimbursement will not be equal to the cost.

Pvp (Player vs. Player) Mode

In the Arena, you can compete with other players. You’ll gain a decent quantity of gems based on your rank rise. In addition, based on the current level, the system will provide an honorable reward every day. There is only one small secret to picking opponents: locate an opponent with a high rank but a low power score. The balance between these two elements will result in a significant increase in rank if you win.



When a hero is promoted, only the base stats of the new item are added; the enhanced ones are not. So, when you first start playing, don’t squander money or gear on upgrades; instead, save them for you may need them later.


When you first join the guild, there will be several activities that you must attend, such as participating in raids to obtain rare equipment, honoring the clan to obtain more meat, and purchasing items from the state store. Every day, you can hire a member of your clan. It’s a great way to compensate for the lack of squad. Also, you can get through the game’s difficult gates. You can also generate additional money by allowing other members to employ your hero.

There is a guarding feature in a guild. Based on the hero’s stats and watch time, two of your generals can be placed in a guard position to earn money. Other guild members can also hire your guard to help them fight. Indicate that no one else can employ a hero with a higher rank than their team. So, if you want to generate money, make sure the hero you wish to recruit has a level equal to or lower than the guild’s common ground team level. Most hired generals are tankers like Brute, Warchief, and Death Knight. Upgrade the hired general’s skills and equipment as well.

Knight’s Knowledge

The knight provides information on summoning champions. When you click on a champion, you’ll get detailed stats, skill information, equipment, and the option to promote stars. Goods with insufficient grafting components should be given special attention. You can immediately press the element to find out where it is.

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Warehouse Equipment 

This is a site where you can find out about equipment, objects, and the spirit. Because you can pair items under the general equipment information area, this function is superfluous.

Main Mission

It offers information on the main coastline’s requirements and benefits. There is information regarding the daily quests’ requirements and prizes. If you want to get all of the daily awards, you must participate actively in the game’s events each day. You will also receive 60 free meat based on the time limits. Please try to log into the game during these hours to obtain incentives.

In addition to the benefits from the main quest line and daily quests, completing a sub map will award you with a set amount of gold. Despite the small amount of gold gained from these activities, attempt to use up all of your meat if at all feasible. Every day, you will have a consistent income.

Idle Heroes Is a Good Alternative

Since its release, Idle Heroes has risen in popularity, causing the gaming community to tremble. The game was continuously in the top 10 in terms of revenue, and it went ahead of the competition using the same method. DH GAMES, the well-known game developer, is the founder of Idle Heroes. 

It unlocks a slew of new features when you keep updating it. Idle Heroes has a chat panel feature that allows players to speak with one another. You can not only establish friends here, but you can also examine and refer to other professional gamers’ lineups. Idle Heroes is a unique setting for improving gamers’ intelligence, and it is rated as a diverse strategy game.


Heroes Charge is a multiplayer game that deviates from the norms. It covers a wide range of topics, and each of them can be completed with three, two, or one star. So, strive to succeed and learn everything you can while playing the game.

Even if you have a star, you can complete the level. However, you will be missing out on many exciting aspects of the project. What can be done to avoid this? Probably, you’ll need a guide for this. Heroes Charge is not a game in which the passage can be described because it consists of several similar arenas with comparable battles. 

Heroes Charge Mod Apk will not help you get past that level. So, if you’re stranded and exhausted all other options, you’ll only have one choice. There are no such codes in the game, but you may get a limitless supply of gold and gems by downloading a particular application. 

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