Higgs Domino Island Mod Apk 1.80 for Android Users (Auto Super Win)

Additional Information

DeveloperHiggs Games
Size68.59 MB
MOD FeaturesAuto Scatter 5, Auto Scatter 3, Auto Super Win, Auto Mega Win, QiuQiu, Big Card, Slot Super Win, Slot Mega Win, Scatter
Updated02 Days Ago
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Higgs Domino Island is a fun online game that focuses on traditional Indonesian dominoes. If you’re fond of casinos and gambling, then this is a definite pick for you. There are numerous entertainment options, each of which is entertaining in its own right.


Game Theme

The game starts with your character, who possesses a huge sum of money for investment. You can look over the game options and decide on any one of the favorite genres. When you finish each mode, you can try several other modes; this makes it a more enjoyable and entertaining experience. The better the player, the more money you’ll get.


Higgs Domino Island comes with a lot of features. The game’s design is attractive and modern, which contributes to its peaceful and delightful mood. You are also rewarded with free coins every day if you join on a frequent basis. The game feels familiar since it includes the most popular Gaple and Domino QQ.99 versions. Other popular poker games include Rummy, Texas Hold’em, and Capsa Susun. 

Players are enthralled by the game’s VIP system improvements and hefty prize bundles. In addition, there are lots of funny emoji’s and fun interactive aspects in the game. This ensures that the contests continue to be interesting and enjoyable.


A beginner’s handbook is available on Higgs Domino Island. Everything is quite intuitive, as the action buttons are massive and display significant information throughout the game. You can browse your competitors’ profiles in the gaming room, and send them hilarious stickers too. 

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In general, the game’s coin value is quite low when compared to the real-world value. Simply enter the player’s ID number, select the reward amount, and the coins will be paid promptly. You’ll receive the coins to keep playing the game in the right way. Single-player games are also available on Higgs Domino Island. 

Mini games allow you to try out new matches without having to compete with other players. Naturally, if you want to gain money, you must win rounds. Subsequently obtain maximal wins and display superior talents to your opponent. It’s worth noticing that online gambling can be extremely dangerous. As a result, if you don’t want to be physically or mentally harmed, you should think about it.

Other Features

Higgs Domino Island offers many poker and domino card games. For instance, Cang Kulan is one of the most popular and intriguing card games. It is similar to the international version in which a player attempts to use up all of the cards in order to win. Also, each player must wager money, and if they win, they will earn more. 

It also has a variety of other popular games, such as Chess. Extend the ‘More’ option on the game site, and click or tap on the ‘Chess’ icon to play it. You’ll experience random opponents right away, and if you win, you will gain virtual money; but, if you lose, you will have to forfeit your cash. 

The chess version is appropriate for all ages, from youngsters to adults. You should assess your opponents and select the appropriate playing style. The game of chess itself is remarkably similar to the international version. The laws of the game are the same, as in ordinary chess, but the exterior is designed to be more appealing and comfortable for the player.

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Other social games available at Higgs Domino Island include Chess, Ludo, Puzzle and Dam. Each game has upgraded variants that are more engaging and satisfying. Improved variants of the Puzzle game, such as Merge Plus and Crazy Number, are also available. Both these games have a fun puzzle element to them.


Higgs Domino Island has a similar control system to those of other phone-based online entertainment games. To make decisions, you mostly use your fingers to click icons on the screen. If you’re familiar with the puzzle genre’s control mechanics, you’ll find that controlling this game isn’t extremely difficult.

Sound and Graphics

Higgs Domino Island features brilliant colors and trendy graphics. The graphic style of the game clearly conveys modernism and intimacy. You listen to a broad range of lively background music, each of which is ideally suited to each game. Intense matches are made more enjoyable by the harmonious combination of images and sound.


If you like entertaining online games like Poker and Domino, Higgs Domino Island remains an excellent choice. In addition, the game includes a variety of other popular games, like Caro, Chess, and Cang Kulan.

If you enjoy casinos, card games and dominoes, then this game is the perfect option for you. Moreover, the game has a comprehensive range of VIP systems as well as the opportunity to interact with other online gambling entertainment games. Spend your free time with unique and fascinating games like Poker, and you’ll have plenty of relaxing moments.